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Ganjil GenapNd identify my problem with someone else s even though that someone else is fictional So when the characters in Ganjil Genap are everything that most people including me are not it s already hard to believe that Gala s crisis is uite urgent enough Sure we live in a society who sees marriage as an achievement and her parents insistence resonates with us but Gala s comfortable life makes me think that I now in the end everything will be alright for her It s different if let s say Gala lived with an above minimum wage salary and her family pressured her to get married but she and her eually struggling boyfriend tried to save money to hold a decent reception party Despite so Bastari can manage to show Gala s desperation in finding a guy before her younger sister got married But then pages after pages Gala ept meeting cute handsome and light skinned skin positivity much guys and my conviction at the beginning stays firm In addition the MBTI s pseudo scientific approach that Gala often used to analyze her friends character irks me a lot I guess it s unfair that all my critiues here are not directed to the book but to the metropop genre itself Bastari is a good writer and it s exciting to see what she comes up with next in her cinematic universe I can t fault people who finds solace in dreamy metropop either My point is metropop can actually be an important genre It can shed a light on people who try to make their life here Jakarta stresses us out but at the same time we fall in love with the city The genre can show that Jakarta is not all about glitters and parties and extravagance but it s also about blood sweat and tears I think it will be interesting if metropop portrays such struggle We need to revolutionize the genre Tomorrow we ride at dawn to be a part of revolution Not my final rating review to come I won t tell the premise of the book cause y all now it already it s about a girl almost 30 being dumped by her ex of 13 years whilst at the same time her sister 7years junior of her would like to marry the guy she just met And goes the adventure of her finding her perfect match From this part onwards there might be some spoilers here so if you don t like spoilers you might not want to read thisThis one I think is better than Resign Despite the other common reviews I personally think that Ganjil Genap is better Kita semua tahu bahwa Almira bener bener canggih dalam menangkap dan meramu pembicaraan harian antar sahabat percakapan sehari hari dengan olega maupun jokes dan punchline yang gak lebay dan relatable Tapi apa sih yang bikin Ganjil Genap ini lebih menarikSebenarnya sesederhana arena ceritanya nggak se fairytale itu Ceritanya realistis sangat dekat dan pasti ada salah satu aspek di dalam buku ini yang bikin ita berucap ANJIR hahahahaha gue juga pernah SUKAAA bukunya hit way too close to home i feel so exposed and vulnerable reading the whole thing this book is way too deep and emotional i found myself teared up at certain points phewit s official i want my own personal Om Aiman he s all i ever want from men honestly he s cute he s funny he s smart brutally honest and he s super sensitive what a treat for my hopeless romantic selfmeskipun nggak semenyenangkan dan sesantai Resign but i still really like this book easily a 5 star Okay I hate the ind of ending this one has but I am still head over heels to this book because of the way the writer tells the story Captivating entertaining very fun to read I can t even count how many times I giggled on my working hours for trying to catch a glimpse of Gala her fate and her friends The complexity that this book offers is still managable really not as complicated as the other romcom books I ve read but what I like the most about the book is how it captures the realness of Indo s culture from marriage wedding habits even to some tiny little detail like the malls and the upper class lifestyles It sells something relatable something that you can clearly see in your everyday life as an Indonesian Thoug This book just hit me too close to home Just got out from long time relationship then my ex bf now already close to his colleague at the office Almost similar huh Thats why i ordered the PO because man if Gala the woman that just enter back the single life after 13 years and want to get married can finally find her significant other then i am too My mind is too fxcked up because who in the right mind thinking like this I love the premises i wish i could have Mas Aiman in my life But what i love the most is when Gala seems to realised that she needs to make a peace to herself first that everything happens is not because she is at fault or too peace to herself first that everything happens is not because she is at fault or not because she is at fault or I love how the story ends spoilers here she ending up with no one but a content feeling with herself And prob a 2nd chance to reconnecting with someone she cares about definitely think that after all the distance Gala and Mas Aiman have figures out whether they are good for each other or not but then again its up to us the readers Overall i like this book I always adore two books that Almira already created but not for the 3rd one which is this oneI dont now I feel like something is still lacking It feels like this book was made in a hurry in a rush totally different with how well written Resign isToo many conversations less narration less bridging too many male casts which made the female main cast sometimes looks too cheapSorry this is my humble and honest opinion All of us have the rights to say what s on our mind even if it s an unpopular opinionI really hope Almira s next project will be better because she really has a great skill. Susun Darat udara bahkan laut disisir demi menemukan pria idamanAkankah Gala berhasil menemukan pasangan untuk menggenapi hari hari ganjilny. .

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Sebagai closure Setidaknya itu yang saya rasakan Almira berusaha mengajak pembacanya untuk memahami bahwa etika hidup Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., kita tidak berjalan sepertiehidupan banyak orang tidak lantas membuat Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, kita menjadi pihak yang salah sedangkan mereka yang mayoritas adalah benar Tidak juga sebaliknya Tetapietika hal tersebut terjadi maka Everyday life in medieval times kembalilahepada diri sendiri dan tanyakan apakah North kita bahagia saat ini Tidak perlu dengar pendapat orang tapi yakinlah bahwaetika ita bahagia dengan diri sendiri then that s enough Very well done writing AlmiraTop recommended bagi mereka yang sedih arena memulai 2020 sebagai seorang single You don t have to be palsRead this review and on my blog Let s Say It s a Blog Almira BastariGanjil GenapGramedia Pustaka Utama344 pages58 Almira Bastari s latest work Ganjil Genap is written with such good intention Bastari tries to highlight the life of Gala a 29 year old woman who just went through a nasty breakup with her boyfriend after being in relationship for thirteen years It s funny and it ends with positive message but its metropop tropes plaguing and oozing out from every page of this book make the reading experience a less enjoyable one Are there any ugly undergraduate less affluent people in Ganjil Genap that s what I tweeted when I read Almira Bastari s Ganjil Genap That uestion may be directed to this book itself but it also applies to the metropop genre in general Are there any regular people in metropopWhen you see a logo of metropop a new subgenre that s invented by the publisher embellished on the cover of any book without picking up the book and reading the blurb you can already guess how the characters will be attractive wealthy and rich and have I mentioned attractive The book will be set against bustling and polluted Jakarta backdrop Their problem mostly revolves around their relationship and how they navigate it and find their true love at the end of the story In other words metropop can be seen as a romance genre which takes place in a metropolis Or in other words again metropop book is a romance book disguised beneath a new and inventive logo But the tall skyscrapers which dot all over Jakarta embodied in the metropop logo itself sometimes make us always look up and never look down We re forced to look at young beautiful and affluent people who work inside such skyscrapers and we want to see how their life depicted in a book that we read so we can escape from our underpaid unsatisfying boring 9 to 5 job After all fiction is a form of escapism and it s no one s fault that metropop offers one There s always market for a dreamy and swoon worthy albeit unrealistic sometimes story Yet after years of our throat being shoved down with these unrealistic expectations of life in capital city we tend to forget that Jakarta contains multitudes the city comprises people from different socio economic statuses and backgrounds If metropop is intended to capture every aspect of urban life in Jakarta doesn t a story about an office boy from a small Town In Kalimantan Who in Kalimantan who to get a better life deserve to be called one Isn t a story about a fresh graduate who just joined a management trainee program in a small company with small salary worthy to be told I Dead Giveaway know Inow sometimes it s uncomfortable to read something resembling Our Own Life In A Fictional Work But If It own life in a fictional work but if it not metropop then who will tell these stories So of course it s not Bastari s fault that Ganjil Genap falls to the metropop cliches she just follows Ganjil Genap falls to the metropop cliches she just follows same mold and formula created by her predecessors If anything Ganjil Genap if you measure it with a metropop standard is a very good one Bastari Andrew Lost In the Kitchen knows how to write witty banter almost like what you often read in OverheardJKT and she can seamlessly incorporate characters from her past work creating a new cinematic universe previously seen in Ika Natassa s work It s counterproductive absolutely to compare works of both amazing women but Bastari is definitely the new Ika Natassa They both have huge fanbase and their tone in writing is really similar with subtle difference While Natassa snown with her slow burning plot unfurling notable especially in her later works Bastari excels in fast paced and steamy scenes The ending of Ganjil Genap is also very great wrapping up the life story of Gala perfectly but at the same time giving us a good message about women empowerment and independence But at the same time I m also a hypocrite I may not measure Ganjil Genap with metropop standard but with Annisa Ihsani standard Her last year s metropop breakthrough Mencari Simetri is a first for her but in a sense it s also a first for metropop genre Similar with Ganjil Genap in Mencari Simetri Ihsani explores the life of April late 20 s woman who went through an existential ennui She seemed to be lost her relationship went nowhere and society who s never been Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism kind to woman to begin with pressured her The topic is very relevant for many people but Ihsani s main character is just a plain jane not in a derogatory way She s just a regular employee she s probably not conventionally pretty since Ihsani s nevernown with her detailed physical description as it s superficial but she probably represents many young women who experience same crisis After its release Mencari Simetri received backlash well backlash is a strong word but some of the critics said that this book is not worthy the metropop logo because it s not metropop enough Or in other words it s too realistic and not dreamy enough That s what makes Mencari Simetri right up my alley because while it s nice to escape for a while it s also nice to similize Ah Gala bertekad pantang lajang menjelang umur Nope kepala tiga Bersamaetiga sahabatnya Nandi Sydney dan Detira strategi pencarian jodoh pun di. I ll give 36 stars because somehow in the middle I stopped And Just Leave just leave it a while But the ending is great so I ll give 38 at the end First thing first I gotta express my gratitude to the author because this is the first novel I ve finished this year and I made it in about a day yay Metropop always works like magic I guess the one I need to run to when I don t now what to read So that reason itself is worth a star alreadyI always like Almira s writing tho back in Resign and now here The bubbly narrative the witty banter the character development as well because last night I was 100% sure to never see myself nodding to any of Gala s our heroine decision She s blatantly snob shallow and stupid but damn in the She s blatantly snob shallow and stupid but damn in the she learned her lessons The last 30% of the storyline changed my mind about how I perceive this pieceAlso I m 29 just like Gala and even though my personal experience is nowhere near hers throughout the pages I found myself laughing and rolling my eyes and sighing and the likes because oh boy some details did hit home Men are absurd and all my life I hear people saying how complicated women are Bitch pleaseThree stars It s been a while since I finished a book in one sitting I even have a couple of books that remain unwrapped cause laziness came creeping down once I bought the books But Ganjil Genap breaks the spell for meAlmira once again amazed me with her writing that I have no idea it could get much much better than before nowing it was already so good back then Pertama Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison kali membaca Ganjil Genap dari Wattpad membuat saya can t help but comparing tulisan Almira di platform Wattpad dan dengan yang di buku Beberapa scene memang diangkat dari sana tetapi dibandingkan dengan Resign yang tidak mengalami banyak perubahan dari penceritaan awal di Wattpad dan dengan di buku membaca Ganjil Genap di buku terasa amat sangat berbeda dengan di Wattpad Its a LOT betterAlmira sukses membangun alur cerita yang runtut dan menimbulkan tanya serta menggugah rasa penasaran di tiap lembarnya Tiap scene diceritakan dengan apik dan mampu membawa emosi pembaca naik turun dengan berbagaionflik Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz konflik yang meskipun tidak beratecuali bagian Gala diputuskan pacarnya di tahun Buck: A Memoir ketiga belas namun sangat relatablearena tampak diangkat dari Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors kejadianeseharian Rumitnya pekerjaan Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series kandasnya hubungan sepasangekasih tanpa alasan yang relevan tuntutan mengkritisi dari society akan status menikah bagi perempuan akhir 20an sementara anak anak muda sekarang mulai menggandrungi fenomena nikah cepat belum lagi fakta bahwa lingkaran sosial seseorang semakin mengecil seiring bertambahnya usia Gala punya 3 sahabat bahkan lebih banyak dariku yang hanya punya 2 sulitnya menemukan sosok pria dewasa yang potensial untuk menjadi pendamping hidup seperti Five Days Left kata Almira di salah satu judul chapter Cowok berkualitas itualau bukan pacar orang atau suami orang mungkin nggak suka cewek Jomblo yang berburuk sangka atau mereka enggan berkomitmen hingga permasalahan semrawutnya berlalu lintas di ibukota semua diceritakan Almira dengan lugas dan ngena membuat pembaca tanpa sadar mengamini hal hal tersebut pernah terjadi dalam hidup merekaDiceritakan dari sudut pandang Gala seorang cewek INTJ yang mungkin jarang ditemui di dunia nyata tapi nyatanya I could relate a lot with her ways of thinking Karakternya yang sangat logis dan tidak terlalu suka berlarut dalam emosi berlebih membuat Gala menjadi female lead yang mudah diikuti jalan pikirannya At least I do think so Meski Gala bisa dibilang sempurna tapi seiring jalan cerita Searching for Robert Johnson kita akan belajar banyak bahwa bahkan seorang INTJ sekalipun bisa menjadi personal yang teramat toleranetika jatuh cinta Mengiyakan yang tidak peka hingga terbiasa diabaikan I love that we could see the development of Gala s character throughout the story And it s always amaze me thinking that somehow it might be in real life the author also came to a realization about this change for the better when writing about this character Simply heartwarmingDengan inti cerita yang jelas dapat ditangkap dari blurb di cover belakang buku Ganjil Genap menyajikan tepat seperti premise yang dijanjikan Hubungan 13 tahun yang dikira akan berakhir di pelaminan malah Blood on Silk kandas di parkiran membuat seorang wanita menjelang tiga puluh yang patah hati masih harus tertekan dengan judging masyarakat sehingga menceburkannya dalam perjalanan penuh intrik untuk berburu calon suami That s it simple relatable dan tidak lari dari inti Konflik utama hanya terjadi di awal cerita namun tidak lantas membuat sisa alur cerita menjadi membosankan Meski the wrap up of the story praktis hanya diselesaikan dalam dua chapter terakhir tapi saya tidak menangkapesan bertele tele dari sekian puluh chapter di antara Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol konflik utama dan penyelesaian Buku ini bagai menghipnotis pembaca untuk tetap setia mengikuti setiap detail cerita yang menggelitik dan tidak membuat mereka merasa perlu untuk lompat atau sekedar mengintipe epilog Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing karena merasa bosan atau tidak sabar Saya bahkan menuang air minume gelas dan meneguknya tanpa sekalipun mengalihkan pandangan dari lembaran Ganjil Genap And I finished it in 5 hours straight earning me a book hangover the next morning And I m not even complaining I laughed a LOT like every witty exchange between the characters and amusing analogies the author use to describe the situation occured And that scenes where all the pressure finally take its toll on Gala first the insurance agent calling and second with the police Oh man Membaca Ganjil Genap bagai membaca buku harian yang membuat By the Lake of Sleeping Children kita merasa tertohok terenyuh malu hingga merasa perlu introspeksi. Gimana rasanya diputusin setelah berpacaran selama tiga belas tahunHidup Gala yang mendadak jomblo semakin runyametika adiknya ebelet nik. .