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Young JuniusBy three of my favorite authors Michael Connelly Duane Swierczynski and Megan Abbott so I gave it a try and I was glad I did Jack Wakes Up is an action packed enormously fun pulpy crime novel After finishing the book I discovered that Harwood had published two seuels and another novel as free audio books on his website Free is the best ind of price but audiobooks aren t exactly my thing So I anxiously awaited the release of Harwood s next print novelThat wait came to an end this Christmas for me when I received a copy of Harwood s new print novel Young Junius as a gift and it was definitely worth the wait Like Jack Wakes Up Young Junius is an immensely enjoyable crime novel but it features a grittier realistic tone Where Jack was fun and exciting Junius was powerful and poignant That darkness and realism makes it a better book Young Junius takes place on the mean streets of Cambridge Massachusetts circa 1987 The titular character Junius Posey is 14 years old but thanks to a growth spurt he s already 6 3 Junius and his older brother Temple are low level figures in the area drug trade which has exploded with the introduction of Crack cocaine When the book opens Temple is dead and Junius is out to find his brother s Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays killer Junius s uest becomes complicated early on when heills a local drug dealer to protect his best friend Elf This leads to Junius being marked for death by the dealer s associates but instead of running like his mother suggests he follows his best lead in his brother s death to the heart of the city s drug trade three massive public housing towers controlled by two rival drug gangsWhen Junius reaches the towers he SEEKS OUT ONE OF THE DRUG out one of the drug in the hope that she ll be able to provide him with the identity of his brother s iller The drug lord instead exploits the teenager s uest for revenge and uses him as a pawn in her war against her rival What follows is a haunting and compelling explosion of violence that reads like a mash up of the 1991 movie New Jack City and the fourth season of The Wire which was the phenomenal television program s best seasonAnother reason Young Junius is so fascinating is because Harwood populates the book with a rich cast of eclectic characters like Roughneck a mid level drug dealer with an interest in martial arts who is slowly becoming disgusted with the violence and misery of the drug trade Or officer Gary Johnson an African American uniformed police officer who endures an enormous amount of physical punishment when he stumbles onto the violent happenings in the towersHarwood also uses pacing and tone incredibly well in Young Junius The bulk of the book takes place over one day and as that day progresses events in the towers spiral out of control

And And People Are 
and people are into the violence The day ends with an intense violent gun battle on the top floors of one of the Towers Things are often grim and tense but Harwood doesn t want his story to be oppressively bleak so he inserts moments of humor when appropriate Young Junius is a sort of preuel to Jack Wakes Up and it works in that capacity too Because I like to eep my reviews as spoiler free as possible I won t say how but it will be immediately obvious to those who have read Jack Wakes Up Readers who haven t read that novel won t be lost thoughSo I highly recommend Young Junius If you re looking for a powerful and compelling crime novel that explores the physical and emotional dangers of violence and vengeance look no further I think this is Seth Harwood s best work to date With each new segment in the Jack Palms series his writing gets stronger vivid and suspensefulEven though Junius is the main character I feel like I have depth and a sense of perspective from every character in the story His story feels real I could see it although I did not want to be in those towers during that gun fight It s a great book No doubtBooklist says Harwood s cutaway view of a single bloody day in a housing project is an impressive feat Given the characters brutality Harwood s empathy runs deeply indeedPublishers Weekly Searing a vicious black comedy of murderous errors Harwood pulls no punchesGeorge Pelecanos The Wire picked YOUNG JUNIUS as one of his best books of 2010Reuired reading Crimespree Magazine. O complete his original missionAs Junius his friend two crews and the police all move inexorably toward a final confrontation a series of surprising events and shifting loyalties transform this day into a bloody turning point that none of them could have foresee.
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Nce rather than a circle Junius brother Temple is illed which spurs Junius to action The acts of violence that Junius commits spur others to violence of their own and at the end of the story what do we get A bunch of dead people and an apartment building being torn down from the inside It s not just Junius either we see the same thing being perpetuated with Rock Marlene and C DubHarwood has a very cinematic style to his writing here much as in his Jack novels There s still a Tarantino element but it feels like he watched some John Singleton movies as well when preparing for this That s not a criticism but I feel it does provide a good description of #THE STYLE HE USES HERE I #style he uses here I most of what Seth Harwood writes and this one was good as well but was much darker or maybe bleak is a better word Definitely shows the gritty side of drugs and gangs in the inner city and takes you on a tough ride through the eyes of a young teen Non stop action is leavened by multi dimensional characters in this story of a day in the life of a boyman 14 year old Junius who sets out to find the iller of his brother in
The Drug And Blood 
drug and blood halls of a Cambridge Mass housing project The mystery drives the story but it s the action that Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived keeps you turning the pages and the depth of the characters that draws you into their gritty lives It would have been easy for the author to people his book with stereotypes but he resisted temptation and created characters both believable and interesting Junius himself has facets than a drug dealer s diamond pinky ring His ready embrace of violence is tempered by a reflective conscience and recognition of the severe limits of the world he inhabits He s growing up to be a badass but is resigned to his fate than celebrating it The supporting cast of distinctive characters includes Junius s still growing up sidekick Elf and the lost soul Clarence a crack addict who uses the drug to fuel a blood drenched career as a dealerenforcer in the projects Harwood takes pains to give nearly every character a solid backstory which makes even the most evil of the drugingpins characters worth an investment of the reader s time Young Junius is a solid novel that rises above its genre Ain t nothing but a crazy day in the towers The uest to avenge the untimely death of his elder brother sees 14yr old to avenge the untimely death of his elder brother sees 14yr old grow from a young man to seasoned Mexican Hooker killer in a single day Accompanied by Elf 16yrs the duo s chemistry adds a light hearted dynamic to the heavy violence fuelled plot as they search the towers for answers and payback One death uickly leads to another and before long gang warfare if rife in the closenit urban communityThe imposing towers are as much a character as those who inhabit them Resembling the ominous man made mounds of depression and death from the early seasons of HBO s THE WIRE the towers of Seth Harwood s creation add an extra element of menace here the walls run with blood not paint No one is safe no one is out of reach even the police I ve got to admit I wasn t expecting such a free for all in blood letting but I sure am pleased Harwood delivered the story in this manner He managed to capture the essence of close combat and the perils of being involved in inner city gang life to perfection Harwood puts a lot of emphasis on giving his characters meaning and a justifiable clause for their actions It was refreshing to read about the different factions with actual faces not just some mindlesstwo dimensional foot soldiers and subseuent casualties of an urban drug war From Lamar to Rock the Oracle to Seven Heaven even Mike Only and Black Jesus all these characters added a little something to the mix and were a joy to readThe bloodied conclusion is full of tension and suspense worthy of a top notch thriller I was surprised how uickly I read this Junius is easily likable while gang members from either side benefit from being given uniue nicknames and back story Each death leaves a hole each fight is vicious C Dub and police officer Johnson for instance and each scene will leave you breathless and wanting 5 stars It s always exciting to discover a great new author Last spring I came across a mention of a book called Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood The book s cover featured glowing blurbs. Tion from retribution His mother gives him fifty dollars and instructions to run but Junius refuses to live a life in hiding Instead shocked by the violence that he’s created and determined to see its conseuences through to their end he returns to the towers

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I waffled back and forth between a three and four star rating for this story I finally settled on four because despite the violence and somewhat bleak outlook of the story I found it compelling and hard to put downThis is another book that is a departure from my usual fantasyscience fiction fare I d read a few short blurbs online that sounded intriguing and the setting was particularly attractive to me It is set in 1987 Cambridge MA in the
Area Surrounding The Alewife 
surrounding the Alewife on the MBTA subway line I use the Alewife station on a somewhat regular basis going in to Boston so while things have certainly changed since 1987 a lot of the references were very familiarThe story follows 36 hours in the life of 14 year old Junius Posey growing up in the slum area of Cambridge surrounding three towers run by two rival drug pushers Junius is determined to find out who shot and illed his older brother He and a friend go into the tower territory where they end up shooting one of the members of one of the drug gangs Junius is given fifty dollars by his mother who tells him to run to an aunt in NY for safety Junius ignores her insrructions and continues to look for his answers In the course of his uest Junius becomes involved in an escalating war for his answers In the course of his uest Junius becomes involved in an escalating war the two young men the police and the drug gangs to a bloody violent confrontationIt is the characters that make this such a fascinating read They are real and gritty with depth and life None of them are cardboard cut out stereotypes Even the hard edged drug lords have shades of grey and are not completely evil All of the characters from older than his years Junius his tough as nails mother and his drunkard father to the crack addicts and drug dealers in the tower projects are real and believable They live on the pages of the book and pull you into their complex if violent worldAt its core this is a mystery who illed Junius brother And while the answer is discovered it is the larger story of the ruthless violent world surrounding that mystery that makes this a powerful read One of the best things about Harwood s novels is Harwood himself If you ever get a chance to hear him read be prepared to walk away fired up about his fiction and about fiction in general And his novels are pretty darn good too and will only get better Harwood will be around for a long long time Three word review Loved This BookYoung Junius is a story centered around a popular character from Harwood s Jack Wakes Up It is set in 1980s Boston at a time when Junius is still uite young After the murder of his brother which goes largely uninvestigated by the authorities Junius takes it upon himself to find out the truth of what happened Armed with a handgun and accompanied by his good friend Elf Junius takes his first steps into a world for which he is only marginally preparedIn Jack Wakes Up Junius is smart wise and confident Young Junius is impulsive angry and naive As he encounters and characters in the war zone that is The Towers a Boston project that is suffering from the oppressive hand of the resident gangbangers that sell drugs and shoot at each other Junius and Elf find themselves embroiled in a turf warThis is a tough as nails book that s not really a coming of age book it s about the time right before someone comes of age It s full of mistakes that define what Junius will become at another stage in his life But the telling of this tale lays the foundation upon which Junius builds his inevitable empire and provides the background that helps shape himI can t say that I can speak from experience but this book feels like it rings from a personal truth although Harwood has indicated that it is not based on any real experiences of his own Kudos to him then for painting a landscape rich with detail and populated with interesting characters that both surprise and fill stereotypes Highly recommended On the surface Young Junius seems like a fairly simple story 14 year old Junius Ponds has his brother die and vows revenge against the drug dealer that murdered him It s a dark abrasive coming of age story that is almost like a YA version of ScarfaceAt the same time though Harwood uses that story to make a larger point about the The Thirteen-Gun Salute karmic circle of violence or rather the downward spiral of viole. In 1987 fourteen year old Junius Posey sets out on the cold Cambridge MA streets to find his brother’siller in a cluster of low income housing towers prime drug dealing territory After committing a murder to protect his friend he finds himself without protec. ,