Breaking the Chain [E–pub/Pdf]

Breaking the ChainAn absolutely etrifying read There were times that I

Had To Stop As 
to stop as neck muscles were in spasm For anyone who s been exposed or affected by domestic or hysical abuse this brings up so many emotions only reason I gave it 3 stars is that I wasn t crazy about the last of chapters seemed to jump around too much and I wasn t always about the last couple of chapters seemed to jump around too much and I wasn t always who was who But a great read nonetheless Well I was very uninterested in finishing this book Maybe it was his writing ma. Andy Mcuade was just 12 years old when he lunged an axe into the head of his father After suffering years of sadistic abuse at his hands and watching his mother slowly lose the will to live it seemed his only option However his father survived the attack dying several years later a shadow of his. Ybe it was the fact That He Never Really Was he never really was with what was happening to himI was 120 ages in and decided to The Lady and the Lionheart put it down Hopingassing it off was not a bad idea So good I read it twiceAn elouently written book that wrings your emotions You will be shocked disgusted amazed exhilarated exasperated and satisfied in eual measure There are arts that make you laugh arts to cry over and arts that make you think deeply Highly recommended The beginning art of the bo. Former self leaving his son to live with the overwhelming guilt of his actions At 16 Andy ran away from home and moved to London where he lived as a near derelict became addicted to drugs and worked as a dealer At 17 he overdosed on heroin and technically died coming around three days later in