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The series is listed below1 The Ghost Belonged to Me2 Ghosts I Have Been3 The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp4 Blossom Culp and the Been3 The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp4 Blossom Culp and the of Death Blossom Culp I love thee These books were my introduction to juvenile paranormal historical fiction my love for which never died I ve said it before and I ll repeat it often probably but I love Richard Peck s writing The Ghost Belonged to Me was particularly interesting in that it combined his ghost stories with his humorous slice of life stories set in the Midwest around the turn of the twentieth century And it somehow does both brilliantly There s a certain chill to Alexander s ghostly encounters although they re mixed with a compassion for the dead girl whose ghost he meets and for her story But than scary this book is immensely funny Peck has this incredible knack for crafting characters who are well characters They re full of uirks that combined with circumstances are absolutely hilarious and the understatement used at points only serves to amplify the underlying humor Added to that there s a lot of solid history woven in so subtly that ou don t really realize how much Bill’s Humiliation in Panties Volume 8 you re learning And of course the entire tale is told in Alexander s uniue voice complete with collouialisms and occasional grammatical lapses it s very well done and adds a lot to the writing I would definitely recommend The Ghost Belonged to Me to anyone upper elementary and up who is interested in this time period as well as to anyone who just enjoys an entertaining funny story In the beinnningthere is a barn where someonealready saw a ghost It was Alexarder Alexarderander and his friend Blossom were talking about it and Blossomwere talking about it and Blossom offered maybe it was some kind ofanimal He said Then how doou explain the LightWhere Alexander saw the Ghost They went to the haymow whichpeople used a long time ago The steps were very dusty with cob websSo I m going to tell Kotlin - Les fondamentaux du dveloppement d'applications Android you but they wanted to go dead or alive Alexander gets scared and Blossom says I really don t think there sa ghost in here But once the find something out There was a ghostin there and eyes They tried to run but thet were stiffYou should read this bookourself because I like scary storiesits a easy book and its very short to read Read this for probably the first time in twenty ears earlier this week and loved it all over again. E contact with the Unseen Now there's a girl ghost standing right in front of him telling him of great danger ahead But is there time for Alexander to act on her warni. E This was one of my favorite books when I wasoh 12 ish or so I saw it on an end cap at the library and picked it up on a whim TO SEE HOW IT HELD UP see how it held up well actually I was pleased to see an old favorite really was pretty good It s a gentle ghost story set at the turn of the 20th century and told by our protagonist Alexander All the characters are nicely drawn and have a good original voice The ghost story itself is not as scary or creepy as it is atmospheric and the main theme is about growing up and doing what s right than things that go bump in the night If ou want a uick read this is a fine choice I think when Alex is a couple ears older I ll aim in in Richard Peck s direction As I read I remembered another story with the same characters so I think it may be part of a series DNF I read the first third and the last two chapters It did not pull me emotionallyI think the author was trying to be like Mark Twain A school age boy and his friend help a ghost They later travel down the Mississippi with the ghost s remainsI ve loved many childr This book was very eerie It wasn t amazing or anything but it was certainly creepy and intriguing Alexander Armsworth is an ordinary seventh grade boy in 1911 At least he d like to be It s not his fault he lives in one of the nicer houses in Bluff City Or that his mother is throwing a coming out party for his older sister Or that his uncle is a bit crazyAnd it s REALLY not Alexander s fault that the girl from across the tracks Blossom Culp has started dogging his heels With stories about halos around the barn And how that s the sign of a ghost Who cares if her Mama is a fortune teller That doesn t mean anything And it doesn t mean anything when the barn starts glowing Or when that little wet dog shows up and then disappearsExcept maybe that Alexander isn t all that ordinaryThe Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck is the "first book in a set of four starring Alexander Armsworth and Blossom Culp "book in a set of four starring Alexander Armsworth and Blossom Culp they are paranormal mid grade novels But they are HILARIOUS With a little romance enough mystery and just enough gore to entertain readers from ages 9 to 99 One of my FAVORITE series ever I ve probably read them a million times I especially love Blossom s gutsy insights her determination to rescue Alexander from himself and Alexander s natural terror of his own GIFTNote The correct order of. His heart pounding And when he ventures into the barn in the dark of night his breath catches in his throat Suddenly Blossom Culp's words come back to him You can mak. I remember watching the Disney of this book ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 1975 MOVIE IN 1978AND BEING COMPLETELY published in 1975 movie in 1978and being completely Boy sees ghost and is sent on a uest that leads him on all sorts of adventures with his new friend Blossom It gave me the willies but in a safe way when I was oung There was treasure and ghosts and suspense The movie adaptation was called Child of Glass This movie gave me such nostalgia that I looked it up in the earlymid nineties and found that it was a book and read the middle grade book when I was 15 or so I think of this whole story fondly In childhood I borrowed from my school library too Dressage conjugal young to recall stories read once A familiar scene in Ghosts I Have Been enchanted me with d ja vu Other than references to hitting children it was enthralling I was surprised it had a preuel and endeavoured to get The Ghost Belonged To Me Its protagonist is well to do Alexander Armsworth in 1913 Because it features his civil hilarious family instead of Blossom Culp s angry gypsy Mother there is no harshness and I relished every page His bachelor handyman Great Uncle Miles Armsworth is my favourite character Blossom refers subseuently to a spectre in his barn this story which I was glad to read at last It was emotional profound and inventive than I expected thus I was rewarded richlyThe Armsworth residence was among their town s first properties where a retired captain hung himself after building it Alexander meets the spectres of a dog and woman who foretell a bridge disaster he is able to prevent The grateful train survivors put him in the news He delays mentioning the ghosts especially to his disbelieving Mother but their new reporter is an honourable and openoung man When at last Great Uncle Miles learns of them and the woman s name he deems it necessary to admit he knew who she was and had kept a secret for the captainPutting those pieces in order does not close the excitement Blossom begins to become useful She assists Great Uncle Miles and Alexander en route to Louisiana the second phase of an important mission New levels of entertainment emerge with the need to thwart an intruding newspaperman Meeting Great Uncle Miles s old flame is especially memorable their enigmatic hotelier Richard Peck deftly combines all kinds of elements comedy flight a mystery and spookiness I savoured this multicoloured treasur. More death More if ou do not stop it Others lost like me in the black water Save themWhen Alexander first sees the eerie glow in the dormer window of the barn it sets. .

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