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D 25 StarsI had trouble deciding on what rating I should give this Book 2 Stars Seemed 2 stars seemed ow but on what rating I should give this book 2 stars seemed too ow but seemed too high I didn t hate the book but I also won t ever give this book another thought The mystery was not a mystery at all I didn t even care who killed the good doctor and truthfully I don t think the author cared either The main character was shallow self centered which when written well isn t a bad thing but she was not written well The romance was Meh The sex scenesand there were a ot of them were as corny over the top as you would expect So why 25 star Too convoluted All I can say IS I LOST COUNT OF HOW MANY TIMES I I ost count of how many times I What an idiot The herione was such a joke I could not bring myself to ike her even a Tempting Fate little Add that to the recycled concept and bore me to death please A dumb book but it s entertaining which is actually pretty good for a dumb book. E investigating detective But if Rose Marie didn't kill the not so good doctor who did Between his ex wives his angry stepchildren and the deep dirty secrets driving theirives somebody resorted to murder And it ooks as if Dr Carver kept the biggest baddest secrets of al.

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Againcrap from the work One Giant Leap library I was in the mood to read nothing but trash Mehtook aong to wrap up the kind of to wrap up the story Kind of it figured out but the end did have a bit of a twist to it I would have Apocalyptic Cartography liked Rosie s daughter to have aittle closureinformation in the end Fun sexy mystery Not sure it s really about doctors wives but I enjoyed it Oh wow so I thought this sounded pretty clever from the title and description on the back cover but it was TERRIBLE I forced myself about half way through it and gave up the characters are cookie cutter the mystery well I really couldn t care ess and was glad the guy was dead and was actually cheering on whodunit whoever that might have been view spoileralthough I peeked at the ending because I can t stand not knowing what happens and it really isn t what I thought hide spoiler Although an interesting whodunit story tha. Pierce Carver was one of Austin's richest most successful surgeons And he was going to marry trauma nurse Rose Marie Castle and put her aching feet into glass slippers Unfortunately the doctor had a weakness for the allure of youth and feminine perfection He jilted Rose Ma. T keeps you turning Its At A pages at pace ultimately this book is a hollow read It is only good for its entertainment value and not much else Don t get me wrong if you re ooking for a thriller this is a good one but ultimately I find the characters shallow and materialistic just shells of people really There were almost no characters that I could actually relate to and I didn t ike the way the women were portrayed in the story anyway It seemed as if the characters kept making bad Choices And For No and for no reason other than because it was what kept propelling the story along I enjoyed feeling ike I wanted to know what happened next but I was also able to guess who might have done it half way through the book Overall fast paced whodunit mystery but Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven lacking any depth A trashy novel I won in a Reader gift basket in a raffle Silly plot silly characters silly rea. Rie three years ago and she's still dreaming of revengeAnd things areooking bad for Rose Marie The night Pierce died she was inside his magnificent home half naked and very willing to accept his apologies Now she's the prime suspect Worse her high school sweetheart is th. .
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The Secret Lives of Doctors' Wives