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Lanta who knew The son was cute and was his own character rather than a plot tool Read it but hope for a cleaner ending some how Samantha Duncan lets character rather than a plot tool Read it but hope for a cleaner ending some how Samantha Duncan lets sister talk her into using a discarded invitation to the Black and White ball she meets and dances the night away with a gorgeous stranger who turns out to be Mac McAlhenyIt turns out to be the start of a Cinderella esue story Ms McMahon does a nice job spinning the tale without having it become too far fetched although the conflict seemed a touch contrived for my taste Awalnya bagus Samantha nya ga melted2 bgt tapi pada saat Mac melakukan pendekatan ke Sam terlalu panjang jadinya malah bosen kapan nih propose to married ny. Sam her job but mac comes to the rescue and makes Mac comes to the rescue and makes nanny to "HIS ADORABLE LITTLE SON TOMMY EVERYTHING ABOUT MAC SEEMS "adorable little son Tommy Everything about Mac seems a dream but the butterflies Sam feels are definitely rea. ,
Ms with telling all about becoming a Park Ranger It was just odd Not necessarily bad just odd No sex Just kissing I d call it clean This was a pretty decent read with likable characters fair amount of steam and a cute toddler thrown into the mix Perfect to pass the time This is the 1st book I read by Barbara McMahon Some parts of this story interested me but some parts of this story bored me good story sweet clean emotional totalmente conmovedora romantica 3 This was very sweet but the ending had to make a lot of compromises on the heroine s end that rang false Liked the story and the sister and the side characters growing together as a group Didn t know it snowed in At. Ds herself dancing with Billionaire Mac McAlheny A Ticket To A Mac McAlheny A ticket to a lifeWhen the clock chimes twelve reality strikes Sam doesn't belong in Mac's world in fact her stolen night costs. .

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I might have toyed with 4 stars or
3 12 if 
12 if wither hadn t thrown the kitchen sink at the plot Natural disaster wrecking house check Drunk driver who permanently injures sister check Dead parents check Widower with cute son check Cinderellaish meet up check Loss of job checkNow granted most of the aforementioned happens prior to the book starting but jeez And there s a lot of telling And explaining And the way disabilities are discussed is times extremely condescending Not to mention the fundraising scene I can t imagine anyone wealthy enough to give vast amounts to a charity not understanding a trust And do people really not know who Fred Astaire is I also had proble. A nanny for the New YearFor one night Sam Duncan is determined to dress to impress and let her hair down It's New Year's Eve and with her hands on the hottest ticket in town she fin. Nanny to the Billionaire's Son