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With the prince murdering his cheating wife Then as Sultan he sleeps with every virgin woman in the and before killing them after dawnHe finally discovers the two female children of his vizier Scheherazade and Dunyazad Sheherazade ages to sleep with the Sultan but before he could kill her she tells him a story These stories captivate him and she continues telling them for 1001 nightsIn this audiobook she tells two takes Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and Jullanar of the SeaThe telling are poetic humorous at times and definitely adult in nature I wouldn t recommend this for children as it deals with concepts such as adultery betrayal and murder as well as other elements such

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love honour and familyI definitely recommend this audiobook and can t wait to Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide listen to the second one Very entertaining Ioved this A great cast who made it a real pleasure to Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery listen to these stories Review to follow How was I ever allowed to read this as a child Absolutely amazing narration Very entertaining. Or her son Badr as true to his undersea birthright he seeks out theove of Princess Jawhera of #the Merfolk She is haughty and her father King Es Semendel positively hostile #Merfolk She is haughty and her father King Es Semendel positively hostile Badr into a dramatic odyssey which will take him to the island of a beautiful sorceress who makes Conjure In African American Society literal pets of herovers Can Julnar and her brother Salim find and save Badr in time The castThis drama features Omid Djalili The Mummy Gladiator The Omid Djalili Show Abraham Popoola Adam Sina Alyssa Kyria Anoushka Rava Atilla Akinci Bamshad Abedi Amin Betsabeh Emran Daniel Naddafy David Ahmad Gisele Payvandi Ian Abeysekera Jonathan Morrison Mandana Jones Michael Franklin Mitra Djalili Nezar Alderazi Philip Arditti Raghad Chaar Richard Reed Pezh Maan Tara Jaffar Walles Hamonde Zahra Ahmadi and Hemi Yeroha.

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Arabian NightsIf you ignore the religious stuff and just accept it as a #Fantasy World With Its #world with its amazing worldbuilding with a fantasy religion in its backdrop this book is amazingI know some of the concepts surrounding women are grounded in real world truths due to some old values for the religion If you are able to forget that it s a real ife religion and just take this as a purely fantasy story i think anyone would enjoy thisIt aged beautifully and the writing absolutely had be captivated the "Entire Time I Loved "time I oved the chara Somewhat entertaining but completely failing to capture the magic of the Scheherazade mythos Also it basically stops in the middle of the overarching story when I see Volume 1 in the title I expect half a collection of short stories not half a book And I am certainly not paying 20 euros for the second part if it goes on sale for 2 ike this one was maybe I was impressed by the very dramatic storytellong You could make out every facial impression only by their voices Very interes. This multicast dramatisation of Arabian Nights Volume 1 is an Audible Original reenvisioning of Three Iconic Tales With A iconic tales with a Adapted by the great Marty Ross whose previous audio dramas include Romeo and Jude Dark Shadows Doctor Who and Treasure Island isteners can expect to hear Scheherazade Ali Baba the Forty Thieves and Julnar of the Sea as they've never done before Step out of your comfort zone and indulge in the dark and fantastical world we've created Travel with Mermen across the White City go in search of treasures in hidden caves with Ali and Kasim and et yourself be guided by Scheherazade’s vision as she gives in to a deadly romance with Sultan Shahriya About the storiesIn Scheherezade a woman finds herself the object of desire of a powerful Sultan with murderous desi. ,
Ting stories with a twist I did not expect the sex scenes so that had me stunned and shocked so definetely not to be played to younger readers I have stunned and shocked so definetely not to be played to younger readers I have really applaud the cast and #Producers Of This Volume This Was My #of this volume This was my time istening to an audiobook With Such An Extensive Cast It Was Of A Radio such an extensive cast it was of a radio if anything I ve also only encountered retellings of 1001 Nights and its stories within so it was about time and I took in a direct if dramatised accountThat being said wow there was a Word Alchemy lot of sex in this I m not complaining I just wasn t expecting it Also the men in this story got old pretty uick While the women were portrayed as having desires and ambitions the men were all either bloodthirsty paranoid pathetic or a combination of these I got a bit bored with how dumb they were being after a whileI m glad Iistened to this though and I might try Volume 2 in a while This is a full cast audiobook that is worth The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures listening to with top notch voice acting and special effects This audiobook starts. Res Her only chance at saving herife is by using the one power she herself possesses her gift for telling enchanting stories the very stories that follow in this drama Ali Baba the Forty Thieves tells the tale of an impoverished husband and wife whose An Endless Lie lives change drastically when husband Ali discovers the cave where aocal gang of bandits are hiding their treasure A happy ending Not uite as the money brings dangerous complications in the form of the greed of Ali's brother and sister in ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) law and the determination of the bandits not to be stolen from Can Ali save himself or will his wife Marjana have to do all the work in this taut romantic thriller In Julnar of the Sea a merwoman finds theove of a mortal King and they produce a son Prince Badr Basim Julnar will have to ook out ,