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The Invisible Alcoholics: Women and Alcohol Abuse jYour mind is closedust keep walking there is nothing for you here If there were half stars this would be a 15 I liked the non fiction essays better than the short stories the chapters by John Preston William S Burroughs and Dorothy Allison were the best and I was surprised to really enjoy the poetry by Essex Hemphill I didn t much like The Story of O so I think this confirms that I don t much enjoy reading about SM and since I really didn t like Rip Off Red Girl Detective and the Burning Bombing of America by Kathy Acker I guess I m not surprised that of America by "Kathy Acker I guess I m not surprised that still don t like "Acker I guess I m not surprised that still don t like writing Most of all this book leaves me wondering if homosexuality and SM are the only two kinky things out there twaddle I started liking Kathy Acker because of this book basically Really fantastically worth your time esp earlyish Kate Bornstein and Dodie Bellamy publications and awesome WS Burroughs piece on drug hysteria plus heartbreaking writing than is probably available anywhere Some run of the mill erotica and some deeply disturbing pieces add up to make a memorable anthology that pushes a lot of buttons At the end of heavy

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will be responsiblefor destructionof human love thought the book was smut but it goes deeper and discusses the issue of social conformity convention etc had a lot of insights on how different guys think and act a compilation of writings poems and essays from people who want to be heard definitely different from the ones i usually read. Rks by writers on the cutting edge of contemporary American literature This is writing that dares to give voice to the shadow regions of the heart to the most subversive desires of the body and to a politics that unabashedly defies conventio. ,
Ontent when the writingcontent was unjustifiably grotesue Some of the pieces were ust underwhelming in their edginess and simply not memorableTotally worth the read for some really gripping nonfiction and almost al not memorableTotally worth the read some really gripping nonfiction and almost al an anthology of forbidden writings from 1991 I found it in my loft the other day What will it be likeEnter Maria a young novice dressed in baby blue vinyl SM gear with miniskirt As she herds her sheep the Austrian Alps ring with her merry songUppers and downers and cruelty to kittensGays in black "Leather With Warm Woollen "with warm woollen callers all tied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite thingsCream colored dildoes and forty four lashesSupernumary nipples and strange little rashesSerial killers and transgendered flingsThese are a few of my favorite things This book is an amazing mixture of essay poetry and prose It waned towards the end with the strongest work being in the front half of the book Noted exception the poem Dreams in Bondage by Michael Lassell That is one amazing poem Sadly reading Mary Gaitskill short story only confirmed for me that there is something about her writing that I ust don t like Not sure what but I find it disturbing and not in a good wayThe book was published in 1991 so much of the work is dated in terms of the coming out and acceptance of some alternative sexual practices and certain in terms of gay and lesbian acceptance in American cultureFair warning This book is not for the faint of heart If. Limits of the imagination Here is the so called dark side of life beckoning in all its manifestations sadomasochism prostitution incest drug use bondage transsexuality Filled with tenderness and brutality with wit and sensuality these are wo. An outstanding collection My favorites were Diary of a Masochist by Lynne Tillman Just Say No to Drug Hysteria by Burroughs How to Kill Her by Ana Maria Simo The One Percent by Cookie Mueller and the insanely epic Heavy Breathing by Essex Hemphill From the introductionThere is such enormous pressure to conform in this society and those of us who reject these singular models of how to live how to write how to fuck how to make art are on the other side of the worldWe have new stories and new ways of telling them Here are some of the most challenging Writers From The Other from the other i read them as visionaries not other I read them as visionaries not role models because we don t need heroes We need inspiration to envision the expression of all desire Tutt altro che banale letteratura estrema sfacciatamente pornografica l alto rischio di uesti racconti nel dire l indicibile nel mettere a nudo corpo anima e nevrosi dell uomo contemporaneo L indicibile non solo pornografia l AIDS la droga esplosi come malessere sociale negli anni Ottanta di cui si parla poco si sussurra agli angoli della strada di orecchio in orecchio ma non si ha mai il coraggio di gridarlo forte e chiaro L alto rischio di fare a pezzi la "facciata perbenista dell America contemporanea rivelando gli incubi dietro i sogni le frustrazioni dietro i "perbenista dell America contemporanea rivelando gli incubi dietro i sogni le frustrazioni dietro i Ad alto rischio il dominio dell inconscio More like 34 36Some really amazing pieces in this collection but some felt like they were there solely for the sake of including edgier This provocative collection of short fiction essays and poetry freely delves into forbidden zones of sex and transgressive behavior The writers and artists featured in High Risk share one strong conviction that art must be bound only by the.


High Risk