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Ing as hell Southern Black Girl MagicIt inda gave off some hunger games vibes at times or maybe HP ish ones actually Maybe Maybe a mix of both Or The Mortal Instruments thinking on itRegardless just trust me on THIS guys THIS LEFT ME STUNNED It seriously is such an EPIC READ I could NOT tear myself away from this story except for when I absolutely had to even then my husband practically had to pry it from my hands I say that with 100% honesty This is such a uniue completely engrossing make your heart race AMAZING diverse novel It puts a fresh new spin on some familiar themes and some that are completely originalThis is without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite YA fantasy novels that i ve read this yearThe fact that it s ownvoicesmade it all the better I loved the gender fluid LGBT reps as well This book also sends such a powerful message about black women About their strength their tenacity the injustices they have to face throughout their lives It is just EPIC on ALL levelsSo yeah I mean what can I say This book seriously made my heart SING SOAR And also makes it all hurt y in the BEST WAY EVERRRI also have to sayUHHH GIRL FCKING POWER From moment ONE the MC BREE IS EFFING INCREDIBLE She refuses to let people treat her unfairly is 100% NOT afraid to share what s on her mind is just so badassAnd omg ALICE GIRL HELL TO THE YES GET IT Also PSA TIMEI had written that I was shipping a certain two people in one of my updates but I must inform you that I am nowww officially view spoileraboard Ship BRELWYN hide spoiler maybe i ll review this when i have actual clear thoughts to form wordsbut for now i m just gonna settle with I NEED THE NEXT BOOK AND I NEED IT NOW 9152020 THIS BOOK IS OUT Before we dive in let me ask you thisDid Clary ever have to think about the dangers of being picked up by police while at a partyWould Jude ever have been uestioned about the legitimacy of her presence at an Early College programWhen America was selected as Maxon s ueen disclaimer I m pulling this out of a hunch I never actually got past book 1 lol did his people ever hurl racial slurs at herYeah I didn t think so The gutting and gripping thing about Legendborn is that this is Bree Matthews s reality alongside demon hordes a magical element in the air called aether sinfully hot sorcerers and a secret society filled with modern day descendants of King Arthur and his Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller knights This book is fucking awesome and without a doubt one of my favourite reads of this year Trust me YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THISIt s been a while since I ve read a YA fantasy that s really enthralled me and shaken up the formulaic script I ve come to associate with the genre Legendborn wasn t perfect but boy does it bring a wholly novel story to the Round Table a heart pounding urban fantasy that tackles grief inherited trauma legacies of colonization and chattel slavery and being a Black woman in the South redefining the legends we thought to be set in Excalibur s stone The reason I ve given this book 4 stars and not 5 is because despite its fascinating worldbuilding and important moving subject matter it still leaned heavily on several YA clich s that grated on me I m really conflicted in my reconciling of these contrived bits with the parts that were transcendent and powerful and heart hurting Inow this sounds contradictory but that s exactly what I m feeling torn The meh parts of this book were meh but the good parts were PHENOMENAL Duality s a thing y all and Legendborn is itFor now I m just going to say this I implore you to read Legendborn Deonn will reshape YA urban fantasy as we now it with this series and I cannot put into words how excited I am to read the next book So that was my TLDR version for the folks who re here to get a sense of whether this book is worth your time it is If you re desiring of the nitty gritty scroll on THE PREMISE 16yo Bree Matthews has not been the same since her mother died three months ago As she walks the campus of UNC Chapel Hill as a student in the prestigious Early College program her mother s alma
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seems to abound with concealed secrets and Bree s convinced that one of them will shed light on why her mother died Then comes the night Bree meets Selwyn Kane all dark curls golden eyes iller jawline and witnesses him slay a demon or isel to be precise Following this trail of deadly breadcrumbs leads Bree to the Legendborn descendants of Arthur and thirteen of his First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There knights who vanuish demons to protect humankind They re connected to her mother and Bree in ways she ll never expect and to find out she s going to compete in their trials With the help of Nick Davis think smokin golden boy next door Bree will join their ranks But what she discovers is unfathomably bigger than the Legendborn And as Bree grapples with her grief she must reconcile these new revelations with everything she thought shenew about her mom Will she stay loyal to the boys she s come to love "Even If It Means Serving "if it means serving Order that negates her very existence Or will Bree somehow forge her own way THE WORLDBUILDING There s a lot going on in this story and we readers have to fumble alongside Bree as she encounters it all for the first time Here s a uick summary of the positions within the strict hierarchy of the Order of the Round TableThe Legendborn are demon hunters descended from the original Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm knights of the Round Table The most important member of each family or Line is the Scion a person between the ages of 16 22 who can be Called by theirnightly ancestor When you re Called you gain the preternatural powers that the night had for Example Scions Of The Scions of the of Gawain gain the ability to heal others Scions can manipulate aether a magical element in the air into weapons and they re trained from birth for their roles however not everyone will be Called There s a rank order in which the nights Call their descendants eg Line of Bors will always be called before Line of Lancelot and the top ranked families are hardly ever Called because the lower families can usually handle the demon threats and no spoilers but if every Scion were to be Called it d be a bad thing When a Scion dies or turns 23 their title passes to the next eligible member in their family akin to succession to the British throne The Onceborn are what the Shadowhunters call mundanes humans who aren t part of the Legendborn families protected from the truth about demons and magic The only Onceborns who now about this world are Vassals who have served the Legendborn for generations in exchange for money power the works Vassals may be initiated into the Order as Pages lowest ranked in the Order hierarchy but still one step up from Vassal who can then compete once a year for the coveted spot of Suire Suires are magically bonded to Scions who have been Called and they gain the powers of that Scion the Suire s duty is to protect their Scion at all costsFinally we have the Merlins or sorcerers of the Order Merlins can use aether to do all manner of things from tracking and incapacitating demons to sensing Gates portals that allow demons to enter the human plane to manipulating or mesmering people s memories The Kingsmage like Selwyn Kane is the most powerful Merlin of their generation and has a special bond with the leader of the Round Table THE GOOD The diversity of rep Bree s Black and her best friend Alice Chen is lesbian and Taiwanese American Even though the Order is just about fully white there are. Ng demon feeding on human energiesA secret society of so called “Legendborn” students that hunt the creatures downAnd a mysterious teenage mage who calls himself a “Merlin” and who attempts and fails to wipe Bree’s memory of everything she sawThe mage’s failure unlocks Bree’s own uniue magic and a buried memory with a hidden connection the night her mother died another Merlin was at the hospital Now that Bree nows there’s to her mother’s death than what’s on the police report she’ll do whatever it takes to. Two bi characters a gay character a wlw relationship and a non binary character There re also several other Black characters who were pretty awesome including Bree s dad and her therapist Bree s banter is 1010 I loved the scenes featuring her and Alice they have this thing where one of them uotes a certain movie and the other person s like Did you just movie franchise me and the first person s like No I specific film from said franchise d you and it s freakin adorable and also her back and forth with the boys Not to mention Bree drops some FIRE comebacks against the bigots who come at her throughout the novel There s this epic fight scene at the end that made my heart race It ties into the book s big twist and was seriously unputdownable THE BAD So much capitalization Anything to do with the worldbuilding was slapped with a capital letter Bree was Spelled to take an Oath to the Order so she can t break the Law against the Legendborn Lines even though she already has the Sight Nothing inherently wrong with this it just felt like a juvenile world building move INSTALOVE So at first I didn t think Bree and her love interest were going to exhibit instalove my most DETESTED of tropes but they inda did I mean this book only takes place over the span of 2 3 weeks and by the end of that time they ve fallen deeply in love with each other and not just any love it s an I will guard your life with my own type of thing There s a sort of explanation for why this might be the case but it s still instalove in my books ber hot love interests and a love triangle I m not altogether convinced was necessary I am ALL for angst but wasn t the biggest fan of Bree being drawn to both guys Also I m still waiting for the day when YA gives up the sharp jaw gorgeous cheekbones broad shoulders silky hair love interest intros Chosen One tropeyness Oof We re constantly told that everything about Bree defies reason physics all nown magic she s UNLIKE ANYONE EVER BEFORE HER and has powers innumerable I m than a little sick of reading MCs who are singled out as special snowflakes but that could just be me I expected from the platonic friendships department Her best friend Alice plays such a minor role in the story and in the beginning I was actually a little fed up because Bree and Alice were getting into the dumbest fights that felt like they were only there to alienate Bree and further the plot I loved Alice and Bree together though despite that rocky start they have such a pure and good relationship I just wish we d seen of it THE GREAT As far as I m concerned this than makes up for the tropes I mentioned above Legendborn doesn t simply acknowledge what it means to be Black in America or to be any sort of different from the cishet white norm It head on confronts modern day anti Blackness and its roots in the nation s history of colonialism disenfranchisement and violence It celebrates and champions the ways in which Black folk survive resist and thriveI really loved the revelation that view spoilerthe Legendborn users of colonizer magic aren t the only ones who can manipulate the otherworldly Alternate systems of magic exist based on a much mutual give and take with one s ancestors and I absolutely adored reading about Deonn s system of Rootcraft Making the distinction between root and aether was SO important hide spoiler Happy publication day to the wonderful Legendborn This book was phenomenal Legendborn was everything I never new I needed My first time delving into Arthurian mythology My first time experiencing magical secret societies All things I m eager to see of in the future This paired with the intricately planned plot made for a really wonderful story What is this book about After the death of her mother sixteen year old Bree is hoping to get as far from home as possi Many thanks to Netgalley and Simon Schuster Canada for sharing this ARC in exchange for an honest review All uotes in this review are subject to change upon release date Hold upDid it seriously just end like that It seems that I m on a streak of cliffhangers and it s not fun But wow Legendborn was an amazing Arthurian retelling There s no doubt that I absolutely love the tv show Merlin and seeing that this book was based off of the legendwell I just HAD to read it I loved the Black representation that was shown here and I think this might be my first book with a Black MC I Know I MC I now I shame on me But at least I was lucky enough to have Legendborn being my first book with one and it was soooo good We have our MC 16 year old Bree Matthews who has just recently dealt with the passing of her mother To escape her hometown and it s memories of her mother Bree and her best friend Alice go off to an early college program for bright high schoolers at the University of North Carolina located in Chapel Hill The plan seems perfect that is until Bree discovers something abnormal her first day there More specifically she witnesses demons attacking and a boy in her school Selwyn Kane use Magic From there she learns that that particular magic is called aether and there s a whole other race of people called Legendborns who protect humanity by eliminating the Shadowborn basically demons and are descendants of King Arthur his nights And then of course there s the Knights of the Round Table Bree was a really cool character I loved how she always stood up to the bullies she had to deal with and the insults that were directed at her Bree always said whatever came to mind haha something I can t imagine doing xD She was such a funny character too and her her friendship was Alice was really too although she didn t appear as Much As I Thought She as I thought she Still their conversations were pretty funny Nick says I ve got to eep it secret eep it safeDid you just Lord of the Rings meNope I grin I just Fellowship of the Ringed you Then there s Nick the handsome and perfect student that is lives NEARBY ON CAMPUSHMMMM IT S NOT THAT THERE S on campusHmmmm It s not that there s wrong with him but I just don t really like him Instead I have my eyes on a certain dark haired and golden eyed boy Sel was such an intriguing character and I really want to now about him in the next book Hehe I ve always had a thing for those tall dark and broody characters xD Ooo and another thing I loved was how close to reality this book was Legendborn have to worry about leading their normal lives all while making sure they do their job and Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town keeping everything in the Order a secret from their loved ones If they dare reveal any secretswell I ll let you find out for yourselves once you read this Also Bree had to deal with racist comments and people but stillept her head held high and in defiance to those who dared trying to insult her I love that girl such an inspiration to others Legendborn was so captivating I didn t even realize I was on the last page until I reached a blank The only reason it lost a star was because there was the insta love and it felt pretty slow in the beginning but eventually I got really into itAhhh I can t wait for the next book If this isn t on your TBR already then I must tell you to do it NOW You won t regret it At least I m mostly sure you won t xDI can t wait too see what Tracy Deonn writes nextAlthough I do feel a love triangle brewing up in the next book but maybe I m wrong view spoilerIf there is I m definitely on Team Sel hide spoiler just saying but this has a bi mc also lesbian and nb rep and ff mm couples arturiada is gay as fuck ids. Find out the truth even if that means infiltrating the Legendborn as one of their initiatesShe recruits Nick a self exiled Legendborn with his own grudge against the group and their reluctant partnership pulls them deeper into the society’s secrets and closer to each other But when the Legendborn reveal themselves as the descendants of King Arthur’s nights and explain that a magical war is coming Bree has to decide how far she’ll go for the truth and whether she should use her magic to take the society down or join the fig. 18720Still waiting for this beauty the drop 5220That cover is just TOO STUNNING Gosh I love my people271119 King Arthur retelling with Southern Black Girl Magic This is the book I didn t realise I needed in my life I mean the VIBES I am getting from this premiseYou can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website Where should I even begin Listen I m uite familiar with the legend of King Arthur but never in my life have I seen it done in this way There is so much to unpack in this novel The character development the plot development the spectacular writing the university history woven into every single page the connections I felt to the Black history discussed Everything was done in such a fast paced and interesting manner that gave me such a connection to the story as a wholeWhile this is being compared to the Mortal Instruments I find that this novel is capable of standing on its own There is a complexity and rich history that I found in this book that I didn t necessarily find in TMI The world building is intense and I m a stickler for good world building Deonn is careful in crafting a complex world while still explaining certain nuances without revealing too much to the reader She even took the time to include pronunciation guides within the heart of the text I loved this In each and every chapter there was another layer pulled away revealing so much about the world and about Bree There is this discussion about fantastical worlds and abilities through the lens of Black and a White people and that even in these settings Black individuals were forced to hide their abilities for fear of persecution There s a dichotomy of this world that Bree must attempt to navigate which in my opinion speaks to how Black people must function in predominately White arenas even if it is just a fantasy This is especially true to those of us that attend PWIs instead of HBCUs Trying to navigate those experiences can be challenging We definitely see this conflict exhibited in Bree and some of the challenges she faces when she attempts to work with the LegendbornSpeaking of Bree I loved her I connected with her I felt for her All of this happens while she still is attempting to process her mother s death And while a lot of this is an exploration of attempting to figure out what happened to her mother a great portion of this is an examination of grief I myself have not felt the pain of losing a parent but Deonn made me empathetic to Bree and her journey There is so much to be said about the conversations regarding mental health and how Bree does and does not process her trauma There s a lot to be said about the Black communities treatment of mental health Honestly as I m writing this I m still amazed at how seamlessly Deonn was able to weave in so many different aspects into just the character development There are other main and side characters that are super diverse in race ethnicity gender identity and sexuality I loved and I mean loved that it was so casual It wasn t added for the sake of adding it It was representative of the norm It didn t move the plot It didn t change anything Deonn was simply allowing her characters to be themselves It was brilliantHands down this is one of the best fantasies of 2020 And I mean truly one of the best I m honestly still trying to gather my thoughts but my goodness this book was pure brilliance with amazing writing a fast plot and such fun characters I learned so much about root magic and it s connection to our ancestors I mean I just learned a heck of a lot and I love when books do that And just wait for the twist and turns Haha Expect nothing Don t think you Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water know anything If you haven t checked out this book please please please make sure you give it a try It has Black girl lead King Arthur Black girl Wash Day Demons ueerids w magical weapons Secret society politics A love triangle via author s TwitterTHIS SOUNDS AMAZING Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSome of my friends were saying that this is like The Mortal Instruments and while I can ind of see what "they mean I also think that LEGENDBORN is a much better "mean I also think that LEGENDBORN is a much better Clary and Jace were such immature little shits whereas all of the characters in LEGENDBORN even if they aren t nice have nuance Plus the heroine Bree is just really fascinating She is unlike a lot of heroines I ve read in YA She s allowed to have sexual agency She nows when she looks good She gets mad and calls people out when she should She doesn t cower She s a bona fide bad ass But she also has moments when she feels vulnerable and weak In short she behaves like a teen and less like an adult s idea of what a teen ought to be and I really loved thatThe premise of LEGENDBORN is Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse kind of weird Basically people who are descendants of the Knights of the Round Table have magic powers called Bloodfcraft and they defend the world from evil demons called Shadowborn Bree ends up getting involved with one of their prodigal sons Nick when she starts to have reason to believe that theyilled her motherBree is a high school student taking college classes at a prestigious North Carolina university Remnants of history and the grim legacy of slavery are everywhere and that a prestigious North Carolina university Remnants of history and the grim legacy of slavery are everywhere and that ties into Deonn s take on Arthurian legend in several unusual ways One of the things I liked best about this book was how it tackles ineuality and racism Bree faces discrimination from ordinary people like a cop who lets her white friend go but takes her and her Asian friend in or people who touch her hair without her permission but the history of racism and slavery aren t ignored either which is something that a lot of fantasy and historical fiction fail to touch on that a lot of historical figures or people in power who exist in economies where exploitation of other human beings is a product often did terrible things to get their money and their power In this book all power has a cost and sometimes the price can be unforgivable It s a chilling and powerful lessonThere were other things I really liked about this book too It s diverse Bree is Black Her best friend is Asian We meet several other Black mages and there s a focus on Black history and Black experiences The LGBT rep was really pronounced and done really casually One of the love interests is coded as bi or pan I m not sure which There s a non binary character There are several FF couples There s a love triangle but for once I actually liked both love interests for different reasons and I like that it s not super obvious which one Bree is going to end up with maybe both The golden boy or the bad boy I mean how does one choose Take the bad boy obviouslyEven though the Premise Was A Little Cheesy was a little cheesy found myself really drawn to the inventive world building and I felt so much invested when things got dark and things took a Hunger Games like turn Honestly with the bonding Scions and the training sessions LEGENDBORN gave me Vampire Academy vibes than anything else Especially with the whole hot for trainer trope I could easily see this becoming a movie in fact I hope it does and I m really excited to see where the seuel goes with all of this since there s still so much left unexploredIf you like books with strong heroines and immersive fantasy novels you ll probably love this Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 4 stars Star Rating 5 StarsBuddy read with my bby Darceeeee This is a novel of Arthurian legends retold re vamped and amaz. Filled with mystery and an intriguingly rich magic system Tracy Deonn’s YA contemporary fantasy Legendborn offers the dark allure of City of Bones with a modern day twist on a classic legend and a lot of Southern Black Girl MagicAfter her mother dies in an accident sixteen year old Bree Matthews wants nothing to do with her family memories or childhood home A residential program for bright high schoolers at UNC–Chapel Hill seems like the perfect escape until Bree witnesses a magical attack her very first night on campusA flyi. ,