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You Have a MatchMartin s Press and Wednesday Books for making this advanced copy available in exchange for an honest review My heart is literally smiling I start to see imaginary heart emojis whirling around my head and I keep giggling like mischievous teenagers or worst kind of annoying romance heroines This book is AMAZINGI loved the parent trap with non identical twins the Parent Trap with non identical twins Storyline Two sisters accidentally find each other via DNA service and decide to dig to learn what their parents are hiding from them by participating a summer camp togetherThere are 1 year and half age difference between #them From their appearances it is obvious that they re siblings # From their appearances it is obvious that they re siblings characteristically they re completely opposite of each other Abby talented avid photographer who doesn t like to share her works because her ancient but survivor camera has been given to her by her grandfather Poppy who recently died After his death her grades started to drop she is still shaken and suffocated by her parents oppressively controlling attitudes about her school success Now she has to go to summer school but her niue hacking skills saved her from her parents wrath She hacked their emails deleting phone messages from school She is reckless risk taker and injury prone tree climber skater but when it comes to be brave about her own feelings she fails Leo is her long time crush but nearly kissing experience later she learned he wasn t into her from their common best friend so she starts acting like nothing happened of course she s getting clumsier and acting weird around him Those two guys are so cutesweet pies And let s not forget the elder mysterious sister SavannahShe likes photos too but she prefers to be in front of camera not the other way around She s a social media goddess with her sterile clean ltra healthy life tips yoga poses greenest drinks turn you into Hulk Her family is Tony Stark kind of rich but you may imagine they cannot be at least %10 as charismatic as him Abby accepts to go to camp but she didn t count two important things Leo is at the camp too and he seems like he s so happy to see her confusing her mind with his pull push mixed signals and Savannah is controlling rigid rule follower and total narc At first Abby wants to leave the place because of Savannah s irritating antics but later

She Forms Great Friendships Evolving 
forms great friendships evolving photography and she realizes she starts to like hanging out with her sister who is dealing with the love life problems reluctant to come clean about her feelingsThis is sweet friendship sisterhood family book with lovely romantic vibes It heals your soul and widen your smiles brightening your mood I read it at one of most stressful times and it help me a lot to see the rainbows after the stormy rai. Awkward on that frontBut she didn’t know she’s a younger sisterWhen the DNA service reveals Abby has a secret sister shimmery haired Instagram star Savannah Tully it’s hard to believe they’re from the same planet never mind the same parents especially considering Savannah een of green smoothies is only a year and a half older than Abby herselfThe logical course of action Meet p at summer camp obviously and figure. Yayee An ARCI adored Tweet Cute earlier This Year So Am Really Excited To year so am really excited to what Emma Lord cooks p nextThank you St Martin s Press Perfect for fans of The Parent Trap This is my first book by Emma Lord and I am ordering Tweet cute immediately abby signs p for a dna immediately Abby signs p for a DNA only to shockingly discover that she has a secret older sister Savannah is the opposite of Abby a control freak who must always have everything in order Abby follows Savannah to summer camp to discover #Who She Ended Up # she ended Secangkir Kopi Panas di Pilot Cafe up putp for adoption You Have A Match is about family friends and romance It s a sweet young adult novel with a summer camp backdrop I am a sucker for a summer camp setting so this book was perfect for me My favorite storyline was about the sisters and the way they were able to connect over the summer The romance took a back seat in this novel but there was a cute slow burn romance between friends I especially loved the satisfying ending During her time at camp Abby establishes strong friendships and really evolves as an individual You Have a Match was filled with all the best things about summer camp in your teen years I couldn t stop smiling while reading this and highly recommend to fans of Jenny Han Sarah Dessen and Jenn Bennett Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for this ARC in exchange for an honest review I loved this book and I almost didn t read it because high school romances are NOT my thing They simultaneously often feel too juvenile and inauthentic as there s no possible way the characters could be real life teenagers because of the outlandish ways in which they re written You Have A Match on the other hand is so well written and grounded it s making me reconsider my high school hating waysLord is so talented at crafting real three dimensional characters that are simultaneously deeply compelling and totally authentic The feelings that Abby Day expresses in the book ranging from her frustrations with her parents to her emotional turmoil over losing her grandpa to her roiling feelings for her best friend Leo gave me flashbacks to how I felt as a high schooler struggling to make sense of the world and my emotionsThe major plot line Abby discovers she has a full blooded sister Savannah Savvy Tully who her parents gave The Trial of Lizzie Borden up for adoption before a mere 15 years she was born could go horribly awry in another writer s hands And there admittedly are aspects to the history of the adoption that border on preposterous But the blooming kinship between Abby and Savvy is the heart and soul of this novel and I found the evolution of their relationship to be just so charming Plus this book really made me want to pickp my DSLR that s been gathering dust and go snap some pictures Thanks to NetGalley St. From the beloved author of Tweet Cute comes Emma Lord's You Have a Match a YA novel of family friendship romance and sisterhoodWhen Abby signs p for a DNA service it’s mainly to give her friend and secret love interest Leo a nudge After all she knows who she is already Avid photographer Injury prone tree climber Best friend to Leo and Conniealthough ever since the BEI Big Embarrassing Incident with Leo things have been.

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Ns I enjoyed Tweet Cute before this book is so much better I even liked it than original Parent Trap script because the families story about the sisters is meaningful and emotional Overall I recommend to everyone who wants to feel good and enjoy entertaining heart warming sweet young adult and family books Special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press Wednesday Books for sharing this lovely ARC with me in exchange my honest review Emma Lord featuring sibling bonds YES PLEASE Imagine taking an ancestry test and finding out you re related to an influencer celebrity What if I was adopted and my real name is Nenia celebrity What if I was adopted and my real name is Nenia PaulNo false alarm Just chatted with my mom and she s like sorry no way you re definitely minewhew EL sure is making a name for herself in the world of contemporary YA i loved her debut novel and this second book has just as much personality and heart i adore how realistic and genuine all of the characters are they arent perfect but they sure are relatable its rewarding to see abby confront many challenges in her life and grow because of them i love how EL has created a fun and niue story but one that also has meaning behind itoverall definitely a cute read and one i think all fans of tweet cute will thoroughly enjoy a big thanks to st martins presswednesday books for the ARC 35 stars Tweet Cute was my favorite YA contemporary last year and I m giddy with excitement now that I received an ARC for You Have a Match The space I come back to whether I want it to be or not won t be Abby shaped any or maybe I won t be the shape of the Abby who left I look back on the time after reading Tweet Cute when I believed I found my new favorite YA author in Emma Lord and I don t think I ve clicked on anything as fast as the ARC for You Have Match Thank you my Wednesday Books bebes I was a gigantic fan of Emma Lord s debut novel Tweet Cute and her sopho follow Myself Among Others up was wowza tooFirst of all Lord continues to be a connoisseur of all things food excuse me while I go order from the nearby Filipino restaurant and start googling any meal that has Cheetos on it And please keep in mind that I haven t eaten Cheetos since probably George W Bush s second termNext and importantly You Have a Match has a lot of heart and depth and reminded me of a 21st centurypgrade to The Parent Trap I loved getting to explore the Pacific Northwest in this book and both Abby and Savvy were characters you couldn t help but root for This was truly a lovely and cozy read And don t mind me as I wipe Complex Analysis up my casual HAPPY TEARS right now A book about finding out you have a long lost sister your parents gavep for adoption Yeah this one hits a little too close to home but also I seriously cannot wait to start reading it. Out why Abby’s parents gave Savvy How to Be an Even Better Listener up for adoption But there are complications Savvy is a rigid rule follower and total narc Leo is the camp’s co chef putting Abby's growing feelings for him on blast And her parents have a secret that threatens tonravel everythingBut part of life is showing p leaning in and learning to fit all your awkward pieces together Because sometimes the hardest things can also be the best one. .