KINDLE [A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2]

Haracters a lot and I "Was Very Pleased With How "very pleased with how Maxwell connected the different races n this novel They bothered me a little at first but he definitely took some turns Accidentally Expecting in the right directionn this bookAs you can see I overall gave this book a 4 stars In reality t s closer to a 35 or a 375 but I ve rounded up to a 4 It s definitely a solid novel and an exciting addition to the trilogy I can t wait to see how the series concludes Headhunter Maxwell makes a true and convincing world s the second Firewall novel A group of desert dwellers have seen a green and lush land on the otherwise of the firewall After the City of Zorn Herzrivalen is taken they copy a map found on w chamber wall Theres a break n the firewall which may lead to green lands and fresh water Not only s the path through the desert teaming with danger now the Alaskan Nights is a new species whos hunting for heads of warriors to take to his tribe A uest that puts all n danger Things do not always appear simple And a goal achieved Could Lead Not Only To lead not only to for one but annihilation for all Solid craftsmanshipI have long been a fan of the genre and I appreciate the play between fantasy and science fiction The prose s clear and the pace well controlled and to my taste I think however much as I simply enjoy the world craft here which s ndeed nteresting I particularly appreciate the honest rreducible personal challenges that are not just grafted on to characters For Plot Reasons They are challenges that make a serious Always Look Twice impact on the nature of characters who grow and change and cope and struggle tontegrate their bodies and minds All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night into a coherent whole being I appreciate that solutions don t feel like deus ex machina nonsense that often just feels like the writer has decided the struggles too much to deal with To avoid getting spoiler y I ll leave t at that solutions make sense and I appreciate the set up for the next book which I am very much looking forward to reading Special thanks to Netgalley and Publishing UK for providing me with an eARC An exciting seuel to The Girl from Nowhere A World of Secrets #Is A Follow Up #a follow up dream of The story s Annalee And The Lawman interesting and well paced andsn t hard to understand The Apollonides Mistress Scandal if you ve read the first book whichn the case of this series s 100% reuired reading The first book was an enjoyable re. Farcast and she doesn’t know how to get t backNow Taimin finds himself hunted by a new enemy a strange creature on a bloodthirsty uest of his own Taimin and Selena get ever closer to the answers that are essential to their survival But will they learn the truth n time to save themselves. .

A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2

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I really wanted to like Anticipation itI really wanted to liket the story tself had t s ntriguing moments but t would just get soboggeddown And though a relatively small book t just was bogged down n so much Unnecessary stuff Annie and the Outlaw it just made readingt a total drag It had potential though especially ANNIE AND THE PRINCE initially But to be prisoners trappedn a world with little to no and diminishing hope The Single Dad's Redemption is just bleh I really wanted to liket but this A Christmas Affair is one of the few far and between book series that I just couldn t dot InterestingTaimin Lars Ruth Vance and Selena set out to find what was beyond the firewall Their travels are difficult especially with Taimin s deformed foot Lack of water almost ended them but they survived They meet races along the way all the while searching for nformation on the firewall Some answers are best to remain hiddenThey encounter two strangers from an unknown origin They are giants with horns on their heads The male wants to fight Taimin but when he sees that he s crippled turns and leaves What can that even mean IOthers aren t so easy to trade with and certainly not to trust It s an nteresting story with lots of strange antics Want to know what happensRead on my friends It s obvious some patients with herpes are being enslaved to the antiviral and other supplementary Orthodox medicine just to help suppress the virus and not "a cure I have been with the virus since 2016 until I was ntroduced by a blogger who "cure I have been with the virus since 2016 until I was When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son introduced by a blogger who narrated her story online on how she was cured of Genital Herpes after using Dr Oyoma Herbal Medicine Thiss a ye A World of Secrets s a really great book with a beautifully well built world I am a really big fan of the third person narrator and of how the author tells this story The characters are well developed and we can see that they have overcome so much n their journey and they grow through their adventures I can t wait to read the last nstalment of this trilogyThank you to the publisher and Netgalley for this eARC I received this book from a Goodreads giveawayUnlike a lot of fantasy and SciFi books with elaborate scenery unpronounceable names and ntricate writing this book was all written and very easy to understand The landscape Is the same as The Girl From Nowhere A barren wasteland that s easy to magine The characters and creature s appearanc. Taimin and Selena must discover the truth about their world before t’s too late In a world of secrets Taimin and Selena are desperate for answers They need to discover the truth about their origins and the firewall that borders the wasteland If they don’t find the hidden path they seek. Es are described well The concept s very uniue and left me guessing what was going on Although I had "many theories I definitely didn t come close to guessing the ending The writing s " theories I definitely didn t come close to guessing the ending The writing s easy to read It s a nice book for a beginner nto SciFifantasy or a uick read I would recommend this book to just about anyone Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this eARC Although I have not read the first book n this trilogy I did not feel that I was missing crucial nformation when reading the book The history written of the main characters was enough to be able to create an Ensimmäinen maailmansota image of them that helped to give them personalities The trails and triumphs that the main characters experienced throughout the book wasnteresting and I found myself wanting to continue reading The writing flowed and although some parts were a bit bland t kept my nterest until the end The storyline between Taiman and Selina was good as was The way Tainan saw himself and his disability and how The Lion Seeker it affected his relationshipwith Selena I was given a free copy of this book through Netgalleyn exchange for an "Honest ReviewA World Of Secrets "reviewA World of Secrets the seuel to A Girl from Nowhere and s the second book n the Firewall trilogy The first thing I am going to say Tom Waits - Mule Variations is that you must read the first novel before you read the second one I know most people typically will butf you don t read book 1 first you ll miss some major character growth from the first story The two novels are also too tightly woven together to be treated as ndependent novels With that being said t s time to give you some opinions on the bookWhen I read A Girl from Nowhere book 1 I have to be honest and say I didn t like t all that much It wasn t because the story was bad but rather the writing style was difficult to connect with The biggest ssue with the first book was that the author would tell us everything that was happening nstead of showing us which made me feel too disconnected from the novel Well I m happy to say that this book was so much better One of my favourite things about this novel s that the overall story arch s very ntricate It s evident that everything had been planned out from the beginning as the story perfectly tied books 1 and 2 together and t seems like t will seamlessly flow nto book 3 I also loved the The citizens of Zorn will dieAs they make the perilous journey to the distant firewall Taimin and Selena are joined by three companions a young healer a weapons trader and an old rover Together the five are n constant danger unable to rely on Selena’s powers as she has lost the ability to. .