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7 Deadly Scenarios A Military Futurist Explores War in the 21st CenturyS endorsement in the thoughts of many The author makes the claim in page 88 that Muslims started the war against the US when Iranians held American hostages at the onset of the revolution Ironically it was the US who overthrew Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953 Iran s democratically elected president in The Avril LaVigne Handbook - Everything You Need to Know about Avril LaVigne favor of the Shah who oppressed the Iranians so much that they backed Khomeini s revolution Krepinevich also conveniently ignores theact that after years of Haganah terrorism and war crimes against Muslims the US had no problem recognizing Israel 10 minutes after it was established in 1948 In the decades to A Fatal Debt: A Novel follow the US would arm this new terrorist state with every weapon known to man knowingull well the atrocities the Jewish regime has been committing on a regular basis against Muslims and supplies this racist genocidal state with whatever it needs to The White Ballets further torture and mass murder Muslims Krepinevich doesn t think that s necessary to mention simply deciding that history starts at 1979 with everything before that being irrelevant thus the Muslims are to blame It srightening to know someone like this is actually entrusted to educate people To urther an the lames of hatred he writes that one of the nuclear bombs was stored in a mosueChapter 3 is about a pandemic driving a massive wave of Mexican refugees to the US You think how can this relate in any way to Muslims Well Krepinevich to his discredit ound a way At the top of page 103 he writes about the 2008 presidential campaign which was dominated by the wars in Afghanistan and Ira and the broader problem of militant Islam He conveniently refers to illegal and criminal US invasions merely as wars as if to shift the blame The Portable Guidance Counselor: Answers to the 284 Most Important Questions About Getting Into College from a one sided aggression to a two sided shared blame affairChapter 4 is about Armageddon with Iran precipitating a regional war As is the case with plenty other parts of the book Krepinevich gets hisacts wrong In page 131 he states that Sunnis comprise 20% of Irais But the number is at least 35% since he apparently didn t include the Kurds who are mostly Sunnis in his numbers Only two pages later Krepinevich screws up again He mentions the 2003 US invasion of Ira then mentions that Hafez Al Asad Syria s leader looked to be going wobbly in the early stages of the invasion Too bad Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin for Krepinevich Hafez was dead 3 years before the invasion Again this is a professor In page 140 of the same chapter Krepinevich praises the Israeli apartheid wall In page 142 the author writes an absolute hilarity He mentions a rocket attack against Israelollowed by the Israeli retaliatory strike on a minor target in the offending area A minor target And only in the offending area The Jenin massacre the two ana massacres and plenty of other genocidal acts by the Jewish state would all beg to differ Israel strikes everywhere and anywhere whether provoked or not Krepinevich is alone against a rumbling tidal wave of Speak Now Against the Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South facts trying hard to polish the Israeli image He repeats this absurdity two pages later when he describes Israeli retialiation strikes as titor tat In page 147 Krepinevich puts away his shoe shining kit and dons his psycho analysis cap In note 51 he writes To assuage their wounded pride many Arab states maintain that US and British air strikes were part of the initial attacks during the 1967 Six Day War Someone with a modicum of professionalism would ve written something like Arab states Bongology: n. The Art of Creating 35 of the World's Most Bongtastic Marijuana Ingestion Devices falsely claim But Krepinevich will not let objectivity get in the way of his tabloid sensationalism Counting Krepinevich sactual errors is truly a daunting task therefore I shall make this one the last In page 149 Krepinevich confuses two different mosues Dome of the Rock and Al Asa mosue as one mosueChapter 5 is about China effectively preventing the US Design the Life You Love: A Guide to Thinking About Your Life Playfully and with Optimism from exercising any power in East Asia thus securing its dominance in the region Just like Giulani in his 2008 campaign was so good at inserting 911 in every possible and impossible subject Krepinevich can insert the phrase radical Islamists anywhere In page 171 of this chapter about China he mentions the war with raidcal Islamist elements Wait you think he s done He s not Though this chapter is about China Krepinevich is not content with blaming every problem in the world on Muslims just once So again in page 189 he writes theollowing a succession of US administrations distracted by the Long War with radical Islamic states and groups Simply amazing Krepinevich indeed has a skill And as usual the blame is never with the US it s always with radical Islamists When the US invaded Afghanistan it was their Shortcut: How Analogies Reveal Connections, Spark Innovation, and Sell Our Greatest Ideas faultor not accepting the barbaric invasion with open arms When the US invaded Ira it was radical Islamist who were the problem as well Apparently Krepinevich "believes that self defense is an abhorrent act and only the most "that self defense is an abhorrent act and only the most of people would resort to such a despicable inhumane revolting offenseKrepinevich tries as much as possible to mention the word Islam and link it with a negative notion even as you can see here in totally irrelevant chapters His mission seems to be inculcating the notion of Islam Bad AmericaIsrael Good The author subscribes to long cherished principle in elementary school 1st grade classes all the world that repeating something many times will refute any and all opposing After You Drop Them Off: A Parent's Guide to Student Ministry factsChapter 6 is about an attack meant to weaken the global economy and thus beget intended chaos Who perpetrates the attack Well Muslims of course who elseChapter 7 is about Ira descending into anarchy thanks to Muslim states and groupsEven the oneairly interesting part of the book is ruined by Krepinevich s incompetence Since the scenarios are Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread fictional many of the notes areictional as well For instance any given page could contain a note in which there s a reference to a book or interview published in say 2014 with Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes fictitious names and uotes as well That could ve beenun if only Krepinevich didn t mix real acts with iction Half the notes are iction the other half real well at least subject to his definition of the word This means you have to check the year in every single note to know if the wittycontroversial uote you just read is real or made up This gets tiresome pretty uickly and you lose interest in the notes altogetherConclusion an interesting premise ruined by a weak approach and stunning venomous hatred The whole book is nothing than an exercise in intellectual malevolence conceptualized around one essential idea using iction as a means to advance Islamophobia A similar and She Weeps Each Time You're Born free experience is to read any war mongering right wing propaganda website basically the same 4 primary tenets will be there as well hate misinformation hyperbole and self righteous nationalism And if you don t want that effort I ll summarize the bookor you in two sentences1 Muslims are immoral subhumans who do nothing but evil worst of all when they ight or their Seven Days, Seven Dinners freedom2 America and Israel are moral superhumans who do nothing but good best of all when they commit war crimes in illegitimate warsThere saved you the time of reading 334 pages You re welcome I picked up this book upon realizing that there was a chapter about pandemics At the time I had been out of work a week because of the current pandemic sweeping the world and was curious about the insights Krepinevich made when the book was writtenpublished versus what the situation in the world was like today Overall it was an enjoyable read I don t think I gained anyascinating insights into how the A Northern Light future will bethe present currently is What was most interesting besides just the hypothetical scenarios and their creativity was how much the world has changed in the timerom publication to now What I mean is that there were some predictions about how the international system would If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas function that I can understand why they were considered back then but they are inact uite inaccurate nowAt the end of the day it s an enjoyable uick read I got it rom a used bookstore so I eel no guilt about having spent a couple bucks on it If you have in your collection or have access to it I recommend reading it if only to understand not how much the world has changed but how accurate or inaccurate our predictions were Up Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, front I ll say that I didn t much enjoy this book and I wish I hadn t paidor itThe author s premise is that accurately predicting the uture is hard and because military planning lead time measures in years if we make bad guesses now about uture risks we ll have the wrong tools and the wrong training in place to deal with things when they happen He proposes the use of scenarios to prompt military planners to consider how things might develop and what respons Makes you think about scary things Useful White Water for the value of scenarios in various life problems Got uite technical at endbackground in military kit would have been useful. The conseuences of a timed withdrawalrom Ira to the likelihood of a China on the march Krepinevich reveals the orces both overt and covert that are in play; the ambitions of world powers terrorist groups and rogue states; and the actions and counteractions both our enemies and our allies can be expected to takeAs riveting as a thriller 7 Deadly Scenarios takes you inside the corridors of power peers into the world of defense planning and explores US military and political strategy in the past present and likely uture The result is a must read book that will trigger discussion thought and hopefully actio. Ite resources mean that the military and civilian Special Agent forces can t be everywhere at once state governors have to decide whether to call up the National Guard to maintain order when doing so will depopulate local emergency service departments where a disproportionate amount of Guard members work in their day jobs Additionally hallmark attention grabbing attacks can be planned and carried outor a relatively cheap price while Sleep with the Fishes forcing the defender to spend many times that amount to respond and prevent Numerous times an attacker strikes a vital target andorces the United States an ally or even in one case the entire world to expend vast amounts of resources covering all similar sites Searching container ships The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History for potential WMDs cripples the velocity of trade and preys on the just in time economic system that has reduced inventory to the absolute minimumor maximum profit An attacker can uickly exhaust a defense by salvoing or threatening to salvo scores of relatively cheap munitions to which the defender has to counter with vastly expensive guided munitions Finally the US military is unprepared to deal with the scale of activities that would be involved with countering many small shadowy attackers operating in a large area and if need be performing regime change on a rogue country or stabilizing a collapsed one In all cases the US would be stretched ar too thin with manpower reuirements or just one of these operations often exceeding the total number of existing unitsAs an aside though the purpose of these scenarios is specifically stated to get people thinking about potential situations that the US could A World on Fire face in theuture rather than trying to predict the Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life future it is still interesting to see how the world isaring 9 years later Some scenarios are now less likely the backbone of the internet has been hardened and dispersed against attack Others have not changed much at all compare and contrast securing loose nukes in a collapsed Pakistan vs North Korea s burgeoning nuclear program while others are completely new the ongoing conflict in Ukraine resembles the a low level version of the open warfare seen decades ago As usual I have a ew sore points with the workFake ootnotes The author liberally sprinkles 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate footnotes and citations to back up certain points that he makes in the course of his scenarios For instance the scenarios will often describe a huge spectacular attack but make the point that planners should have been aware this was possible because a smaller similar attack took place before which leads to aootnote citing a publication or news story However because the scenarios take place in the near The Oxford New Greek Dictionary future the author nec Then again what else do you expectrom a book that Joe Lieberman praised Andrew Krepinevich s book oozes so much hatred it really makes your jaw dropsThe book propounds 7 catastrophic scenarios Five of them are caused by or directly related to Muslims While the other two aren t Krepinevich nevertheless managed to insert a The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece few parts about radical IslamistsChapter 1 is about the implosion of Pakistan In page 31 Krepinevich mentions something about Jihadists and terror campaigns in Afghanistan and India Then he writes about Jihadist guerrilla and suicide attacks in Kashmir Krepinevich writes it with a straightace dearly wishing that the reader knows nothing about the decades long streak of Indian war crimes in Kashmir which includes torture rape and mass murder A recent Wikileaks cable is among the plethora of evidence to document this mentioning India s systematic torture of Kashmiri civilians Could this cause a violent reaction Couldn t be because we all know that we enjoy being raped tortured and murdered by The New Job Security foreign armies Asor Afghanistan American war crimes abound on a regular basis there where airstriking weddings has become a national American pastime so no need to expound there In page 38 Krepinevich continues to wage his anti Islamic crusade writing about Pakistani General Zia Al Ha and his unwise attempt of instituting separate Islamic court systems promoting Islamist officers etc This whole chapter reads like some kind of discarded right wing afterthought like something even Glenn Beck would The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) find laughably hyperbolic In the same page he claims that madrassa schools taught Wahhabism a recent and meaningless term primarily used by non Muslims very rarely by Muslims This is only one of Krepinevich s manyactual errors In page 41 he claims that young Pakistanis are severely indoctrinated to become terrorists The latter word is used liberally throughout the book Krepinevich tries hard to mask his hatred behind a brittle and transparent acade of objectivity but the power of hatred overtakes him in page 46 where he actually used the words Islamist cancer "In the same page he mentions the war on Islamists in Ira and Afghanistan Because that s "the same page he mentions the war on Islamists in Ira and Afghanistan Because that s problem with the world right now See the US illegitimately invaded those two
and committed unspeakable horrors against innocents there war crimes still going as of this review But Krepinevich thinks that s all ine the problem there is that people resisted the invasion In the same page Krepinevich writes about the gang rape that was inflicted upon a Pakistani girl by tribal elders as some arbitrary and cruel punishment Krepinevich claims that the elders acted based on their interpretation Islamic shariah Like so many other things in the book he pulled that out of his backside since not a single source I ve read even mentions Sharia as a possible basis or this crime and nothing in Islamic Sharia could even remotely be interpreted to yield a judgment like this In note 31 the author takes absurdity to new levels sane and insane people dare not dream of He claims that In the eyes of Islamists women are relegated to second class status which they share with infidels and slaves The author is just pouring it on at this point intoxicated senseless by a cocktail of malice and ignorance In the same note he writes that Islamic laws discriminate against women and cites an example They effectively deny protection or a women against rape since To Helvetica and Back four male witnesses must confirm its occurrence Prejudice blinded Krepinevich and made himall into a contradiction if Simple Art of Greatness four male witnesses must confirm what they saw then that means practically all women would goree since it s hardly possible that 4 people would see and confirm intercourse Unless the woman is an exhibitionist with no ualms about sex in public this is not a common occurrence if it occurs at all And notice how Krepinevich mentions rape here The 4 witnesses condition is Where the Heart Waits for adulterypremarital sex not rape A raped woman is considered a victim under Islamic sharia Also in the same page in note 30 he claims that honor killings made a strong comeback with the rise of the Jihadists Unsourced of course and absurd as this practice is tribalcultural not Islamic since Islamorbids this kind of thing Even Wikipedia one of the author s commonly cited sources is absent here In page 51 Krepinevich is so consumed with hatred that he threw away that microscopic semblance of objectivity that he didn t have and wrote an outlandish hilarious scenario in which the big scary monster radical Islamists seize power in Pakistan What happens next Well they want to blow everything up of course You know those Muslims they re terrorists by nature right Right therefore Krepinevich should not be ridiculed The Politics Of Jesus: Rediscovering The True Revolutionary Nature Of Jesus' Teachings And How They Have Been Corrupted for writing that Pakistan would then become a sanctuary and breeding groundor Jihadists who would go abroad attempting to subvert other Muslims states and attack non Muslims No this isn t Pat Robertson who s writing this Not Daniel Pipes or Geert Wilders And even though it very much resembles something some A Burglar's Guide to the City flag waving backwoods teen might anonymously write on a white supremacist website it s actually a serious statement by a distinguished his word back jacket visiting professor at a university Ironically it s the US who s been subverting governments around the worldor well over half a century now with covert operations and overt invasions being sanctioned and sold to the people and overt invasions being sanctioned and sold to the people the likes of Krepinevich dedicated government propagandists and hypocrites of the The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth first orderChapter 2 War Comes to America This scenario is about terrorists detonating several nuclear bombs inside the US The terrorists are naturally Muslims Krepinevich endorses torture in this chapter claiming that it s a successful way to extract information despite virtually all the evidencerom real life opposing it completely The author does a good job of masking his racism but as seen in the last chapter he s only human so he slips on occasion In this scenario after a American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago few bombs cause heavy casualties Krepinevich writes one US tabloid headline sums the thoughts of many Rag Heads 60000 US 0 page 86 Notice hi. Trategic and Budgetary Assessments and consultant to secretaries of defense the CIA the Homeland Security Council and the Joint Forces Command Krepinevich’s job is to think the unthinkable and prepare a response in the event our worst nightmares become reality Basing his analysis on open intelligence sources an assessment of the latest global and political trends and his knowledge of contemporary military history Krepinevich starts each of the seven scenarios in the context of current geopolitical realities and vividly tracks the path to crisis From the implosion of Pakistan to a worldwide cyberattackrom.