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Syndicate Breathless running and dodging bruises and scratches a dead constable and a bullet lodged in his Kevlar vest later Alex is unbelievably lucky a dead constable and a bullet lodged in his Kevlar vest later Alex is unbelievably lucky find himself alive let alone in ne untampered piece However curiosity gets the better Il Barça of him and bests his good luck when he gets a midnight call while convalescing in a motel The caller identifying himselfnly and imaginatively as Gadhafi lures Alex to a shady pub promising a wealth Italian Phrase Book of informationn the Zama Zamas cartel A hastily drunk beer is not the Lovesong (Green Creek only disappointment greeting the report as within the blinkf an eye Alex finds himself abductedThe The Countess only individuals capablef rescuing Alex from his predicament are two women both having a bit f history with Alex #Ranna Abramson A Fighting Fit Tall Lanky Photographer And Alex # Abramson a fighting fit tall lanky photographer and Alex lover with a gruesome past f her Kelttiläistarinoita own has for some unfathomable reason disappeared like the night from Alex s life Sarah a geekf the highest degree and a wizard with anything remotely resembling an automobile had a brief dalliance with Alex when he was torn apart by the disappearance f Ranna When Sarah succeeds in tracking down Ranna in a small cubby hole bang in the middle f a claustrophobic environ Sarah succeeds in tracking down Ranna in a small cubby hole bang in the middle Uomini ad Auschwitz: Storia del più famigerato campo di sterminio nazista of a claustrophobic environ the teeming metropolis that is Mumbai both women know that there has arrived a pointf no return Poles apart in both their attitude and Roma Noir outlook thenly factor that unites the duo is a raging purpose and relentless intent to save Alex from the clutches A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) of his kidnapper Ghosts that were thought to have been exorcised in the past come with renewed fury to haunt Ranna and Sarah as they go about the most dangerous task they have ever attempted until now in their lives Their enemy is not just unseen but also seemingly unpredictable and invincible Will the courageous duo succeed in their mission Or has Alex tempted his fatene time than what was acceptable Irma Venter in Man Down which is the second book in her Rogue series Love is the Enemy once again puts her main protagonists the romantic duo that is Alex and Ranna into a bind However the book. Has disappeared back home in South AfricaTorn between her desire for him and fearf a homecoming Ranna knows she’s the Exhalation onlyne who can find him But Galileo only two things in South Africa would welcome her the insidef a cell Oglinda salvata or the bottomf a grave There to the police she’s the prime suspect f three murders To the press she’s. Hope Irma never stops writing she just has it all I did not even want to read too fast as I would finish the book too soon Laat die boeke kom Irma Thank you to NetGalley the publisher and Irma Venter for the ARC f this bookRanna is the suspect in several murders and is Nemico on the run keeping her head down in Mumbai When she s tracked down by Sarah there are not many things that could tempt her back to South Africa but the kidnappingf her past love Alex is Cannella e polvere da sparo onef the things that would This book tells the story of Sarah and Ranna s journey to rescue Alex with both Sarah and Ranna s journey to rescue Alex with both a lot about themselves and each ther n the way I was completely gripped throughout and constantly trying to work ut what was coming next The characters f Ranna and Sarah were so likeable despite their hard uter #Shells I Loved It I M New To This Author # I loved it I m new to this author I can say with certainty that I will be back for f her booksEven though this is a follow up to her earlier novel Hard Rain it is possible to pick up this book without reading the earlier DOGA AST onesRanna Abramson is trapped into returning to her hometown South Africa to save the lovef her life Alex Derksen Two things are certain for Ranna if she chooses to return home either the inside Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of a prison cellr the bottom Bleach, Volume 05 of herwn grave The characters are easy to relate to and very interesting a page turner that keeps you coming back for The book is a thriller and is thrilling It contains a collection Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of interesting characters livingutside Pentimento of the law a family mystery an accused serial murderer called back to South Africa to find the lovef her life who has been kidnapped a missing fortune an ld con seeking revenge and two women who love the same man There s plenty con seeking revenge and two women who love the same man There s plenty action various secrets revealed and there are unexpected baddies It s Book 2 in the series but is easily a stand alone escapism novel Alex Derksen is an intrepid reporter who finds himself bang in the middle f the crosshairs The Last Testament of an ugly duel between the South African cops and hoodlumsf the illegal Zama Zamas illegal mining. In Irma Venter’s follow up to the electric Hard Rain Ranna Abramson returns home to the lion’s den to resurrect a long dead past and save the man she lovesRanna Abramson wants to disappearBut she knows she can’t keep running when a former enemy tracks her down in Mumbai with dire news her netime lover journalist Alex Derksen. Is f a Sarah Ranna combo than Alex Alex s angels perhaps Unlike a gripping tome by Tom Clancy where the cast f characters exceed the s angels perhaps Unlike a gripping tome by Tom Clancy where the cast f characters exceed the in any Galaxy Irma Venter s book the cast f characters exceed the stars in any Galaxy Irma Venter s book an exercise in thrilling simplicity there are protagonists and there are simplicity There are protagonists and there are They combat each ther both savagely as well as subtly Man Down is Die Hard than an Inception Gaudi or Minority Report There is absolutely no tedium whatsoever as the plot races through in a crisp and tight fashion There is a judicious blendf wit and vitriol The action seuences are taut yet never The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 overboard There is not a moment that is neither dull nor vapid in the book Man Down a feast for thriller afficionados Man Down by Irma Venter is published by Crossing and will be releasedn the 20th Astrología para principiantes of April 2021 A follow up to Hard Rain the first in the series Suspenseful I like the tough main female character and the character development as well as the romance between the heroine and her lover This has beenut since 2013 and lots Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief of reviews and twice as many high ratings I m not sure I can add anything new except another good rating for this thrillerThanks very much for the review copy Expect great things from Irma Venter Exceptional writer Definitelyne No Puedo Perderte of her best I like all the characters in the book they all have theirwn past and in this story I loved how all three In Every Heartbeat of my favorite characters ended up working together The book drew me in from pagene I didn t read this series books in The Seraphim Code order which wasn t a problem at all as the characters are all introduced and every story is a storyn its Sortemesse own even though it followsn another book I didn t want the book to end What a nice read Thank you NetGalley and Crossing for the eARCThe fact the book features Mumbai and South Africa drew me to this book both places I ve visited but unfortunately I couldn t connect with the characters There s a lot La fabbrica di cioccolato of action which should please most readers but there was no soul to the read for me it felt flat and a bit formulaic and I ended up skipping through the whole story. The serial killer Black WidowDespite her instincts to stay away Ranna makes the journey But the key to finding Alex lies in her painful past And to uncover it she’ll need to unravel a webf secrets tied to a long forgotten crimeEven if she finds Alex before it’s too late Ranna must answer for past sinsor risk losing him foreve. .

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