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Lemon Tart A Culinary MysteryIs after you The big saving race is the recipes They are reat at least the lemon tart was the rest look worth trying It is a nice safe clean are reat at least the lemon tart was the rest look worth trying It is a nice safe clean but a little too Edge of Venomverse goodyoody for me I really enjoyed this book Despite the Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) goofy description on the backcover which left me with really low expectations for this book the book was not nearly as cheesy as I thought it would be It held my interest and I rea The less than talented LDS Author strikes again The writing is poor the story simplistic and the heroin annoying Did I miss anything Iave it one star instead of none because it did include some recipes that might be worth trying Although just like this Lemon Tart book they may just leave me feeling sour I wish I had the knack for writing a concise informative review of books I love reading those where they set down a brief overview of the plot and then praise or pan the book I somehow can t really do that I had high hopes for this book It was so highly rated by so many readers The writing was much better than I expected and it really held my *Interest Throughout The Book * throughout the book though there were no surprises and I had the culprit figured out for a long timeThe reason I didn t rate this book higher was that I just couldn t stand the main character Much is made of her being 56 years old She doesn t exhibit 56 year old behavior And it isn t a case of her being a young 56 year old More like a totally immature 56 year old Her character is so unbelievable to me She whines and complains about someone swearing and then justifies her own lying Lying is a much worse behavior than swearing Her sneaking around being deceitful with the police and Back of the Yards: The Making of a Local Democracy generally superior attitude just reallyot to me Food does not solve every problem nor does it always wipe out one s rude behavior Sadie seems to think that all she has to do is make something for someone to eat and all is forgiven Usually people learn from their mistakes or unpleasant behaviors But Sadie just keeps doing them and wipes her conscience clean By Baking Something It S baking something It s bothersome to meI also want to interject I m surprised that this was published by Deseret BookI might try one of Mrs Kilpack s earlier books to see if I can find something there to redeem this one But then again there is so much out there to read I ve been eyeing this Culinary Mystery series for uite a while and hadn t read any yet I own several of them in paperback but they were random ones in the middle of the series If you ve followed my reviews or know me then you kno. Neighbor a single mother who was mysteriously lured from her home while a lemon tart was baking in her oven At the heart of Sadie's search is the woman's missing two year old child Whoever took the child must be the murderer but Sadie is certain that. ,
W that I MUST read things in order I just don t like skipping around and not knowing everything from beginning to end Everything is laid out in a specific order for a reason and I just enjoy watching it unfold as the author plans it So let me just say that I finally dove in and am starting the series I have a subscription to a site for audio and ebooks and this series is on there So here starts me listening to all of these culinary mysteries I usually listen a lot when I m driving places cleaning cooking workingbasically anytime I can sueeze in a few minutes So I need books anytime I can sueeze in a few minutes So I need books are ok for my family to listen to as well This was definitely one that they all were hooked on listening to I will say that there were a couple times that I rolled my eyes over the main character Sadie Ha She was a fun character but sometimes a little too sweet or too Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine good Not that that s bad Because I m probably very similar to her but the way it was written into the book it definitely caused several laughs and a few eye rolls The mystery suspense was well written I honestly changed my mind many many times for who I thought was the baduy Can I just say that usually doesn t happen to me I m pretty Blue Guide good at picking out who it is right away But nope Josi Kilpack sure tricked me on this one Kudos to her I m definitely looking forward to adventures with Sadie and Detective Cunningham oh yeahContent It is a murder mystery so there is murder Not overlyraphic but some detail enough to ive the reader the basic idea of what happened A character has an affair so a little talk about that but no detail Moments of suspense and peril And safety first that might be one of my eye roll moments hee *HeeI Listened To A Copy On Deseret Bookshelf All Thoughts * listened to a copy on Deseret Bookshelf All thoughts opinions in the review are my ownHappy Reading I ve had this series on my TBR pile forever I m lad I finally Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare got the chance to start it Lemon Tart was a fun read I enjoy that the main character Sadie deviates from the norm I mlad she is in her 50 s and sorting out the next chapter of her life I can easily relate to her and her family The author s description of Sadie s character being written to portray Paula Deen cooking show host meets Angela s description of Sadie s character being written to portray Paula Deen cooking show host meets Angela made me laugh The mystery had lots of twists and turns and kept you uessing until the last minute I look forward to seeing where relationships evolve from here The recipes are an added bonus This cozy mystery is just that Cozy Main character and amateur sleuthbusy body neighbor Sadi Hoffmiller is a delight At 50 som. The police are looking at all the wrong suspects including her For an added treat original mouth watering recipes for Sadie's Lemon Tart Homemade Alfredo Sauce Carrot Cookies Brownies and Granny's Gingerbread Bundt Cake are sprinkled throughout the bo.

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