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Received a copy form the publisher 5 Stars The Girl in the Mirror Is An Edge is an dge your seat psychological thriller It s also a debut novel by Rose Carlyle I ll certainly be keeping an ye out for Rose s next release that s for sureThe story xplores sibling rivalry to a dangerous level Identical twins Iris and Summer are the mirror image of ach other but there is an vil darkness inside one of them Mirror image twins happens when the split occurs late than a week after conception the twins can develop reverse asymmetric features A day later and *Iris And Summer Would Of *and Summer would of conjoined TWINS PERHAPS SHARING MAJOR ORGANS AND perhaps sharing major organs and life shackled togetherThe locations are Desire in Seven Voices exotic and will transport you to Seychelles Thailand and aboard Summer s yacht in the Indian oceanIris has always beennvious of her twin Summer s life including her wealthy and charismatic husband Adam Summer is asy going perfect and popular but Iris would do anything for Summer who she loves dearlyand that s how the story begins Iris is called to Thailand to help sail Summer and Adam s yacht to Seychelles due to a medical mergency and finds herself alone in the middle of the ocean Just what could go wrong when an inheritance is at stake here and greed lust and jealously are part of the intricate plot The characters are absolutely The Casa Mono Cookbook entertaining and the story is well written The last paragraph of the book is jaw dropping andxtremely clever I had to go back and read over the last few pages again to be sure Loved this addictive book with the finest nding I would like to thank Allen Unwin for generously providing me with an advanced copy of the book to read in return for an honest review Wow this book took me completely by surprise This a fantastic and twisty psychological thriller that I could not get nough of Highly recommend I suggest going into this one fairly blind so I will not go into the story too much It is the story of twins Iris and Summer Iris has always been jealous of her twin who seems to have the best of verything She is newly married and her husband seems to be perfect But she loves her sister and when Summer calls and asks for her help she drops verything and heads to Thailand to help bring the family yacht to the Seychelles But when she nds up alone in the middle of the ocean she makes a decision that could change her life The nding of this book will shock you It was so goodThanks to Allen and Unwin for my advanced copy of this book to read The girl in the mirror is miserable but at least she s real The story is all about these mirror twin sisters Summer and Iris Carmichael Yes you read it right Mirror twins I didn t Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) even know this conceptxisted until I read this book Summer is the golden girl and her heart and internal organs are in the right place Iris on the other hand the cynical and boring twin As the mirror twin of Summer her heart and internal organs are in the wrong places At present Summer has the perfect husband with an adorable stepson in a breathtaking getaway During their vacation she calls Iris for help in which the latter accepted For Iris it is time to navigate within Summer s world AgainRose Carlyle s The Girl in the Mirror was xciting thrilling and little bit tropey It was uite ridiculous too but at the same time I didn t really complain because verything was pulled off correctly The characters were for me the biggest and most positive thing in this book They were flawed and highly ntertaining They seemed real to me at times specially how Iris feels for her sister If you have a sibling you would knowWhy the four stars The present plot barely moved in like the 40% of the story Also I got bombarded with all these backstories and technicalities when it comes to sailing I could live with former because backstories with this tension between twins will never get old for me The latter however not so much I m used to characters sailing from time to time in books but I m not used to characters sailing in a highly detailed manner Daaaamn this book made me so anxiousI hate lying Lying makes me nervous Liars always get found out ALWAYSBut this concept fascinates me 45 starsThink of The Girl In The Mirror as a twisted version of The Last Mrs Parrish if the two female leads in it were twins while Something In The Water lies in the background there s indeed something lying at the bottom of the ocean that Pretty sure there s a rule that if a book is compared to Knives Out I HAVE to read it. She’s always nvied with her sister gone she’s one step closer to the hundred million dollar inheritance left by her manipulative father All Iris has to do is be the first of his seven children to produce an heirIris’s “new” life lurches between glamorous dream and paranoid nightmare On the dge of being Conflict in Blood exposed how far will she go tonsure no one discovers the truthAnd just what did happen to Summer on the yachtOnly Iris kno. The Girl in the Mirror

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Mirror mirror on the wall who s the batht craziest thriller of them all Gone Girl you were the craziest here so true but The Girl in the Mirror is a thousand times nuttier than you OK maybe not a thousand times and maybe for sure Gone Girl isn t the most batht but you get the point The Girl in the Mirror is one of those books that makes you wonder if suspense is short for suspension of disbelief but you re turning the pages so fast you don t really care The plot twists are not hard to spot the climax nds the lamest way possible and the writing is merely fine But I stay up until finishing this story and the writing merely fine did I stay up until 2am finishing this story twins a yacht and a ridiculous race to get pregnant to claim an inheritance I sure did This is one I ll be thinking about for awhile and I ll definitely be first in line for the author s next thriller Maybe a seuelIf you do decide to add this to your list do me a favor though and skip the synopsis It s very spoilery Bad synopsis badI received an advance digital copy for review from William Morrow Books via NetGalley Yes yes yes I love when a book takes me utterly by surprise and blows me away and The Girl in the Mirror did just that I don t The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant even remember where I picked up this ARC but I was on vacation and started in on my mountain of TBR books and thought this one sounded intriguing Intriguing is just the start not to mention a clever dark twisted pulsating and just plain crazy plot involving identical twins an inheritance and a yacht chock full of secrets Twin sisters Iris and Summer are identical notven their mother can tell them apart although can that really be so but beyond what the Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) eye can see lies an inherent darkness that sets them apart Cynical and insecure Iris has long beennvious of big hearted Summer and her seemingly never Logic, Labels, And Flesh ending good fortune including landing the perfect husband Adam Iris s life is in a downward spiral when gets a frantic call to come to Thailand to help her brother in law sail the family yacht back to friendlier waters She can t help but fantasize of what might happen on the journey with Adam but when she unexpectedly finds herself alone in the middle of the Indian Oceanverything changes In the blink of an Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design eye Iris gets her chance to take what she s always wanted but in seizing her opportunity she must take big risks tonsure that the boat forever holds its secretsI ve read so many thrillers about identical twins and to be honest I m not always a big fan of them but this one changed my mind I don t want to give anything away because it s definitely better to go in blind but the twists and red herrings are very cleverly done and I couldn t put it down until I inhaled The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths every last page Even when I ultimately saw some things coming the how in getting there was still surprising andnjoyable in a twisted thriller kind of way Overall an amazing debut I would normally knock off a star for a few too many boat terms but this one is so different in other ways part thriller part mystery and part race to a prize that in the Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems end the overabundance of boat terminology didn tven bother me If you can suspend just an ounce of belief and let yourself go you ll love this super crazy roller coaster thriller All the stars for me Mirrors don t change what s on the inside I am so glad I both reuested Rose Carlyle s debut novel and I pushed it to the top of my never Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice ending review pile thanks to a wonderful fellow book reviewer The Girl in the Mirror delivered one of the mostxplosive and shocking The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth end paragraphs to a novel I have read in years Rose Carlyle s first novel is a compelling psychological thriller thatxplores twin dynamics relationships nvy greed betrayal duplicity and pretence The Girl in the Mirror is a dark and salacious tale that I consumed from the very first word to the parting sentenceMeet identical twins Iris and Summer The sisters are true beauties and ach is the mirror image of the other However underneath this veneer of beauty lies dark secrets and resentments Iris has always been jealous of her twin sister Summer s charmed life Despite this resentment and In Deeper envy Iris loves her sister Summer deeply When Summer calls for help Iris dashes to her aid When Iris is asked to take charge of her family s beloved yacht by Summer it seems like anasy Personlighetspsykiatri enough task for Iris who is a natural sailor But something life changing happens on the yacht deep in the Indian Ocean which will have far reaching conseuences for the sisters and those who surround. Written with the chilling twisty suspense of The Wife Between Us and Something in the Water a seductive debut thriller about greed lust secrets and deadly lies involving identical twin sistersTwin sisters Iris and Summer are startlingly alike but beyond what theye can see lies a darkness that sets them apart Cynical and insecure Iris has long been Audiology envious of Summer’s seemingly nevernding good fortune including her perfect husband Their lives The Girl in the Mirror is about seizing opportunities deception life aspirations fortune grabbing and hidden truthsWith so many review books coming my way it is often uite a gamble to take a chance on a new writer Auckland based author Rose Carlyle s debut novel The Girl in the Mirror proved to be a book that I needed to take a chance on This novel delivered in measures it is an absolutely amazing debut I m sure I will be recommending this one for some time to come The Girl in the Mirror has arned a firm spot on my list Of Favourite Reads Of 2020By Now You favourite reads of 2020By now you probably wondering what all the fuss is about Well it appears I m not the only one to realise just how fantastic The Girl in the Mirror is Rose Carlyle s debut has been subject to a bidding war to secure xclusive film rights which doesn t surprise me in the slightest The Girl in the Mirror is definitely film material This *book is clearly making arly waves but the positive buzz around *is clearly making arly waves but the positive buzz around novel is substantiated I don t think I have ncountered a compelling novel about such a mixed up Delusional And Strange Twin Dynamic and strange twin dynamic one seemed to go beyond anything I ve read about the bond between two twin sisters who are the mirror image of ach other We learn that while there are moments of shared love and connection there is a much darker side to twin dynamics One of the twins in this case is inherently bad she upstages her sister at all costs she pulls the wool over Learning Unreal® Engine iOS Game Development everyoneyes and she is just one rotten Strange Visitors egg Carlylexplores themes of hatred rivalry resentment spite malevolence resentment deceit desire treachery and intrigue It makes for a puzzling thrilling and often heart stopping read There are plenty of twists and turns for the reader to contend with some of which I anticipated and others were absolutely jarring Save yourself for the finale which will leave you reeling and uestioning the novel as a whole Perhaps you may ven re read parts of the book to help you come to terms with what a game changing nd was delivered by Rose CarlyleI am aware that this is a vague review as I am attempting to skirt around many of the major aspects of this novel specially in regards to plot details in an attempt to avoid spoilers I loved how the characters in The Girl in the Mirror were somewhat trustworthy other times they proved to be completely volatile and unpredictable The setting was rather cosmopolitan and xotic pulling the reader into the Indian Ocean sultry Thailand the magnificent Seychelles and back to Cairns in Australia There was also a great look into the art of sailing thanks to the family yacht which provides the ssential backdrop for the central plot complication The relationship dynamics were fantastic and the moments of double jeopardy flexed my mind The psychological insight Carlyle offers into a rather mixed up family unit obsessed plagued by an inheritance claim really heightened this deranged twin dynamic My thoughts were often cast back to a television series I njoyed called Ringer which offers another The Governess Club: Bonnie example of the dark side of twin relationships The Girl in the Mirror is a perfectxample of a very dysfunctional and utterly deranged twin relationshipI can The Go Girl Guide: Surviving the mating frenzy with savvy, soul and style easily see why The Girl in the Mirror has already wowed audiences it is a meritorious debut I m not sure how Rose Carlyle will top this one but I m sure I ll stick very close by for her next novelThanksxtended to Allen Unwin for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes loved this tale of deception and greed Iris has always felt as if she can never be as beautiful or as kind as her twin Summer Everyone loved Summer and she had verything Iris didn t Summer had the perfect life Iris always dreamed of A chance comes where Iris can make Summer s life her own Will she take it Summer is an it girl a blonde bombshell And I am her mirror The story is told in the first person by Iris and the first part of her narration does licit sympathy but when her chance comes to take Summer s life a different Iris Love Wins: Teen Edition emerges callous and calculating and I started to wonder which was the true IrisI loved this gripping tale of identical twins I like to try and guess what the outcome will be but this story had me fooled It was full of twists I didn t see coming Thending killed me and I m still pondering it days laterI read this in two days Fast paced atmospheric and haunting The Girl in the Mirror is totally addictive I m looking forward to from Rose Carlyle DamCalled to Thailand to help her sister sail the family yacht to the Seychelles Iris nurtures her own secret hopes for what might happen on the journey But when she unexpectedly finds herself alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean The Go Girl Guide everything changes When she makes it to land Iris allows herself to be swept up by Adam who assumes that she is SummerIris recklessly goes along with his mistake Not only does she finally have the golden life.