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أحلام فترة النقاهةAs I read this collection of Mahfouz s "dreams I was struck once again by how thematically similar dreams are from one erson to another regardless "I was struck once again by how thematically similar dreams are from one erson to another regardless one s culture of origin The same sense of insecurity of loss and of confusion seems to constitute the hidden texture of our souls These dreams over are those of a very aged man

and the role 
the role memory and its eculiar distortions are everywhere I can not say that I appreciated or even understood many of these brief records can one even say understood of a dream but I did feel my reading of this book was rewarded by the following sections alone 5 14 19 31 37 65 70 80 92 128 144 157 168 179 202 206 A collection of 104 chapters most less than a Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, page each recounting a dream of the author In their emotional impact the accumulated dreamsoetic beautiful often surreal reminded me of Italo Calvino s Invisible Cities Many of the dreams weave around a single emotio It is easier for me to write these reviews in English and I am getting tempted to review these Naguib Mahfouz Books This Book These Short Dreams these are your gateway to understand the core mentality of our once in a Life time writer Naguib Mahfouz He wrote these Short Dreams after his assassination trial and it is reflected in many of the Dreams with him saying that he keeps looking behind his shoulders believing that someone is following his footstepsNot just that it seems that after this incident he found Life in Egypt no longer tolerable He did write down a couple of Dreams where he actually signed immigration apers with the aid of some of his friends for they no longer believed it neither safer nor right for him to keep on living here Further he makes it very evident that he has always missed his beloved one That he spent his Life searching for her it very evident that he has always missed his beloved one That he spent his Life searching for her one woman to the other Idk whether he did find her at the end and I dnt think he knows as wellTo add we can see very clearly that doubt has crept into the depth of his heart mind Doubt in the real essence of his writings Doubt in whether his writing will survive ages worlds or not Doubt in his Family for he started to believe they found. In this new collection of his shortest short stories the Egyptian Nobel laureate has reduced fictional form to its most essential level while retaining his justifiably famous mastery of the storytelling artA man finds that all the streets in this neighborhood have turned into a circus but his joy at the sight changes to anger when he sees he cannot escape it anywhere even in his own hom. All his works to be nothing of worth Doubt in the world that he thought himself to be living inAnd Last but Not least we see Mr Naguib Mahfouz describing the relationship between Egypt America Palastine Arabs Europe in than one dream expressing his own oint of view and how he saw things were going back how he saw things were going back at his time This is a book that I believe Mr Naguib Mahfouz needed to write rather than wanted to writeI am just not giving it a 55 because of the repetition of the ideas in his dreams after all you cant find 230 different ideas and ut them one BookNonetheless This Book helped me strengthen the Bond with Naguib Mahfouz it helped me respect him even Tiny short stories Surreal Very different than the earlier fiction of his I ve read back in the day Spooky Felt like Borges Or Cortazar Any one of these could be developed into something longer Almost makes them even spookier that they re not That they justend rating B These were fun little exercises dreams if you will from the Nobel winning Egyptian novelist There are 104 Dreams altogether most no than a aragraph or two Many of them dealt with love or money or embarrassment or family they had an eerie feel to them that dreams have but they were not as fantastic as I thought they would be Nothing too magical or weird happens unless ending on a sigh or a confused look is in anyway odd I did wish these shorts as I shall call them had linking themes or references the best would recall a revious entry and then both would become grander in a sense The later half of the work was better have of a Lydia Davis feel I also Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt particularly enjoyed the way we the reader that is were navigated through memory however dren This is the last work of a Nobel Prize winner who was attacked and nearly murdered because of his book Children of the Alley The collection is as the title suggests a compilation of many short dreams Within them areolitical messages ersonal recollections and oetic flights For some reason I Am Attracted To am attracted to writing about their dreams I have read a few other collections and so far Kerouac was my favorite Still these do set a moo. E A group of lifelong friends meet to trade jokes in a familiar alley only to face a sudden deadly flood that echoes the revenge taken by an ancient Egyptian ueen upon the men who murdered her husband A girl from the dreamer's childhood flies with him from his native lane on a cart drawn by a winged horse to become a star in the firmament above the Great PyramidSuch is the stuff of Nagu.
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D and lead me to explore by Mahfouz after which I think I will have a greater appreciation for him He wrote this after the years of silence that came after being stabbed twice in the neck by a religious extremist acting on orders from Omar Abd al Rahman Literally Mahfouz was supposed to be silenced but he eventually found his voice again I don t know how to approach these vignettes except that I try to do it the same way I do my dreams when I remember them And Translate Them As translate them as they were impressionist aintings Emotional impressionism So it s the feeling that we re supposed to take away from it I suppose and the vignettes use tropes common in dreams running slowly sinking flying friends appearing from the floor etc No I ve read a few books of vignettes before but never one comprised solely of a couple hundred of an author s dreams Naguib Mahfouz in case you re not familiar with him is Egypt s lone winner of the Nobel in literature and is known as much for his writing as for the assassination attempt by militant Islamists that left him crippled in the early 1990s He died just a few years ago in 2006 and The Dreams is his last work I received a copy of the book from the Ouroboros publisher Anchor who wanted me to review it over at BlogCritics That review which is longer should be up soonAnyway The book wasn t an easy read despite the relative brevity of many of Mahfouz s dreams Some of them last a fewages but many are only a few Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 paragraphs some only a few sentences They re a lot likeoetry lots of symbolism and such in a very compact space But it was a good read though only now am I beginning to appreciate how much I learned about Egypt Islam and general human nature from this one man s dreams The only books human nature from this one man s dreams The only books ve read from the Arabic literary tradition are Season of Migration to the North not my fave and arts of the Thousand and One Nights and I m glad to be broadening my horizonsI have another Mahfouz book on my shelf a novel also a review in waiting and I m excited already to give it a shot I dreamed I was on the Street of Love as I used to call it in my hopeful youth Naguib Mahfouz The Dream. Ib Mahfouz's The Dreams his first major work since a knife attack by a religious fanatic in 1994 left him unable to write for several years First serialized in a Cairo magazine The Dreams is a uniue and haunting mixture of the deceptively uotidian the seductively lyrical and the savagely nightmarish the richly condensed sum of than nine decades of artistic genius and everyday experience.