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Alternate review published on mysteryandsuspensecom on 111020 Finlay Donovan Single mother Broke semi successful author Hit womanFinlay is having a terrible day when her children s nanny Vero doesn t show up and she s running late to a fancy brunch meeting with her agentto discuss a book that is way behind schedule One thing leads to another and they end up meeting at Panera instead Finlay wears her blonde wig scarf dark red lipstick and huge sunglasses to disguise herself after being banned from that particular Panera it s a long story Due to the nature of the discussion discussing book plots Finlay is mistaken for a hit woman and offered mistaken for a hit woman and offered to kill someone Obviously this is crazy and Finlay isn t going to do itRight Every decision she makes at this point may Finlay isn t going to do itRight Every decision she makes at this point may her life in grave danger This is a fun comedic mystery I laughed throughout and also had major anxiety throughout as Finlay got herself into deeper waters from one ridiculous situation to the next The story isn t completely realistic but it s always entertaining If you enjoy likable and well developed leads a bit of murder a little romantic tension and some laughsthen I recommend this book The ending has a major OMG moment and I will be impatiently waiting for a seuel Thank you to St Martin s Press author Elle Cosimano and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review On the look out for something ust a bit different Something to leave you shaking your head and laughing out loud Here you go this is the book for you To say the least Finlay Donovan is down on her luck way down Her husband has left her and threatening to take the children He s fired the nanny and left Finlay with barely enough money to live on Finlay is an author by profession but with her personal life tanking she s struggling to write her latest book And missing deadlines puts her career in further eopardy She s meeting with her agent at the local Panera where she s actually been bannedHow does one actually get banned from Panera of all places Finlay enters wearing a disguise to hide from Panera securitywell at least the cashier anyway Nice try Fin During their discussion about her latest book a woman seated at the next table over hears a plot twist of Finlay s book and is convinced Finlay is a gun for hire Let the games and mayhem begin This is a hilarious fun read with a bounty of laugh out loud moments all the while cheering Finlay on while watching as she digs herself deeper into mischief The ending leaves you assured there will be a follow up and I m anxiously awaiting its release A delightful change of pace A fun buddy read with Susanne Posted to you to Minotaur books for an ARC to read and review Finlay Donovan is a woman who can t catch a break if it fell right into her hands She s a recently single mom of two young children and a barely known author struggling to make ends meet since her ex left her for their sexy real estate agent After a harrowing morning with her kids involving a bad haircut and messy breakfast that ends with syrup blood duct tape and a knife don t ask Finlay meets her book agent Sylvia at Panera to discuss her newest book When a woman sitting at a nearby booth sees some of these remnants of her morning On Display In Her Diaper Bag And display in her diaper bag and their book plot discussion about murder she draws the wrong conclusion and invites the unwitting Finlay to help take care of her pesky husband problem permanently Unfortunately getting out of this unwanted ob proves much harder than getting into it especially when it involves some very shady powerful peopleI won t dive into the remaining plot details because it s better to discover all the twists and turns for yourself but I will say that I was impressed with how author Elle Cosimano tied up the threads of this seemingly impossible scenario Finlay finds herself in This book was a blast With my schedule there s no such thing as a one day read but if I could ve I would ve The plot is tight and fast paced with well developed interesting characters and loads of humor Finlay s kids nanny Vero is smart spunky and delightful and even when she creates problems of her own she d still be my go to girl if I needed help Julian the bartender and Nick the cop I d take either one in a heartbeat if I was single though I was leaning in a different direction than the story went You win some you lose some I wasn t too disappointed The ending is clearly setting up for a seuel so who knows where all these characters may end up when the merry go round stops spinning All I know is I want to be on the next ride Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest review It s due for publication February 2 2021 What a delightful and innovative storyline Nothing like an assassin who doesn t want to be oneFinlay Donovan is going through a rough time Her ex husband cheated got engaged to their realtor and now it s trying to take custody of their two kids Finlay s financial situation is dire She can t pay her billsFinlay is a writer but since her divorce she has not been able to write a word She already used the advance she was given If she doesn t deliver a new book her suspense writing dream is over and she will lose her kids for sure Then while meeting. Edgar Award nominee Elle Cosimano’s adult debut Finlay Donovan Is Killing It is the first in a witty.

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Finlay Donovan Is Killing ItScended into a fraught chaotic nightmare the bills have piled up her poor excuse of a ex husband Steven and his fiancee real estate agent Therese are suing for complete custody of the children her home is under threat and to top it all Steven has fired her 22 year old account student and nanny Veronica Vero Ruiz Disguised in her wig scarf she sets out to meet her literary agent Sylvia at Panera to discuss the state of her non existent novel when their conversation leads a nearby woman to mistake what she does for a livingThe unhappily married woman Patricia Mickler is under the misapprehension that Finn is a hitwoman and leaves behind a note for her she has a Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More job for her to kill her husband Harris for 50 000 The money certainly mesmerises Finn but no this is not what she does She contacts Patricia to decline the offer but is intrigued by the woman s claim that her husband is a dreadful man that would be no loss to society This has her visiting in disguise and in a stolen dress The Lush a bar and club that Harris will be at Here she encounters a young cute law student and bartender Julian Baker that sheust cannot get out of her mind it s been a long time since she has felt so attracted to a man The evening ends in a surprising and shocking way that is to change Finn s life for good Finn gains Vero as a partner in crime nanny and housemate gets far too close to the Russian mafia finds herself and her children in danger meets a hot cop and gets other offers to kill for large sums of money in a business she has inadvertently gained a reputation for excellence and then there is the possibility Finn Classic Rough News just might become a successful crime writerCosimano has kick started with panache what promises to be a stellar comic crime series with a charismatic central character in Finlay whose lifeumps into the crazy lanes through a series of mishaps and misunderstandings If you are looking for a healthy dose of realism and grit then you are going to be doomed to be disappointed but if instead you are looking for fun entertainment bags of humour and laughs then Finlay Donovan is your woman Fantastic read and can t wait for the further adventures of Finlay and Vero Many thanks to Headline for an ARC OMG I LOVED this book When the dedication page saysfor Ashley and Megan because I would bury a body with either of youwell you know it is going to be goodFinlay is several thingsa writer a mom a sister a contract killerwho knew murder could be so much fun I sure didn t OutrageoussureFunnyYesA uniue plot that kept me glued to the pagesabsolutelyDo I want FinlayYes yes yes pleaseAfter being banned from Panera for bad behavior Finlay decided to meet her book agent atwell Panera of course Certainly she could meet her agent at another restaurant but in typical Finlay stylePanera it is This fiasco continues on a downward spiral when she is mistaken for a contract killer while discussing her latest book ideasThis
book puts the 
puts the in fun It is such an original plot that is was so refreshing to read It was a part thriller mystery with a side of twisted humor all wins in my bookThe ending was Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano This is one of those books It by Elle Cosimano This is one of those books I would never do the things that the main character does but still I had so much fun that the main character does but still I had so much fun at her her bad Class and Conformity: A Study in Values - With a Reassessment (Midway Reprint) judgement and her predicaments Before the story even starts Finlay Donovan has gotten arrested for putting Play Dough in the exhaust pipe of her ex husband s loverfiancee s tailpipe and been thrown out of and banned from Panera for throwing soup on a customer So see I don t think Finlay makes good decisions and it s immediately obvious that she s not about to turn over a new leaf Finlay is a struggling suspense novelist whose life is going down the tubes in about every single way She hasn t paid her bills in so long that sheust lets all her mail pile up on the front porch Her previous books haven t sold well and now she s late with her next book and has a massive writer s block Her ex husband has hired an attorney to get full custody of their children and if Finlay doesn t get something to her agent immediately she s going to have to pay back her advance which was spent long ago Finlay meets her agent at the Panera where she has been banned but all is well because she s wearing a scarf wig and huge sunglasses As she discusses the plot of her next book with her agent a customer overhears Finlay talking and thinks that Finlay is a hired killer The customer has a Class Warfare: Class, Race, and College Admissions in Top-Tier Secondary Schools job for Finlay and won t take no for an answer Being the lousy decision maker that she is Finlay proceeds to dig herself in a deeper hole as she tries to get herself out of thisob But the ob pays so well and she already has the huge advance One bad decision leads to another and Finlay is in way over her head only to be rescuedenabled in doing bad deeds by her nanny Vero That s all I ll say Finlay and Vero are not finished by the end of the book There will be from them and I m looking forward to their antics I do have to say despite Vero s tendency to push Finlay to do things she shouldn t do I wouldn t mind her coming into my life and organizing everything Expected publication February 2nd 2021Thank you to St Martin s PressMinotaur Books and NetGalley for this ARC. Fiction treads dangerously close to the truth as she becomes tangled in real life murder investigation. Her literary agent at Panera the woman next to them Patricia Mickler started eavesdropping on their conversation and she misinterprets what Finlay and her agent were discussing Next thing you know Mrs Mickler leaves a message with a phone number When Finlay calls Patricia is offering fifty thousand dollars in exchange for Finlay disposing of her husband This book was unputabledown It was refreshing I was entertained throughoutI was also anxious about Finlay getting over her head The one saving grace was Vero I want a Vero in my life She was the perfect babysitter and friend anyone should haveI love Finlay too She was stuck in a hard place and did what she thought needed to be done Of course her decisions were mostly wrong and led to even trouble for her and VeroThe best part was the ending I loved it Grab this gem when you need a distraction it will make laugh and hopefully root for her as I didI can t wait for the next oneCliffhanger No55 FangsMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram This is delicious extremely funny smart laugh out loud beginning of brand new dark comedy mystery series We re introduced a fresh lovely character A struggling broke drowning in debt single mom suspense novelist Finlay Donovan She is sick of piling bills her scumbag ex s threats how can she concentrate on her ob and write a best selling crime novel but what if she accepts an offers which could solve her financial crisis but it also turned her life dangerous than the books she has written With her resourceful accomplice aka nanny she finds herself to i As soon as I heard that I wasn t the only woman BANNED from Panera Bread I knew I had to read this book Ok I am not REALLY banned but I got your attention as should this book Finlay Donovan is killing it is the FIRST in a new comedy mystery series about a Single Mom and struggling Suspense Novelist whose Fiction MAY or MAY NOT BE inspired by events in her own life This one begins when a conversation is overheard in Panera Bread by a woman at a nearby table Patricia Mickler who mistakes Finlay for an Assassin The conversation between a woman in a wig scarf and her companion who happens to be the woman s book agent Sylvia is about the book plot for her very LATE next novel But it sounds like it COULD be about something else This eavesdropping lady ust happens to have a husband she would like to get rid of so she slides a note under Finlay s plate as she bids goodbye to Sylvia making her an offer she is tempted to consider because the novel isn t the only thing that is late all of her bills are overdue too 50000Harris MicklerIt couldn t hurt to investigate a bit could it In the name of RESEARCH for her bookSo begins this comedy of errors for Finlay and her unlikely accomplice her former nanny Vero If you "have been searching for something lighthearted to read which isn t a Rom Com though a little "been searching for something lighthearted to read which isn t a Rom Com though a little of romance may be in the cards for Finlay too look no further This will be released on Feb 2 2021The idea for THIS novel was also born in a Panera Bread restaurant I received a gifted copy and it was my pleasure to provide a candid review This was such a fun read and it definitely kept me engrossed I found Finlay to be funny resourceful and endearing At times she was eye rolling naive but I went with it She did make me laugh often Right now I think we could all use laughingFinlay writes murder mysteries and she had been uite successful at it However since her divorce and uggling two young children and her house she s had writers block Her publisher is after her constantly to finish her next book What will it take to make the light go back on and help her write a bestseller Well the answer to that shows up fairly uickly in the book and you ll have fun discovering what that isFinlay is really at her wit s end when her ex husband fires her nanny she can t handle it all not the kids the house the overdue bills and unfinished book She is overheard talking with someone at Panera about murder mysteries and all the different ways that you can get rid of a body etc When she leaves she finds a very interesting note and a phone number to call on her table All she sees is the 50000 amount and decides to call the number Someone has gotten a very different idea of who Finlay really is and what she does for a livingWhat Finlay and her nannyaccomplice get themselves into is crazy uproarious fun There are bodies mobsters hit men and the plot races alongWhile I had to suspend belief for a lot of the actions it didn t matter I ll leave you to enjoy the plot without any spoilersIt has been hinted that this will be a series and I will definitely watch for a follow upThis was a great recommendation from my good friend JaymeI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalleyThis Novel Is Set To is set to on February 2 2021 Elle Cosimano displays an assured light touch and deft humour in the first of her Finlay Donovan crime series 31 year old Finlay is a divorced single mom with 2 young children 2 year old Zach and 4 year old Delia and rapidly becoming buried in all the troubles coming at her from every direction She is a small time crime writer with an advance she can t pay back she hasn t been able to write a word since her life de. Fast paced mystery series following struggling suspense novelist and single mom Finlay Donovan whose.