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N labeled crazy or eccentric Even if a woman fits a culturally desired feminine image and is happy with life in a traditional role parts of herself that she has denied eventually will cry out to be seen and heard and she will feel the urge to change Ignoring these vital parts of herself her various desires or needs can make a woman act and feel crazy p4 Essentially the patriarchy to me embodies the Western principals of line Been reading this one off and on for several years It is deep and thought provoking A MUST for anyone who is struggling to live in contemporary society I like the idea But I don t like or know about movies enough to keep up One really needs to know there movies for this book I did not finish reading it Every woman needs to read this book It will make you uncomfortable at times but it will reveal things you ve hid from yourself and it will empower Meeting The Madwoman scared me For many years it sat on the shelf taunting me to pick it up I dare you it seemed to teaseThat reluctance to read the book should have been My First And Biggest first and biggest that the book had substance to offer It turned out that once I began readin. The Madwoman is a provocative work of profound cultural significance one whose ideas are sure to resonate for years to comePraise for Meeting the MadwomanA book loaded with practical insights that's also fun to read With refreshing originality Leonard reverses some traditional perceptions New WomanA vigorous exploration Throughout Leonard writes passionately seeing the Madwoman as an empowering symbol and the discovery process as a spiritual exercise a kind of Purification And Ultimate Triumph and ultimate triumph the feminine spirit Kirkus Review. .

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Meeting the Madwoman Empowering the Feminine SpiritLeonard is a Jungian analyst who explores our collective inheritance of archetypes the roles that get passed down the madness within that is often tied to powerful creative potential She teaches us to not run away from the martyr the muse the recluse the bag lady and other roles that litter our consciousness embodied by real women and also paramount in film and art From the Russian poet silenced by Stalin Anna Akhmatova to the the American actress Frances Farmer she provides many examples of women who neatly fit into the roles society prescribes for them often to their own detriment We must not work against these energies and roles but embrace against these energies and roles but embrace seeming madness to unlock our greater artistic potential The only flaw in her work is that her discussion of film and literature often provides A Play By Play Of Every Detail play by play of every detail plot spoilers The book seemed too much written in a pop style that I really don t like I didn t finish the book but I d read enough This book was really interesting but it did get a bit repetitive and put a lot of emphasis on dreams and I m not too sure that that is fully valid to explain someone s real life issues I adore th. The Madwoman is a powerful psychological and emotional energy that lives in us all both men and women and powerful psychological and emotional energy that lives in us all both men and women and to us all inhabiting our dreams our lives our collective cultural memory Ignored or suppressed she becomes a force of self destruction; acknowledged and understood she becomes a source of creativity and power In this remarkable and revolutionary book Linda Schierse Leonard explores how we can overcome the inner turmoil of contemporary life unexpressed rage the buildup of guilt and anxiety by harnessing this primal expre. Is book It s illuminating and fascinating A fantastic *Jungian Exploration Of Who We * exploration of who we as women and who the women are around us I am reconciled and refreshed This is beautiful interesting and above all empowering I liked this even better than Women Who Run With the Wolves Both books cover the same subject how to integrate the shadow aspect of the wild feminine spirit using Jung s archetype psychology as a primary source but Leonard s book uses stories of contemporary and historical women as well as examples from literature and film Estes the author of WWRWTW uses folk stories and the style of a cantadora Where Estes is self important elaborate and redundant Leonard is clear effective and accessible Leonard relates tales that are emotionally moving and very relatable in a style that is easy to read and enjoy I highly recommend this book to everyone who is ready to meet their inner creative force or is doing work to re parent their inner child Modes of expression and being that are uniuely feminine or simply unconventional and therefore potentially creative are often disparaged by patriarchal cultures and when women try to live them they are ofte. Ssion of our natural instinctsFrom Medea to Ophelia to Thelma and Louise the paradox and patterns of madness are as old as time the instinctsFrom Medea to Ophelia to Thelma and Louise the paradox and patterns of madness are as old as time the can be broken; the Madwoman within each of us can and must be openly expressed and transformed into a source of constructive creative energy Leonard draws upon an extraordinary range of sources ancient myths and fairy tales films and literature contemporary and historical women's lives to design a model of empowerment for women todayWith its fresh perspectives and bold insights Meeting.