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Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture gJustoing to read the book because Cunningham wrote it I d never had any success using a crystal ball or a pendulum However I do practice what I was calling folk magick that this book explained is actually old fashioned divination which all too often et completely overlooked I felt pretty alone in practicing old timey magick but this in practicing old timey magick but this validated my practices as legitimate and powerful It s a nice book I favor the ideas on time chance symbolism and what divination can do for us as living thinking social beings trapped in what the author calls the illusion of timeThere are too many methods of divining through the ages For me this is secondary Different ways of scrying or azing and other such methods reek too much of superstition for meI prefer the interaction between observer and observed the power of attention "attitude and intention Which happily the author debatesA very uick read "and intention Which happily the author debatesA very uick read Finished in one day Awesome book on divination Great for Beginners everyone really Scott Cunningham is one of my fav researchers and authorThis book is a cute start for anyone interested on the art of Divinationthanx for sharing. If you like the answers you receive continue on If it looks like trouble ahead adjust your course of "action and see how your new plan affects the outcome In this way you can use divination to fine tune your "and see how your new plan affects the outcome In this way you can use divination to fine tune your and start living the life you've always dreamed. .

Divination for BeginnersIt is as comprehensive as Cunningham s booksPros s an occultPagan classicThe organization this book Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) great considering that it s full of random folk practices They re sorted into convenient categories like plant divination crystal divination and celestial divination Folk magick is covered at lengthOne of the reasons Cunningham s works are so important is because they put low magick folk magick and high magick ceremonial magick on eual footing On some reviewers of this book complained about a supposedly disproportionate focus on folk customs instead of talking about the supposedly complex divinations like tarot cards To me that s what sreat about this book Cunningham understood that you don t "Need To Memorize Norse Hieroglyphics " to memorize Norse hieroglyphics Chinese hexagrams to do divination You could just be mindful of nature all around you and either tap into your intuition or connect with your odsCons No in text citationsThis book is full of folklore and I wish I knew what country the lore came from and what year to put them into context There s a bibliography thoughPersonal ThoughtsI didn t think I cared about divination I was. Uestions so you et accurate answers Discover the secrets of a wide variety of methods from Tarot cards and the I Ching to crystal azing palmistry and even reading signs and omens in the world around youThe real value of divination is in planning and prevention. ,

Good for the beginner Goes "over
a brief summary 
brief summary how are used in Divination I uess I was "a brief of how things are used in Divination I Blue Guide guess I was I am a beginner but I would have liked a in depthuide But I uess this helps to learn the different ways to do Divination Very informative each subject divided for simplicity very helpful Enjoyed this and welcome the addition to my reference collection Good background and descriptions Excellent info I love Scott Cunningham This is a uick read that is beneficial to anyone wanting to learn how to do various types of divination Cool little book This is a reat book It contains lots of information on divination as well as uses and some history It also contains information on different types of divination and how you can practice some of these different types of divinationAnyone interested in learning divination should et a copy of this book An excellent source of information on so many different forms of divination If you are unsure of which form you wish to try out I definitely recommend picking up this book Difficulty Level BeginnerIt was written for anyone who is spiritual including non theistic people Yet. Anyone can practice divination You don't need to be psychic or believe that a higher power controls the cards Anyone can learn to predict the future using the methods described in this book Learn how to choose the methods that works best for you and ask the right.

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