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Tempting TormentHould have She was described as startlingly beautiful and haughty Instead she just sounded like an old biddy It was all wrong Tanner should have made her sound beautiful and sly instead She was way off the mark or this character Audiobooks are ALL ABOUT the reader s acting abilities because they are not like reading a book yourself They are like listening to a very I would give The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey five stars to Jo Goodman s skill as a writer and a story teller but this book made me want to break things This was not a love story This was a study of the nice guy condition and what happens when the nice guy thinks a woman is laughing at him It also illuminates how a misstreated woman winds up internalizing her partner s contempt of her and develops affectionor her abuser I thank Goodman Itsuka for taking me on this journey I ll definitely be less trigger happy in theuture to ask why didn t she just leave One of the things I liked about this book was that it is long It gave me as a reader the chance to get to know the characters in depth rather than just a surface knowledge of them I couldn t put the book down Because I Wanted To I wanted to out what happened in the end We irst meet Jessa Winter when she is a nanny We see down the road what exactly happens to her in that position She meets Noah McClellan on a stage coach where he gets injured When she thinks he is dying she ends up marrying him so that she can escape her past as his widow and get out of the country Most of the story we get to learn of both of the characters Noah McClellan is there rom America to take care of some business or his amily He thinks it is going to be a uick easy trip but it turns out to be nothing like what he expected to happen Jessa Winter is smart and uick thinking except where Noah McClellan is concerned And the same goes or him about Jessa Noah is otherwise and easy going guy Live Bait from what we are told that hisamily considers him the level headed one of the bunch That is why it is interesting to see him unnerved by Jessa on their trip across the Ocean Both Jessa and Noah seemed like real people with aults rather than the stereotypical perfect romance novel people I liked that Sometimes both characters seemed a little people with aults rather than the stereotypical perfect romance "NOVEL PEOPLE I LIKED THAT SOMETIMES BOTH CHARACTERS SEEMED "people I liked that Sometimes both characters seemed little but that tends to be life There was a villain or two The McClellan Fancy Strut family is a great group of characters I have not read the other books in this series I will now have to goind them because I liked this one I did manage to keep up with this book as a stand alone Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka fine I received this bookor Unbreathed Memories freerom ebook discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review 45 stars Another gripping romantic adventure involving the McClellans The courage of a defenseless baby s nanny to preserve the infant s life rom his greedy guardians and the lengths she took to keep him alive to the extent of deceiving Noah MCClellan into marriage and leave England under his protection What I can t help but react to is the pathetic and tragic character of Hilary Bowen Her wealth and beauty did not save her rom becoming the spoil of war by the British occupation in Philadelphia and her Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults father s neglect and indifference to what happened to her did not help either Instead her experience has warped her perceptionreason and Noah s rejection was theinal straw The author has managed to create characters and situations that are not only credible and relatable but also empathic Oh there is humor too so a wellrounded and solid work PS I received this book A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 forree I Love My Dad from eBook Discovery I voluntarily post this review This is my honest revie. Played himor a All about Us fool As they sailor America he is torn between outrage and growing tenderness or this beautiful woman he now calls wife Jessa's recklessness nearly cost him his life yet he cannot ight the burgeoning desire to tease and tempt her into sharing than just his nam. Noah is the calm peace loving brother with an inconvenient tendency towards seasickness It is therefore almost cruel that his amily voted him as the most suitable candidate to undertake an inspection of his in voted him as the most suitable candidate to undertake an inspection of his in properties in Engl The 3rd inal book in the McClellans trilogywell done JOu presented all d stories in dis trilogy superbly all d 3 books could be read as standalone stories still d connect was never brokenkuddos to u dis book also turned out good in ur kitty Another gripping romantic adventure involving the McClellans this story is about Noah McClellan who is in England to manage his brother and sister in laws estates and Jessa Winter a lady who "BECOMES A NANNY DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES SHE IS ON "a nanny due to circumstances she is On run with the heir of an Estate his life in danger Handbags and Gladrags from his guardian who wants the baby dead As his nanny she ll do anything to protect him Noah is unknowingly dragged into her scheme of things gets married to herBoth of demall in love on d way to americaall d elements r present in d book There s intrigue deception kidnapping romance action adventure passion sex highway men angle the author Jo has successfully scriptted dis book it is An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) fast paced not boring at all the plot is well developed written sowell dat i read d book in one sitting as it was very captivatingJo has a very good penmanship her story concepts rresh i loved all d 3 books in d series not a single book disappointed me it is worth a read i would recommend it as it is a must read i would like to read of JO s books I received this book or ree Wish Upon a Wedding from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review This was another adventure packed story in this enjoyable series It has secrets intrigue revenge and some romance I dideel the pace was slow at times but this didn t stop me reading until the end I can t say I immediately took to Jessica as not only did she use Noah at a time of his physical weakness but also lied consistently It was good to catch up with the rest of the McClellan We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk family but this can easily be read as a standalone I received a copyrom eBooks Discovery and have voluntarily and honestly reviewed it I love Jo Goodman but this dated book was difficult to get through I got whiplash Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other from the hero s emotional bipolar actions throughout most of the book Heck I wanted to jump overboard with the heroine to get awayrom himbetter yet push him over The last 14 of the book was the best part of the book but really couldn t save the rating I wish he wasn t sure an ass at Richard Nixon: The Life first Theinal in the McClellans trilogy I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! focuses on Noah McClellan and Jessa Winter On the run with the heir of an Estate his life in dangerrom his guardian who wants the baby dead As
"his nanny she "
nanny she do anything to protect him Pretending she s a widow the opportunity arises to marry a man on deaths door and travel to America as his widow Unfortunately or her he survived and now she s married to a man she knows nothing aboutexcept that he s trustworthy incredibly handsome and she s extremely attracted to him Noah McClellan was in England to manage his brother and sister in laws estates everything was going according to plan until it wasn t He ell into lust with a widow in a carriage was shot by bandits and married and angel What he didn t expect was to Puppet Master fall in love with the woman that was making his life difficultAn amazing story that keeps you wanting There s intrigue deception and kidnapping Emotional and passionate keep the reader on a roller coaster ride that keep one glued to every single pageI received this bookor Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners fre. False PretensesDesperate to escape to America with her life and that of the infant in her arms Jessa Winter uickly weds a mortally wounded man planning tolee England as his widow She doesn't count on Noah McClellan's will to live or his determination to make her deliver on all of. E Janae (Blacktop, from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review This review is mostly to comment on what an audio reader gives or takes awayrom a book I definitely got the eeling this book would have been better probably 4 stars had I read it myself Jill Tanner is consistently irritating in her reading of books or me Here s a rundown of things she does that irritate the heck out of me and ruin a book many good rundown of things she does that irritate the heck out of me and ruin a book many good Her male voices sound too eminine That said she still manages to give them an unfemininely annoying uality Even though they aren t deep enough to resonate as a man without adding too much of my own imagination they are dintinctly gruff and nasally It s disconcerting to add this much of my own ignore reader actor to get past it and stay ocused on the writer s work itself2 Her emales sound too old or their ages A lot of readers have this problem or me Many times the narrator is an older woman and older women s voices tend to drop a bit rom when they were younger Many great readers can give their voice a bit higher note without sounding sueaky to get by this problem It s uite markedly lacking with
"tanner when her "
when her is supposed to be 20 22 years old yet sounds 40 50 It s just another uality that takes away rom the book 3 She has little to no voice inflection change to each of the characters unless she throws on a heavy cockney accent to some of them In this one the hero was an American but he sounded like any other British character in the story I understood that people in America in the late 1700 s may very well have had British accents still but his character was born and raised in America and the accent was as heavy as ever She should have at least toned it down 4 In this one Tanner did what is my number 1 pet peeve on narrators which was she made them all sound Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., fairly cynical and unlikeable in her delivery The hero sounds perpetually pissed off at everyone and everything with the voice inflections she gives him Goodman can walk aine line anyway with how antagonistic she can write her characters and Tanner made me hate this hero even when I started realizing toward the end of the middle that the book was getting better I was having to REALLY edify my listening to get past her rendition of the hero especially Neither hero nor heroine were that likeable to begin with through half the book due to her narration Noah treated the heroine with overwhelming distain Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, for her lying and Jessa well lied at every turn to him over and over which even wore me out With this type of premise Ielt it was ESSENTIAL that the reader should put a LOT of empathy into the delivery of each character so that I the listener could at least try "to appreciate where they were coming rom and why they were so validated in their positions and "appreciate where they were coming rom and why they were so validated in their positions and Instead Tanner made the hero so gumpy and grouchy and just plain MEAN to the heroine SO MUCH that I hated him and didn t North feel a scrap of sympathyor his position It didn t make any sense that I should be that unfeeling or him when the heroine was lying her pants off and deceiving him CONSTANTLY She was supposed to have very good reasons or doing so but agian no empathy injection into the character by the reader just left me Dead Giveaway feeling cold 4 Spots where the Hh were supposed to be havingun FINALLY and this is a REEEALLLY LOOONNNNGGG book she gave no lightness or Andrew Lost In the Kitchen fun spark sounds to at all Just didn t make me believe it 5 Finally is it possible to make a villainous sound like a total biddy to the point where I hated her than I even Their marriage vows But baby Gideon and her own hidden secrets must be protected even as Noah's passionate demands tempt her to trust him with everything the truth her life and her heartLead To True PassionsNoah has every intention of getting his duerom the cunning emale who's. ,