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Es to go Ireland is dangerous especially for the English and for anyone who served in the English military There was a bloody uprising in Dublin and suspicion and hatred are rampant When Bess arrives in Ireland the groom has gone missing The groom is none too popular Bess arrives in Ireland the groom has gone missing The groom is none too popular since he served in the military during the war He stumbles into the church beaten badly and ucky to be alive Bess must nurse him face her feelings for Simon decide what direction her ife will go next and try to survive ong enough to get back home It took me a ittle while to get into the story but then it was difficult to put down The Bess Crawford series is historical mystery and the reader always One Ticket To Texas learns a great deal about the world at that time The sad part is that the hatred of others is so prevalent in our current news stories An Irish Hostage is another well written book in the series but darker than some I couldn t wait to read this ARC edition of the Bess Crawford Mystery An Irish Hostage I m a huge fan and have read all the novels and short stories They are engaging fast paced mysteries with just enough grit to keep them from being cozy The depictions of WWI and its after effects are well researched and educational without being too bogged down with information What sets them apart from other war time mysteries is their constant shifts between the main character sife on the battlefield and the homefrontAIH takes place just after war s end and strong willed nursing sister Bess is struggling with the decision of what to do with her future We fans who have similar opinions as to what Beth should do with her future may be pleasantly Surprised By Some Of The Developments She Is Invited To by some of the developments She is invited to the wedding attendant of another nursing sister in an Irish village still seething from the outcome of The Rising Why Bess is so determined to go into such danger for a woman selfish than smart is the real mystery to me The bride who seems Helpmate little than a co worker alternates between whiny and hostile but Bess refuses to abandon her The groom an Irishman who is viewed as a traitor because of his enlistment in the British army is missing His groomsman a British officer who has the bad sense to go out walking by himself in a village full of murderous Rebels is abducted One unfortunate witness is murdered and Bess with the help of her everoyal Simon sadly missed in the Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy last book brings everything to a satisfying conclusionBess s character can be annoying at times stubborn sometimes willfully blind andoyal to a fault She becomes too emotionally involved with the problems of strangers often at the expense of her oved ones I would dearly ove to see someone say no to her once in a while but then we probably wouldn t have our mystery Still she s uick witted warm hearted and brave and one can t help but Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader love her Thank you to William Morrow and Custom House for an advance copy The book will be published on July 6 2021A fairly engaging Bess Crawford mystery 12 It s June 1919 WWI is over and Bess has promised to stand up at her friend s wedding in Ireland This is three years after the Easter Rebellion or Rising in 1916 and tensions are still very high When the groom disappears two days before the wedding Bess finds herself in danger as wellI d say theast third of the book was very exciting and I definitely had no trouble finishing There was a Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead lot of filler and repetition kind ofike Anne Perry novels and I feel Bryozoan Evolution like Iearned a Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) lot about the Irish situation from reading this book it was of a background for the story but I would have preferred to gain aittle knowledge The characters were well done and the writing decent I had a Silvers Edge little trouble with the premise why would two Irish people who had served in the British army insist on having a wedding in a place where tensions were so high and have two English people standing up for them Still Iike the Bess Crawford character and there is a bit of an emotional cliffhanger at the end so I will of course have to read Orite book with over 298 readers online her. Thank you to William Morrow and Custom House for an advance copy The book will be published on July 6 2021Todd s atest Bess Crawford mystery finds Bess headed to Ireland to serve as maid of honor for a friend s wedding It would be innocuous enough except for the fact that Ireland is in turmoil after The Rising and English folks are vilified Especially British army officers and nursesAs always the setting and history are wonderful and the mystery explores contemporary emotions at the time Bess must find the bridegroom who s disappeared and solve a murder all while examining hr own prejudices and the complex issues surrounding the TroublesThough the mystery plot is predictable if reasonable the real treat for series fans is bess real treat for series fans is Bess growing consciousness of her feelings for Simon She s at a crossroads in ife in her career and her relationships and fans will be wondering what comes next World War One nurse Bess Crawford is at a crossroads The war is over and instead of being assigned to a convalescent hospital she has been placed on Going Berserk leave and begins to consider a future outside the nursing service Hereave gives her the opportunity to travel to Ireland to be maid of honor at another nurse s wedding but the groom disappears a few days before the wedding reappearing bloody and beaten at the church just in time for the ceremonyThe English are not popular in an Ireland struggling to gain independence and Bess is not welcomed by the family or the neighbors as she investigates the disappearance of the groom and his best man an English officerThe postwar books in this ong running series have fallen into a pattern with Bess in a remote hostile environment unable to depart or seek help to solve a mystery saved by Simon her father s sargeant at the ast minute The plot of this book is hard to believe especially Simon s appearance and the events that save the missing major and extricate them from Ireland The series needs to move in a new direction to keep readers coming back Nurse Bess Crawford is back in the twelfth novel in the series AN IRISH HOSTAGE With the Great War over and Bess s nursing services no Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America longer in need in battlefield hospitals she has returned home to England and is trying to figure out the next step in herife To fulfill a promise made early on in "the war Bess travels to Ireland to serve as the Maid of Honor at a fellow nurse s wedding Upon Bess "war Bess travels to Ireland to serve as the Maid of Honor at a fellow nurse s wedding Upon Bess arrival she is subjected to hostility from the Autobiography and Other Writings local Irish The Irish are hoping for Home Rule and they are hostile against anyone who is English or who fought for England Eileen Flynn and her fianc Michael Sullivan have been on the receiving end of the hostility including from the bride s extended family Notong before Bess arrives in Ireland the groom goes missing Bess joins in on the search to find Michael before the wedding When Michael does show up he is badly beaten and in need of Bess s nursing skills Instead of fleeing Ireland for her own safety Bess decides to remain and care for Michael While trying to get Michael healed enough to eave Ireland his best man goes missing Bess along with the help of Simon Brandon and Eileen s cousin who staunchly supports the Home Rule go in search of the missing English officer before he meets a fate worse than Michael s AN IRISH HOSTAGE is a great addition to the Bess Crawford series With the war

Over And Bess S 
and Bess s as a nursing sister almost over it is good to see her growing and making decisions based on the future It s also interesting to see Bess in another hostile environment outside of France or England Charles Todd weaves the history of the 1916 Easter Rising throughout the novel and shows Bess and the reader why the Irish are so angry with England and why they feel betrayed by some of the Irish who fought for England during the war Some sections of the novel dragged at times and sometimes it was a bit unbelievable as to why Bess would remain in Ireland where she was clearly in danger when she could have easily escaped. Amazing PDF, An Irish Hostage (Bess Crawfor. Back to England That being said I enjoyed the
Novel And Considering The 
And considering the AN IRISH HOSTAGE ended I can t wait to see what happens next between Bess and Simon In 1919 WWI battlefield nurse Bess Crawford is pondering whether she will or should remain part of the British government s nursing corps In most circumstances getting away to participate in a good friend s marriage would be a pleasant break from worries but the ceremony is ocated in a small Irish town and Ireland is unsafe for English citizens in the volatile environment following the Easter uprising Bess and the only other English Wedding Guest Find Themselves Semi Isolated wedding guest find themselves semi isolated surrounded by Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. local hostility that uickly turnsethal with options for escape depending on the good will of a wanted Irish rebel The fast moving plot provides excitement from start to finish with a romantic twist at the conclusion pointing to interesting developments in future entries to this character driven series Thanks to the publisher for supplying an advance reading copy via NetGalley Thanks to NetGalley for a digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest reviewI can t believe we re at 12 in this series I swore I wrote a review as soon as I finished this but I must have composed it in my head Our intrepid heroine is in Ireland this time to stand in a wedding for a fellow nurse Bess is English and immediately realizes this could not only be a disadvantage but a danger As Bess arrives by plane in a tiny village she is horrified to discover that the groom has gone missing has he run off Been captured by the English or the Irish Tensions are at a breaking point in the village as the Rising is still a sore wound for everyone People are either convinced other folks didn t do enough or others did too much Will the groom return in time for the wedding As always this novel is a tightly constructed web full of history drama tension and this time the War is over What will Bess do if she survives Ireland now that she won t have soldiers to nurse How will Simon play into all of thisAbout 34 of the way through the book I started uietly cursing out the author because I realized that something I ve been wondering about for the ast 11 books was actually being brought into the story Of course this being a series there is no nice neat bow on the topic In fact I sat staring at the ast page as I finished with my jaw hanging open I suspect this series is maybe winding down since the driving force behind it WWI is now over but if it doesn t neatly answer several Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript lingering uestions Il riot Overall a well done book and I m already clamoring for 13 because I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE The Irish Hostage reviewDuring the First World War Bess Crawford an English nurse served with Eileen Flynn an Irish nurse in France with the British army After the war ended the women returned to their homes but then Eileen asked Bess to be the maid of honor at Her Upcoming Wedding To upcoming wedding to Sullivan Michael was a I m a Bess Crawford fangirl and 12 in the hf series is my fav yet Bess a nurse who served for the Brits in WWI France goes to Ireland for a friend s wedding and finds herself in a rat s nest With the Irish suspicious of any Brit Beth is in danger as she susses out the bridegroom s disappearance and unravels intrigues and murder She s a wonder Charles Todd s novels make history a joy and here we earn about the Irish Troubles and the tense relationship with England But what I ove most is how much Bess has grown FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY she realizes her feelings for family friend Simon So many readers have BEGGED for them to marry Will they That s the magnetic pull that hooks me most Book 13 can t come soon enough 5 of 5 StarsPub Date 06 Jul 2021 AnIrishHostage NetGalleyGrateful to Charles Todd William Morrow and Custom House and NetGalley for the ARC Opinions are mine The Great War is ended and Bess Crawford doesn t know what she will do now When she is invited to be in the wedding of a fellow Irish nurse she decid. D #12) by Charles Todd This is the best fav.
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