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Ath of the failed July 20 1944 plot executions torture and investigations It was heart breaking but also inspiring Here are some uotes I likedHenning von Tresckow shortly before suicide to avoid giving up names in uestioning after failed plot Now they will heap abuse on us all But I am convinced now as much as ever that we have done the right thing I believe that Hitler is the arch enemy not only of Germany but of the entire world In a few hours time I shall stand before God and answer both for my actions and the things I neglected to do I think I can with a clear conscience stand by all I have done in the battle against Hitler Just as God once promised Abraham that he would spare Sodom if only ten just men could be found in the city I have reason to hope that for our sake he will not destroy Germany No one among us can complain about his deathA man s moral worth is established only at the point when he is prepared to give his life for his convictionsFabian von Schlabrendorff when asked how he had endured tortures of the Gestapo We all made the discovery that we could endure far than we had ever believed possible The two great polar forces of human emotions love and hate together formed a supporting structure on which we could rely when things became unbearable Love the positive force included our faith in the moral worth of our actions the nowledge that we had fought for humanity and decency and the sense of having fulfilled a higher duty Those among us who had never prayed learned to do so now and discovered that in a situation such as ours prayer and prayer alone is capable of bringing comfort and lending almost superhuman strength One also finds that love in the form of prayers by relatives and friends on the outside transmits currents of strength Hate the negative force was just as important in sustaining us The consuming unualified hatred made up of eual parts of revulsion contempt and fury which we felt for the evil of Nazism was so powerful a force that it helped us endure situations which otherwise would have been intolerable I wasn t expecting much from this book though this title is a little gem that not only details the various plots to assassinate Hitler but also provides a nice little narrative of WWII from Germany s perspective I come away with a few firm thoughts after reading THIS FIRST THE NUMBER OF HIGH MILITARY OFFICIALS WHO First the number of high military officials who Hitler and the Nazis might have exceeded those who were either positive or neutral towards him This puts into uestion the notion of every German being a willing executioner Military officials in high p Fantabulous A very thorough and thorough read on 20 July Plot A wonderfully detailed piece of WWII history 910 If you want a one volume history of anti Hitler plots in the Third Reich this book "DELIVERS THE GOODS I M PRETTY WELL READ ON "the goods I m pretty well read on era going back to Hans Bernd Gisevius s highly entertaining if eually self serving inside story To the bitter end Peter Hofmann may have written a scholarly treatment but this volume at less than 5 still was an eye opener as well as concise and very readableThe title tried to create a tie in with the movie Valkyrie but while the Stauffenberg PlotOperation ValkyrieThe July 20 Plot is narrated in great detail a substantial section of the book is devoted to earlier attempts Especially noteworthy to this reviewer were two would be suicide bombers who ironically both survived the war to tell the tale Axel von den Bussche and Rudolf von Gersdorff who intended to blow himself up with the Fuehrer ysh at a planned visit to an exhibition of captured Soviet weaponry at the old Berlin arsenal As it happened Gersdorff had set a timed fuse for 10 minutes assuming this would be right for a 30 minute visit but his target rushed through the exhibit in a couple of minutes and made his way elsewhere Gersdorff was reduced to rushing to a restroom and #yanking the fuse out of the explosive chargeMotivations are shown to be #the fuse out of the explosive chargeMotivations are shown to be Some senior officers many of whom came out of noble families with lo. Erg developed a new plot to ill him at the Wolf's Lair Headuarters on 20th July 1944 Besides the Fuhrer's assassination Stauffenberg organized plans to take over command of the Germany forces and sue for peace with the AlliesThe attempt ultimately failed Only one bomb was detonated and Hitler was only injured his life was probably saved because the bomb hidden in Stauffenberg's suitcase had been placed behind a heavy table leg which reduced the impact of the blackIn remarkable detail with photographs explanatory maps and Ng military traditions significantly several of the ey plotters were related to each other by blood or affinity turned against Hitler at the occasion of the takeover of Sudetenland and #later of the Czechoslovak rump state Others after witnessing atrocities in Poland or later in Russia #of the Czechoslovak rump state Others after witnessing atrocities in Poland or later in Russia den Bussche for instance witnessed the liuidation of the Dubno ghetto There sure were malcontents such as the Berlin police chief von Helldorf Yet others were motivated by seeing their comrades die by the thousands as a result of Hitler s disastrous delusional and dilettantish military decision making Save what can still be saved surely motivated some but at the other extreme arch plotter Henning von Tresckow explicitly said that the attempt must be made for the sake of Germany s honor Just as G d would have spared Sodom for the sake of ten righteous men He will save Germany Indeed several of the main plotters were devout Lutherans Bonhoeffer Gersdorff Tresckow or Catholics Stauffenberg The author addressed the uestion why no attempts succeeded and why no were made than the dozen to several dozen depending on criteria that took place He points out that the near miss of the Nov 9 1939 Buergerbraukeller bomb followed by the successful assassination of the Butcher of Prague Heydrich ysh in 1942 led not only to ever elaborate security measures with physical access increasingly being limited to only the most trusted parties but also led the Fuehrer to deliberate capriciousness in his schedule Several attempts indeed misfired because the target failed to show or deliberately showed up late or left earlyAdditionally several Puckster's First Hockey Sweater key conspirators notably the designated prime minister deposed Leipzig mayor Carl Goerdeler but also Stauffenberg s own adjutant Lieutenant von Haeften were unable toeep their mouths shut The book is well edited once or twice I had a WTH moment such as the reference to a Brigadier General in the Wehrmacht a rank that did not exist as Wehrmacht ranks jumped straight from Oberst full colonel to Generalmajor with an additional rank of Generaloberst Colonel General sandwiched between General and Field MarshalI will try to write a longer review later Very good book The plotters who included some of the highest ranking officers in the Wehrmacht come off as such hapless blunderers that you wonder how they conuered Europe in the first place Don t let anyone tell you there was a deep resistance to Don t let anyone tell you there was a deep resistance to and Nazism From 1934 right on through 1945 over a thousand people lost their lives for their blatant resistance or their uiet resistance Nazism and Hitler came to power because it was a different time in the world as capitalism was viewed suspiciously and authoritarianism was seen as the best form of government Hitler capitalized on this But many Germans saw as their Christian duty to remove Hitler from power when they saw how brutal his regime was and how they saw Hitler slowly destroying the Germany they loved Wonderfully written easy to follow along extremely interesting facts This was an amazing account of the heroic individuals within the German army during World War II that attempted to assassinate Hitler I had no idea that so many people within Germany wanted to remove Hitler from power There were numerous attempts to assassinate him by various high ranking personnel within the German army Many of the attempts and the conspiracy as a whole were the direct result of the atrocites that Hitler committed on the Jews Russians and his own people Unfortunately all the attempts failed but Hitler committed suicide less than a year after the final attempt Hitler s revenge after each attempt on his life illed numerous innocent german people as well as the german conspirators Hitler surrounded himself with sadistic and in my opinion satanic individuals eually if not bent on brutallity torture and depravity It is a powerful testament to those brave and heroic men that against all odds struggled to protect the german people the jews and anyone else that stood in Hitler s pat. Iagrams author Nigel Jones dissects the lead up to the attempt the events of the day in minute by minute detail and the aftermath in which the conspirators were hunted downNo other work on the July Plot contains such accessible detail and full explanation of this attempt on Hitler's life In addition to a forensic analysis of the day the book includes short biographies of the ey characters involved the first person recollections of witnesses and a 'what if' section explaining the likely outcome of a successful assassination. There are a lot of things that one can take away from a book like this It is easy to look at the failure of the Valkyrie plot and wonder what would have happened with a bit time to make sure that the bomb illed Hitler or wonder about the failure of the plotters to have thought about basic uestions of how to ensure that Hitler s loyalists didn t disrupt efforts at forming a new government or whether it was in fact far too late by that time for there to be a peace treaty between Germany and others that would allow for some of Germany s gains from the beginning that would allow for some of Germany s gains from the beginning World War To Be Preserved It #to be preserved It obvious today that Hitler a world historical level monster but it was less than obvious how he was to be removed and this book examines the tragic history of those who opposed him within Germany many of whom lacked the sort of resolution that he had and often found that their own lack of character and resolution made things easier on Hitler and undercut their sane opposition to Hitler s opportunism and warmongeringThis book is almost 300 pages long and is divided into ten chapters The book begins with an introduction and then a prologue that begins in media res by looking at sumer at the Wolf s Lair where Hitler ran the efforts to stem the Soviet counterattack from Barbarosa After that the author discusses the early life of Count Claus von Stauffenberg looking at his family life as well as the influence of the Georg circle 1 Then the author turns to a discussion of the rise of Hitler 2 and the rule of the outlaws during the chaotic years where extralegal violence became ordinary 3 The author discusses Hitler s march to war 4 as well as Hitler s war 5 and even a full chapter on a lone wolf effort on the part of Georg Elser to ill Hitler in Munich that narrowly failed 6 The author discusses the devil s luck and the failure of various army plots against Hitler 7 as well as the role of Stauffenberg 8 in providing firmness to efforts at ousting Hitler to save Germany A chapter is spent on detailing the events of the July 20th 1944 plot 9 and then the author discusses Hitler s cruel revenge 10 after which the book closes with an afterword with Claus son a list of dramatis personae a guide to sites acknowledgements and sources as well as photo credits and an indexAt the end of this book there is a particularly poignant discussion of what the son of Stauffenberg felt in the postwar German army as the son of an anti Nazi hero given the fact that even in those times there were some who would have felt it wrong to celebrate someone who gave his life in an attempt to put Hitler to death and to stop Germany from at least some measure of its madness and folly The reader must determine whether or not they celebrate tyrannicide or even attempted tyrannicide and where this would be applicable in other cases Sadly it appears as if there was a great deal of incompetence in Valkyrie and other efforts like it but that should not stop us from realizing that it demonstrates the existence of at least some sane people in Germany even if those sane people were not sufficient to stop Germany s decline into barbarism We must all lament the use of violence towards political ends but sometimes one faces desperate choices and it would be wise for us not to condemn others lest we in turn be condemned ourselves Clearly the author views tyrannicide as legitimate and it colors the way this book is written even if the plotters were sadly incompetent in many respects Well written history aimed at a general audience Could have used background on Stauffenberg but that s a minor uibble This was a great history of the military and government resistors to Hitler It was thorough and engaging and had a lot of pictures I was on the edge of my seat hoping for a different outcome this time It was a great companion follow up to the Bonhoeffer biography I liked reading about some of the some people and events over again It helps my not so great memory for facts and dates etc The last chapter was about the afterm. Although there were than 40 plots to assassinate Adolf Hitler none came closer to success than the July Plot of 1944 The attempt was masterminded by Count von Stauffenberg a member of the German General Staff who had been rushed back from Africa after losing his left eye and right hand For his injuries he had been decorated as a war hero Never a supporter of Nazi ideology he was increasingly attracted by the approaches of the German resistance movement After an attempt to assassinate Hitler in November 1943 failed Stauffenb.