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Desire in Seven Voices eIke I said the writing and the story are worth it a 100% Thank you to Minka herself for sending me anarly copy of her new book The Watcher Girl This was a great thriller and I couldnt wait to read it since I have really njoyed all of her previous books I will admit though I had a feeling the one of the certain characters Was Going To Be Behind Everything Which I Was Right going to be behind verything which I was right I still had to get through until the The Casa Mono Cookbook end to find out the outcome of the story and what was going to happen to Grace Overall the story was good and I definitely recommendveryone to read it This is about a girl named Grace who moves from her hometown to start A New Life And To Get Away From Her Old new life and to get away from her old But she decides to time to return home to finish off something that was in her past and leave it all behind She is determined to tell her x that she is sorry for her past between the two and wants to make amends specially since he seems a bit odd he got married had a baby who named her Grace as well just like her But of course on her journey to tell him shes sorry she meets his wife and now things have changed and something doesnt seem right shes determined to fix the problem only to make things worse not gonna give any away Def just check this book out it wont disappoint Remember Grace She s all grown up and living her own dramaAnother brilliant book from Minka Kent I was lucky nough to receive an ARCIf you like Minka Kent s previous books just go and one click this now You ll like it as well Lots of drama and twists You ll also get a little bit closure and follow up from The Memory WatcherThere were a couple of things towards the beginning of the book that could have been made clearer but I m assuming what I read will be different from the final copy So no marks taken off for that Minka Kent did it again Another book that sucked me in from the start This takes place 15 20 years after The Memory Watcher told from the perspective of Grace the adopted daughter of the McMullens Although it s a different story it still touches on parts from The Memory Watcher which xplains why Grace turns out the way she is The Watcher Girl is a psychological thriller about obsession and the lengths a person will obsession and the lengths a person will to get what they want I couldn t put this down I HAD to see what was going to happen next Glad to say I finished it in 3 days Now I can get off the sofa and shower A big thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of The Watcher Girl in xchange for an honest review Even though this is the follow up to The Memory Watcher which I LOVED The Watcher Girl can be perfectly read as a standalone I love this author s books her writing style and the way she tells a story are very uniue However as much as I was njoying The Watcher Girl it was only a couple chapters before I guessed what was going on I just wish it was a bit unpredictable like the first book Nonethel. Erything she learns about him online says otherwise According to his social media accounts he placed roots in her hometown married a look alike and Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) even named his daughter Grace He clearly hasn’t moved on In fact it’s creepy So Grace does what any concernedx girlfriend would do she moves homeand watches himBut when Grace crosses paths with Sutton’s wife Campbell an unexpected friendship I received a copy of this book from the authorpublisher for an honest review This is a follow up to The Memory Watcher which I haven authorpublisher for an honest review This is a follow up to The Memory Watcher which I haven read But I don t think you need to have read that one to njoy this one Enough details of that story which Took Place Twenty Years Earlier Were Parceled Out When You place twenty years arlier were parceled out when you them This book follows Grace the daughter of some of the main characters of The Memory Watcher and shows the long term ffects on the family of what happened back then But it also follows Grace in her uest to make amends for the way she treated and left the man amends for the way she treated and left the man loved and her ncounters with his new wife There are twists and turns and I sped through this one trying to find out what would happen Having read a lot of thrillers I wasn t positive that there wasn t an ulterior motive in Grace seeking out her former boyfriend but I was proven wrong I njoyed this book Minka Kent s latest novel available in May of this year is the seuel to her debut thriller The Memory Watcher Readers of that debut may recall the seemingly perfect life Daphne and Graham McMullen led along with their three children Grace Rose and Sebastian Of course life wasn t as flawless as it looked and the book nds with some pretty traumatic Conflict in Blood events The Watcher Girl finds Grace twenty years later full of wanderlust and a misanthropic distrust for people When she learns that the college boyfriend she broke up withight years prior is now living a mere three blocks from her childhood home married to her doppleganger and has named his firstborn Grace she heads to her hometown to sort things out Literally running in to her lookalike Grace is swept into much than she anticipated While perhaps a bit predictable than Kent s previous thrillers it s still an xciting ride Grace matures throughout the book and becomes likeable both to the reader and to her own family I received this as an ARC from the author I njoyed this book so much the writing was concise and The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant easy to follow we get to see characters from the past and I hated one in particular wanted this character to suffer in this book because I m that type of resentful personThe story flowsasily and it is Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) engaging there are a couple of twist because you don t know how things are going to turn and who to trust At thend of the day I do believe that we see what we want to see because our past affect us in different ways and maybe we wouldn t have made the same choices that we are making because our past traumasThere s growth from the characters and there s a sense of depth that I appreciatte so much I wonder if there s going to be books told from different characters POVs that would be fun because just this story is so good that it could actually work The memory watcher is one of those books that got my into reading and I m happy that I got the chance to revisit the characters Logic, Labels, And Flesh even when some of them I hated so much but A woman’s suspicions about herx boyfriend become a dangerous obsession in a twisting novel of psychological suspense by Washington Post and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Minka KentEight years ago Grace McMullen broke Sutton Whitlock’s heart when she walked away But it was only to save him from the baggage of her own troubled past Now all she wants is to make sure he’s okayOnly v.

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Ess I think many thriller fans will njoy RIDE WITH THIS ONE WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO with this one Will be looking forward to next book The Watcher GirlA seuel to The Memory WatcherMinka Kent authorThis is Grace s story Adopted by the McMullen s as a child Then her adoptive mom committed a hideous crime and was sent to prison for life Now a young woman of thirty Grace is still trying to find peace and happiness She can I received this as an ARC from the author I knew I was going to love it the story rejoins a character years later from Kent s The Memory Watcher which I also loved A woman heads back home after a long The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths estrangement but it s not for any of the reasons you ve heard before she s on a mission Herx her first love moved there He bought a house got married and had a baby All ordinary things Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems except his wife could be her twin and his daughter has her name In some strange way she feels obligated to reach out apologize for the harsh break up and help him move on from her It s an odd yet noble idea and it s uickly thrown out the window when she accidentally meets the wife It seems rather than hanging on to lost love like a shelter puppy he s raging against it with control and dominance Or is he This novel was a map of trails that twisted through the lives in Grace s life Every new chapter held a bombshell that sent my jaw to the floor Minka Kent is one of my favorite authors for good reason and this book truly proves whyGrace is a complicated character who is cold and anti social and yet I couldn t help but like her I also couldn t help nuzzling myself right into her family issues More importantly though her new friendship Holy crap Campbell blew me away Blewveryone away really Honestly I wish there had been of her at the Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice end insight action After the twistnding The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth everything was wrapped up perfectly A great read that will absolutely suck you in 355A few years ago I read The Memory Watcher by the same author and was obsessed This is a follow up of sorts as it follows one of the characters from that books years later It s totally fine to read on its own but TMW was fantastic so you should read that one firstThere was a lot to like about this one for me I love the authors writing style and always find her books to be compulsive reads this was noxception There was such a great combination of drama and obsession in this one and I m all about that when I m reading a domestic thriller Grace herself was a fascinating character with so many demons and while I wouldn t say I loved her she was super interesting This one was also fairly predictable for me though I saw where things were headed pretty arly on and was a little disappointed when I realized I was right Not a huge deal but still wanted to mention it as I think avid thriller readers may have the same avid thriller readers may have the same I m still a huge fan of the author and can still say I liked this it s just not my favorite from her. Evelops Campbell has no idea whom she’s inviting into her life As the women grow closer it becomes clear to Grace that Sutton is not the sentimental man she once knew He seems controlling unstable and threatening And what a broken man like Sutton is capable of Grace can only imagine It’s up to her to save Campbell and her baby now but while she’s been watching them who’s been watching her. The Watcher Girl
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