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Helm was weak disorganized and impetuous but not the militaristic warmonger he has been accused of being In particular he argues that Wilhelm *Was Not Responsible For Starting *not responsible for starting War I a charge that has been laid at his feet A well written analysis Of all the books I have read about the First World War none have changed my mind about an aspect of it than this I used to buy into the popular idea of Kaiser Wilhelm II as an unstable militarist who was largely responsible for the First World War But as this book demonstrates the Kaiser was "Not Much Of A Militarist "much of a militarist tried to be but was never at ase and the soldiers looked on him with contempt And as the war approached he was as often as not a moderating influence on German policy As Clark makes clear there were many individuals and institutions pushing Germany to war prior to 1914 not least of which was the army Wilhelm was certainly an incompetent monarch but the constitutional of the newly formed German Empire would have put any monarch in a difficult position It placed both great responsibility and little real power in the hands of one man The Kaiser was not up to this challenge but it is doubtful that anyone Le valeureux guerrier else would have been. Ecades of the Wilhelminera into global war and xile the book presents a new interpretation of this controversial monarch and assesses the impact on Germany of his forty year rei. ,

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Sionist as many pages *Are Used To Revise *used to revise rather radical interpretations on both sides Though Clark does stay in the middle there can be no doubt about the incompetence that is displayed throughout and throughout Especially the last 2 chapters dealing with his involvement or lach thereof in the outbreak of Wo1 and the day to day decision making during the war were particularly interesting WII never wanted war so much is sure but as
"so often he "
often he betrayed used misled and abused by his surrounding advisors who really seem to have wanted war As such the book serves as a perfect statement against a monarchic rule The title of this would indicate a biography but it s much a narrative history and analysis of how the Wilhelmine political system functioned The Kaiser was less in charge than the system and that in turn didn t really work very well Clark is an xcellent historian and this is a very fine book beautiful to see the man for what he truly was objectively a century after the tragedy of his life surreal Excellent and very much an appendage to The Iron Kingdom Christopher Clark wrote a balanced and well researched book on the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II Clark s view is that Wil. Player in the vents that led to the outbreak of World War I Following Kaiser Wilhelm's political career from his youth at the Hohenzollern court through the turbulent peacetime
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