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Er true crimes that were just as gruesome of crimes but that didn t make me nauseous I would rather have the straight facts of what happened rather than hear about the blood gore and screaming Just my opinion but a very interesting case to say the least I m damn near at a complete loss as to what to say about this book I m going to do my best to do justice to what I m thinking and if I jump back and forth and my review isn t xactly in order or Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good easy to read forgive me I have no idea where to start I didn t set anyxpectations for Cannibal I did think it would be the average tc book maybe a little disgusting I had no idea going in whether this man actually did what the title implies or if he was stopped beforehand I had no knowledge whatsoever about this man or this case when I started this book Lois Jones did a good job with the book IMO she did better than I could have There are many many many many feel free to add some many s in if you d like VERY VERY VERY ditto for the VERY S graphic parts to this book On this site and another one I read the reviews from a few people who felt it was too graphic I agree and I don t Part of me asks how in the world to take something like this and describe it in a non graphic manner Then the part of me that actually read these graphic details thinks that maybe she could have stepped it down a little About this I liked it and didn t Jones in the beginning of the book proposes to know an awful lot about what Armin and Bernd were thinking what they felt like Murder at the Mansion exactly what they saidtc and this sort of thing bothers me unless it s fact A certain amount of speculation muct go into a tc book I m aware of this but Cannibal had a very large amount of speculation with these things and this bothered me I feel she should have saved her thoughts about these things at least until after the court case where he was Healing Souls examined and talked to by the doctors Honestly I m having a hard timexplaining what I mean by that so you just have to read it to know what I mean I think Sorry about that usually I can articulate my thoughts better but this book has really twirled all my thoughts around and around and scattered them all A lot of times in a tc book my attention will wane during court case not so with Cannibal Even with all the details in the than first half of the book the court case is simply astounding This is the type of book that can be read in a sitting if the time is there I m not going to give specific details of the court outcome I hate spoilers but I was told I d be shocked and I was I m not sure shocked does what I felt justice For that matter I m not sure this review does my feeling justice My mind is still swirling with thoughts of the book and I don t think I ll Seductive Surrender ever in my life forget this book or this man I told a friend and I mean this I ve read fictional books with zombiesating people as the main characters Cannibal scared me Cannibal affected me Cannibal made me think They say truth is stranger than fiction and there is no greater testament to that statement than this book This book was recommended to me by several people I think all the book was recommended to me by several people I think all the is the reason I didn t love it It fell short of my Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, expectations I would still recommend it but there were some parts of it I definitely didn t like I ll get to those later First the summaryArmin Meiwes is definitely deranged but what some people findven deranged is that his victim wanted to be aten He answered an ad and traveled from Berlin to Rotenburg to meet Meiwes for the purpose of nding his life and his body being destroyed He wanted his body gone but didn t want it to go to waste Meiwes was ventually found out and brought to trialWhat I liked about this book was it covers the lives of both men how they met and the reasons for their actions I also liked that the procedures of the German justice system are xplained to those who are not familiar with it What I didn t like was it read like a novel The thoughts and motivations of the killer victim and ven spectators of the trial are given but Jones doesn t say how she got them in other words there are facts but not much documentationHowever a search of the internet shows that the facts of the book are accurate and it was an interesting read some have said the butchery parts are a little hard to read I didn t find that to be so but then sueamish is not a word that has ver been used to describe me The book nds with Meiwes serving 8 yrs for manslaughterUpdate According to BBC NEWS 9 May 2006 a judge ruled the sentence too lenient and ordered a retrail In this trial he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison This was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison This makes you uestion what you think about murder It is a very good book for dabate Some people think the guy was a terrible monster who should have been killed some think he is just a wierd guy who did some stupid things but nothing wrong I would love to read this book in some sort of book club so I would have people to talk about it with I think the conversation could go on forever. A stunning verdict Cannibal discloses for the first time the true story of a real life Hannibal Lecter and his victim And with details never before divulged to the public it takes readers step by step through the unspeakable crime that fascinated and revolted the worldINCLUDES PHOTOS. Ewww Cannibalism I don t know just wakes up and thinks themselves h how s about I go at some people but wakes up and thinks to themselves h how s about I go at some people but on arth goes through someone s mind when they do these horrific things Well this book dives into a terr On Wednesday July 04 2007 I wrote about this bookMy God this book was so scary I had to skip some parts and I hardly ver do that about the butchering for instanceVery well written Such an unbelievable story this isMy only negative thing is that Lois Jones pretended to know what was in Bernd s head at the time of his dying On the other hand I understand she did that to make the book better but for me that was not necessary O that was such a hard part to I gave it a 9 out of a 10 on bookcrossing Disgusted about his story to the point i have to stop bookcrossing Disgusted about his story to the point i have to stop many times before i was really sick and puke about itIt s interesting though but it s very vulgar Upfront warning very graphic bookThis is a book about two consenting adults who came together to act out their most secret fantasies But their fantasies were not run of the mill fetishes one man wanted to be aten and the other to atThe author covers the lives of both men before they met and shows us how they came to find themselves in Armin s home preparing for Bernd s death As is often the case both men functioned in society as normal and those who knew them were deeply shocked at what ventually transpiredEven the court case held my attention and the German justice system is xplained in an asy to understand mannerSome reviewers have criticised the author for speculating as to Bernd s thoughts during his final day but Bernd s last vening was captured on a 4 hour videotape with his consent by Armin The video has not been made public to my knowledge but it was viewed by court officials tc Surely it would have conveyed a good deal about Bernd s last thoughts and feelings as he talked with Armin until he could no longer speak of courseIn many ways this was a book of sadness Yes it is graphic cause the Le valeureux guerrier event was graphic But I came away feeling a deep sorrow for all involvedJust so you know Armin was retried after this book was published and the outcome was different So after you read the book you may want to Google the court case and be updated4 Stars It gave me much food for thought Take a load off your weary carcass and rest your bones Uncork a bottle of your favorite South African red Merlot and slice a warm portion of your choicest cut of dinner meat garnished with shallots and garlic and porcini Relax it s that special time ofvening we like to call story time Imagine me speaking to you in a Vincent Price like voiceImagine a land where Grimm s Fairy Tales had been penned centuries before where in our own time in that same vicinity in central Germany a lad lived who d loved the story of the witch fattening up Hansel and Gretel for dinner Imagine this fatherless friendless boy wanting to Snowflakes on the Sea eat someone to make take someone inside him so as to have a friend with him always as a part of himnsuring that he would never be lonely again Imagine no less that this same contemporary lad lived next door to a real witch A witch who told him tales about her power to will the deaths of others Imagine too this same latter day fellow living a youthful Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy existence oppressed very much like Aschenputtel Cinderella of the famous Brothers Grimm tale dressed in Old World garb and sent to school in humiliating disgrace and made to do menial chores all day under the autocratic and demanding will of a mentally unbalanced mother Imagine that same lad upon the death of his mother commemorating her and re living her personality by dressing in her clothes and talking in her voice to himself Kind of like Norman Bates in PsychoAdd a pinch of this and a pinch of that and behold the recipe that results one majorly fucked up dude Whatever ingredients go into the making of a cannibal the recipe seems to have been realized in the form of Armin MeiwesThe Meiwes case seemed to prove to a lot of people that no matter how twisted you thought things could get in this world there s plenty of room for them to raise the bizarre barIn case you hadn t heard of the case which seems unlikely at this point Meiwes was anarly middle aged well mannered xemplary computer worker with social shyness but no outwardly alarming behavior or vident bent toward psychotic obsessions Inwardly he had a seething yearning harbored since childhood to slaughter and at a willing human victim The only times he spent with a healthy family in his childhood was in the company of neighbors when they slaughtered their livestock He came to associate the slaughter act with love When puberty hit the cannibalistic desire merged with his sexual identity He saw consumption as the ultimate sex act a way of bonding with someone completely and profoundly and holding them inside himself forever And there was ven a religious component as author Lois Jones points out Armin had been taught as a child in the Roman Catholic Church that transubstantiation tak. German native Armin Meiwes placed this ad in an internet chatroom catering to cannibals He received 430 responses Among them was Bernd Juergen Brandes who arrived at Meiwes's isolated country home literally to be Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival eaten alive Escorted to the slaughtering roomuipped with meat hooks Es place during communion the bread and wine actually turn into Christ s body and bloodBy March 2001 Meiwes had become a regular contributor in gay forums and in the cannibal fetish subculture on the internet Hundreds of people populated these sites to share fantasies about Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, eating people andor having peopleat them Most of them seemed happy The Fix enough just imagining the acts Meiwes wanted much than that He advertised for a willing victim And amazingly he found several Most of themven traveled to his house but to his disappointment they backed out of going through with the act For most role play was all they wanted Meiwes wanted realityOne of his victims however did not back out And that was A Respectable Well Liked respectable well liked and physically healthy 44 year named Bernd J rgen Brandes For some reason Brandes harbored deep desires to have his penis and the rest of his body dismembered and aten while alive and to be slaughtered like a pig Needless to say this fetish seemed ven twisted than Meiwes Here were two men who met on the internet to meet ach others mutual needs It was love at firstuhmbite Sorry couldn t resistWithout going into the grisly details let s just say that this macabre feast came to pass and it resulted in a trial for which the German legal system was ill prepared For one thing cannibalism was not a crime and the definition of murder apparently does not include people who are or less simply asking for assisted suicideSo the uestion is is this a good book On the whole yes Lois Jones tells the tale with dispatch though is sometimes repetitive in making certain points and with all the gory details you would xpect The killing itself is not without its moments of pitch black humor the wrong knife is used at first and the palpable details of the acts will make you grit your teeth if that is you haven t bailed from the book in complete revulsionI had mixed feelings about whether Jones attempts at ironic black humor worked or simply made a sick story ven tasteless In one instance she writes Meiwes removed the whole calf muscle from the back of the lower legs and admired the cut All those hours Brandes had spent cycling in the gym had paid off Although informed by the facts such as statement is clearly authorial intrusion for a laugh It is hard not to notice Jones attempt at humorous irony when mentioning that at the same time Brandes was having his wanker whacked off by Meiwes Brandes worried lover Rene was cutting slices of cheese to accompany his far tame meal of goat cheese saladThe author seems unfazed at playing amateur psychologist throughout the story and ven admits at times to imagining the thoughts of the protagonists How much of this artistic license inserted for the sake of narrative flow context and irony you are willing to accept depends on your tolerance for unsourced assertions It s healthy to cast a skeptical ye on some of the book s statements There seems to be differences about the facts of the case as presented here and in documentaries I ve seen and other written accounts online There are factual contradictions within the book itself as well as the kind of syntax or grammatical sloppiness that seem to be de rigueur in sensational books like thisOddly Meiwes comes off as a pathetic victim himself rather than a monster At least in this telling In his first court trial psychological xperts actually deemed him sane Compared to many other sicko killers Meiwes seems like one of the least monstrous He had a weird fetish and a terrible upbringing He was not a wild The Casa Mono Cookbook eyed raving lunatic but a meek well behaved uiet considerate well spoken and intelligent man And he honored consent He never killed until someone actually wanted it He always honored the wishes of would be victims who asked to released from his slaughter room Virtually no deranged serial killer wouldver have done that Meiwes was a cannibal first and a killer by necessitySo yes folks this is some strong meat to chew on and if true crime of the xtreme variety piues your interest then have at itAnd some of them lived happily ver afterKevinRKy 2016 Wow I actually never knew there was a society of people out there who not only want to at other people but be aten themselves I ve heard of many different fetishes and can we ven call this a fetish seems to me it s a death wish They both seemed like nice and normal veryday men who were able to pass in society as such and they looked that way too How shocking this was to all that knew them The author done a great job on her descriptions of what she believed occured between these two men and being this was her first book I was impressed I was very shocked at the verdict handed down in this case but not surprised the law seems to go with what society feels is wrong is right and vice versa Just MY opinion and that s what a review is about I liked this book and it is a fascinating story However I felt that the author was almost too gory in her details of the story I realize it is a gruesome story but I have read oth. Cage and a butcher's table Meiwes assisted Bernd in a gourmet candlelight dinner of his own cooked flesh Meiwes then stabbed his victim in the throat bringing the ghastly videotaped ordeal to an ndFrom a childhood perverted by unhealthy obsessions to his notorious trial that nded in. .

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