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Digital copy of this book through Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours My comments are an independent and honest review What an AMAZING Writing Style Narration that a 462 page read even though I read it on kindle just flips through in one sitting ANARCHY OF THE MICEByJEFF BOND Genre Action adventureThe distressed COVER gave me a NOSTALGIC VIBE the title just went way above my head till the time I read the book DON T BE MISTAKEN BY THE TITLE THE COVER this is one aWeSoMe story With STRONG WOMEN CHARACTERS it just WON MY HEART There s a sibling bond well portrayed between Piper Jackson 17yrs her brother Marcus 19A strong mother who multi tasks everything depicted by Molly McGill her ex is named aid RaffertySupporting cast Ex soldier Durwood Oak What you need to know about me I rarely read novels that go past 400 pages No that s not set in stone but as a general rule based on reading a lot of books authors who pass 400 pages begin repeating themselves When that happens my mind slips back into editor mode from when I worked at a newspaper and I start checking grammar and sentence structure and for things that could have been excised without damaging the story itself But enough about me you re reading this for the reviewPROS The "pulp style cover is fantastic The story itself has a blockbuster actionadventure vibe that makes reading "style cover is fantastic The story itself has a blockbuster actionadventure vibe that makes reading first installment to the Third Chance Enterprises Book Series Jeff Bond s Anarchy of the Mice is an action packed thriller that introduces readers to a ragtag trio of James Bond esue mercenariesThe story opens an action packed thriller that introduces readers to a ragtag trio of James Bond esue mercenariesThe story opens washed Gorgeous and...Hung?! up politicianaid Raferty and his muscle Durwood Jones offering single mom Molly McGill an offer she can t afford to refuse go The Mangrove Tree undercover and infiltrate the Blind Mice a terrorist hacker group bent on resetting society Torn between her mission and her growing sympathy for the Hacktivists Mollyickly realizes that the Mice have far drastic intentions than she initially suspectedAnarchy of the Mice is writt Anarchy of the Mice is the first book in a new series about a small team of altruistic mercenaries who call themselves Third Chance Enterprises I d read and enjoyed Blackuest 40 a techno thriller and The Pinebox Vendetta a political drama and struck Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding up an email correspondence with the author who d told me this and the next one werep on NetGalley I m pretty sure I wouldn t have reuested them otherwise based on the Pulp Fiction covers and strange titles but I like his storytelling and ability to write in multiple different genres This ended Understanding Yandere Lovers up being a rollicking action adventure that was good fun and doesn t take itself too seriouslyMolly McGill is a single mother of two struggling to pay her bills so when charismatic former politicianaid Rafferty and his tough guy associate Durwood Jones show Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand up to offer her another contract she puts aside her misgivings to join their mission Infiltrating a group of anarchist hackers with a social agenda called the Blind Mice led by the deranged Josiah Molly is initially attracted to their ideals of punishing large exploitative corporations but as their campaign escalates into violence and chaos spreads around the world only the Third Chancers can stop the MiceThis is told from various character POVs but only Molly s is first person She makes a great heroine trying her best not always getting it right but willing to put herself out for the causeaid and Durwood reminded me of Elvis Cole Joe Pike one of my favourite crime fighting duos although Brothers uaid s womanising and manipulations mean the jury s still out for me about him Ex soldier Durwood is a straightforward hero with his loyal elderly dog Sue Ann I went off them when it s revealed she has a history of killing cats which he condones but she s smart and heroic and saves the day than once so I forgave herIt site a long book over eight hours on my Kindle but keeps p a good pace with lots of action so this was not a Data Account balances property lines government ID records if it all vanished if everyone’s scorecard reset to zero how might the world look What savagery would take holdThe Blind Mice are going to show s Molly McGill is fighting it Her teenage son has come downstairs in a T shirt from these “hacktivists” dominating the news Her daughter’s bus is canceled too many stoplights out and school is in the opposite direction of the temp job she’s supposed to be starting this morning She is twice divorced. ,

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This was a long read It certainly
longer than 517 pages At point I thought it was over and looked at my kindle % which was only 53% Leaders Eat Last uite a slogSome of this story just didn t seem to go together or addp Parts of it jumped around 6 months later 10 months later etc Just too much Lots of crazy overlooked details too like a smart group of folks the mice who are fooled by Molly s dumb antics Just not believable Add to that Piper s non technical ways when she is supposed to be the "Group S Technical Expert Too Many Blunders "s technical expert Too many blunders me Durwood was the only saving grace here and even he wasn t a great character but he held the story above water for as long as he could Giving two stars because at least I was distracted by all the mistakes and silliness in the book during this pandemic My copy was provided by Netgalley for review all opinions are my own Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader Anarchy of the Mice is the first book in a new PIthriller series by Jeff Bondt Due out 15th June 2020 it s 462 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats It s worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links and references throughout I ve really become enad of ebooks with interactive formats lately For Kindle Unlimited subscribers this book is currently included in the KU subscription library to borrow and read for freeI really loved the pulp cover yes even the faux distressing and was hoping for a rollicking story I wasn t disappointed This is a well told tale featuring a trio of altruistic mavericks with three wildly different skill sets Much of the situational tension is funny and happily the book doesn t take itself overly seriously Many of the critical story elements are somewhat farcical if not downright ridiculous lead character Molly is going to infiltrate a hacker collective despite not being tech savvy in any way shape or form For me it was a bit like hot dogs delicious as long as they re not examined too closely Although set in the present day the action and adventure hearken Back To The Days to the days the pulps like Creasey s Baron and Toff and Gardner s AA Fair books Donald Lam Bertha Cool with a tiny smidge of Hap Leonard thrown in for good measure much less active violence and much cleaner language than Lansdale s duo thoughI really enjoyed it Pure escapist over the top and well written The author is a capable wordsmith Bonus for this edition a sneak peek at the first chapter of the next book Dear Durwood Four stars Disclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the authorpublisher for review purposes Starting a Bond book is like getting a grab bag wondering what s inside This novel is a venture into the nknown I felt like it had a cast of thousands It went from tunnels to helicopters and from New Jersey to Paris There were explosions than I could count There was technology galore from 3D images to software erasing everything about a business including its money to weaponized vegetation The characters managed to get out of impossible situations than I thought could be included in a novel Bond certainly does have an imaginationThere are some aspects of the novel that caused me to like it less than I might have I did not find the characters engaging nor well developed The plot centered on tons of action and much less on creating characters catching my interest They just were not likable And then the changes in point of view Some chapters are first person from Molly s viewpoint Other chapters featuring aid and Durwood were from the The New Competition universal viewpoint Except the odd chapters 69niversal 70 first person Molly then 71 Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller universal but with Molly in it Just a bit too strange for meThis is a good book for readers who like a long book with lots of action many impossible situations lots of technology a multitude of characters and settings and not much of a character arcI received a complimentary. Bond’s three main characters leap off the page hurtling from one life threatening challenge to the next a gripping thriller sure to please its target audience and likely to have crossover appeal as well BlueInk Reviews starredFrom Jeff Bond author of Blackuest 40 and The Pinebox Vendetta comes Anarchy of the Mice book one in an epic new series starringaid Rafferty Durwood Oak Jones and Molly McGill the trio of freelance operatives known collectively as Third Chance EnterprisesHow far could society fall without. Anarchy of the MiceRoblem The plot became progressively preposterous and James Bond y the it went on no spoilers but there are piranhas black holes and killer plants not to mention apparently nkillable villains and some of the characters motivations made no sense to me but I enjoyed the ride and will be reading the next book soon There is an associated website with various short stories including an audiobook and some character graphics at which is also worth a lookThanks to NetGalley and Jeff Bond for the ARC which allowed me to give an honest review Anarchy of the Mice is published on June 15th Anarchy "Of The Mice Is An Adventure That Reads Like A "the Mice is an adventure that reads like a of modern crime fiction and the pulp fiction of decades pastOur three heroes embark on a series of escapades while attempting to take down a group of hackers known as the Blind Mice We have lots of action as Durwood aid and Molly work together and separately doing whatever necessary to stop the hackers from causing economic destruction Sometimes the action is over the top but in a fun way so it s enjoyable to readWe don t spend a lot of time getting to know the characters beyond the basics From The Opening Pages We opening pages we in a race against the clock The content manages to tackle a serious topic in a mostly lighthearted way making for a nice distraction from real lifeI received a review copy as part of the Partners in Crime book tour Jeff Bond s ANARCHY OF THE MICE is one of those novels you feel Crime book tour Jeff Bond s ANARCHY OF THE MICE is one of those novels you feel can t put down because there s always something waiting in the next sentence paragraph or chapter and you can t wait to find out what that is In this first of the THIRD CHANCE ENTERPRISES SERIES readers are introduce to the two Children of the New World unlikely partners of Third Chance Enterprisesaid Rafferty the smooth talking former Governor of Massachusetts and Durwood Oak Jones the no nonsense ex Marine The two are on a case involving a group of hackers calling themselves the Blind Mice who are working on disrupting their hit list of companies whose business ethics they have deemed The Oswald Reflection unacceptableaid and Durwood need to infiltrate the group so they approach single mother and owner of a recently closed detective agency Molly McGill to join them Molly earns the trust of the Blind Mice however almost immediately she finds this job is dangerous than she had imagined The charismatic leader of the group Josiah is proving to be The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard unstable yet Molly is conflicted as she listens to his proclamations and finds herself drawn to his message purporting a fair system in which there isn t the vast discrepancy between rich and poor But things take a frightening turn one night convincing the group that they must apprehend Josiah as soon as they can lay eyes on him As they bide their time waiting for Josiah s appearance the master hacker of The Blind Mice Piper Jackson with help from another faction causes a total disruption in computer systems wiping out all data and sending the country into lawless anarchy This one is a page turner Bucklep for this dystopian actionadventure fun fast paced humorous romantic sci fi with a message at its heart From the intrigue throughout to the hi tech hacking gizmos to the futuristic global chaos that eerily feels closer than it should this book has something for everyone Molly can t seem to Quantum (Captain Chase uit the good trouble and paycheck that comes with the territory working withaid and Durwood Oh how I love Durwood and his trusty sidekick dog Sue Ann Missions that felt like a dream the kind that s so vital and packed with life that you hang on after you wake Introduction to Mythology up clutching backward into sleep to stay inside As life as a single mom with two kids deteriorates into anarchy Molly s drawn into an assignment to gondercover to help save the world Suspense misadventure even piranhas for Pete s sake trip p the trio as they fight the good fight against the forces of evil all the way to the bowels of a fortress in Paris Recruiting computer whiz ; her PI business McGill Investigators is on the rocks; what kind of life is this for a woman a mere twelve credit hours shy of her PhDThen the doorbell ringsIt’s aid Rafferty the charming but disgraced former governor of Massachusetts and his plainspoken partner Durwood Oak Jones The guys have an assignment for Molly It sounds risky but the pay sure beats switchboard workThey need her to infiltrate the Blind MiceDanger romance intrigue action for miles whatever you read Anarchy of the Mice is coming for you.