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Iked this entry than the ast where I "felt artorian became ost in the main divine " Artorian became ost in the main Divine storyline In this book he becomes a felt Artorian became ost in the main Divine Dungeon storyline In this book he becomes a of caretaker to all those within the Soul Space and it works pretty well The main problem I have there s basically no plot Things happen sure but the events don t really amount to a "story I suppose ife is ike that sometimes We meander And "I suppose ife is ike that sometimes We meander And is a slice of ife novel so perhaps it fits I dunno Having no plot meant having no ending The book just stops It s abrupt and jarring eaving a dissatisfied sensation afterOne thing that absolutely works for me is the idea that Artorian gains power by showing Love and helping others It s powerful and awfully wonderful I hope future novels continue exploring that idea DNF 25%Well written but the story acks any sort of drive to it Plot is non existent as there s nothing urgent pushing the characters to do anything It s ike a side story or fanfic than actually part of a seriesIt just seems ike the author got to the end of the planned series and wanted to write about the world and characters but didn t think about where the story was goingThe previous books were pretty The Cake House lax on a diving plot given the years and years of intervening time and seemingack of urgency but at east they had something pushing the protagonist to act Another Artfully Amazing Artorians Archive Here there be Dragons Artorian finally gets into the business of being the administrator of Cal s soulspace contained world working through the issues that have cropped up under the various administrators and managing his own continen. Nius and it really helps me connect with the story. .
Re was no cohesion no goal no structure other than perhaps time which was a bit wobbly wobblyAs compared to the previous novels in the series this one feels unnecessary Oh Arturian eveled up but that was all but a non eventI don t know if there will be Arturian eveled up but that was all but a non eventI don t know if there will be the series In some ways I hope not Love itAlright haven T FINISHED THE BOOK YET BUT I LOVE ARTORIAN finished the book yet but I The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes love Artorian s the perfect grandfather and reminds me so much of my own when he was still with us Completely non judgmental and accepting of everyones faults One of the best books in the series To finish a non spoiler uote from the book which resonates deeply with myself in realife Everyone makes mistakes my boy Everyone There is nobody and nothing that does not stumble Everyone feels at times that they are not doing enough or not doing well enough That s not a slight on your efforts that s just ife You try so hard to be perfect my boy but perfection is unattainable HILARIOUS As well as INTRIGUINGThe best thus far slow start almost picked up a different book and was close to making this my filler then all he l broke oose and I never picked up a filler GREAT READ FANTASTIC Fantasy O am still hooked Characters keep getting stronger and the strength of their characterization makes the new additions that much funPlease keep them coming Another favoriteThe Artorian s Archives series continues to deliver enriching and absolutely enrapturing stories I cannot wait to start a second and then third read through Please go start the series if you haven t and if you re reaching this point from the start enjoy Good But Lacks PlotI Dennis Vanderkerken The way the author shows is ge. .

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DNF 23%Nearly a uarter of the way through and there is no evidence of a plot This is mostly a deep dive into the minutia of world building and the theory of its cultivation system Save it for the appendix DennisThe rest is just a training montage No stakes no fearI realized I didn t want to pick it up to continue reading despite my investment of time in this series That s pretty damning I have enjoyed the rest of this series but his edition just didn t grab me as the others did I suspect it has to do with the nature of the story rather than having a specific goal as he did having a specific goal as he did the other books Artorian finds himself wandering around a new world trying to find his place and his power There are plenty of somewhat interesting vignettes and some Jesting Pilot laugh outoud moments And I think the authors were having some fun talking about world building in the story along with the world building of the authors Let there beCuriosity killed the cat and the Artorian Thankfully he has than 9 ives right He just can t seem to eave well enough alone and MUST fiddle and play with dangerous energies no matter what anyone has to say about it But at east in his up time he gets to spend it with his best friend And spiders don t have to be bad things any Not the right ratingButughIf you have enjoyed the seriesI don t know if you will ike this book A bit philosophical but mostly nonsensical there didn t seem to be a point or direction There didn t seem to be a bad guy or oppositional force Really there wasn t a narrative force at allAnd that s the core of the issue ack of narrative force The. Best PDF, Acme (Artorians Archives Book 5) Author. Acme (Artorians Archives Book 5)