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I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President

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Chetypes Would have loved to read it as a kid *Works Pretty Well Now *pretty now An evil mastermind daddy issues plans to become class president and I swear I ve not read anything so hilarious heartwarming and politically conscious ever before Ollie is such a memorable and intriguing kid that I wish this book had a seuel so we can see the teen andor adult versions o this character He reminds me of a young Gru from Despicable Me I warmly recommend giving this to kids since the scheming manipulating diabolical parts of this book and the crazy characters will keep hisher attention while the author slips in some very important information about the democratic process When you read this book because yes you should read this book make sure you do the audio versionMarc Thompson is amazing His voice mutations are so impressive it seems like multiple people narrated this book I found this especially helpful in differentiating between normal Oliver and internal monologue OliverI am a child and I am not ashamed to be one Time will cure this nfortunate conditionOliver is such a funny vengeful little weirdo I of course adored himIt s simply the most adorable thing ever My mother has joined a gangI think everyone would enjoy this so go listen to itI only gave it four since I wanted a different ending Okay this book gets an extra star just for its awesome title alone It earned those other 3 stars by making me laugh harder while reading than I ve done in a very long time By all appearances Oliver Watson is just another dimwitted overweight middle school loser But in fact he is an evil genius who happens to be the 3rd richest man alive has an army of minions to do his bidding and has remodeled the school to suit his needs ie an out of order toliet stall is actually a hidden movie theater with a tp roll that dispenses hot buttered popcorn Despite his power and riches Oliver is not content He wants to be president of the eighth grade class But as it turns out the road to popular election is not the cakewalk it appears to beSo the Captain Beefheart references may fly over the heads of most teens but otherwise I think all current and former 8th grade nothings will totally love this book the Medical Marijuana ultimate revenge fantasy for anyone who has ever done time at the bottom of the middle school social ladder I ll definitely be booktalking this one on my next middle school visit Twelve year old Oliver Wilson isn t the most popular kid in school but he is the most powerful Turns out that while he pretends to have the I of a grilled cheese sandwich his favorite sandwich he s actually an evil genius with a vast empire that can control just about every aspect of his daily life He s got special devices in the water fountains to he ll get chocolate shakes when he pushes a certain button he s got a vast evil empire that can make all of his day to day problems seemingly vanish and he s got an attack dog that responds only to his commands in an obscure language But all great evil geniuses must have a nemesis and for Oliver it s his father Oliver looks down on his father seeing him asnworthy to have a son such as Oliver But yet Oliver still seeks his approval So when Oliver is nominated to be class president an office his father won and held at a young age Oliver sees his chance to win parental approval After ickly removing his two opponents Oliver believes he has clear sailing to the office and paternal approval I Am A Genius of Unspeakable Evil And I Want To Be Your Class President caught my attention simply because of the title Of course cover blurbs by Judd Apatow didn t exactly hurt the interest either nor did the fact that the early goings of this novel are very funny clever and amusing The various ways in which Oliver ses his evil powers to manipulate those around him is funny and steeped in geek references galore When Oliver first declines the class president nomination he s forced to bribe his way back in Nicademus using a rocket shooting Boba Fett figure as a bribe Since only six exist in the world and none of the collectors are willing to sell Oliver must go to extreme lengths to get one and get back into the raceOliver s narration asides and illustrative photographs throughout the novel are a lot of fun However like an SNL. 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I m pretty sure I Am a Genius *of nspeakable evil and i want to be *Unspeakable Evil And I Want To Be Class President has the most words in the title of any novel I ve read Look at what a clunky acronym it makes IAAGOUEAIWTBYCP From now on it s just gonna be GOUE for Genius of Unspeakable Evil This is one of three books I ve read by Daily Show alums The others are Sons of the 613 and Neil Patrick Harris s Choose Your Own Autobiography co authored by David Javerbaum All three are worth reading but GOUE so than the other two bears the mark of Here is me trying to be funny Isn t this silly Isn t this clever You laugh now and you laugh again next sentence and the sentence after that And yeah a lot of it is funny the footnotes especially But given that GOUE is structured and executed as a satire directed toward middle grade readers the absurdity of plot character and dialogue is pushed to an extreme that shatters believability GOUE is well constructed yes I completely appreciated it on a cerebral level but I never actually felt like I got to know or care about anybodyThe title itself to me at first suggested a school age parody of George W Bush 12 year old protagonist Oliver as he presents himself to the other people in the book makes W seem like he has a Stephen Hawking brain with the authoritative elouence of Morgan Freeman No one expects anything out of Oliver in other words he s chunky clumsy drooly and appears to have the mental capacity of a first grader Secretly though Oliver is a self made billionaire He has a staff of employees who have no idea who they work for including operatives in his school Oliver has a Batcave type hideout nder his house where a character combo of Batman s butler Alfred and Bitterman from Arthur carries out his personal demands Oliver s parents are none the wiser The dad is a pretentious a hole and the mom is oblivious and throws food at all her son s problemsOliver enters the election for class president to spite his dad to spit the cute girl to spite the popular kid Because you see Oliver has an almost omniscient brain but also the emotions of a child In this regard he s kind of like the Old Testament God If I have everything but no one chooses to worship me then I have nothing I ll get them yes I will I ll get all of themSo there s revenge fantasy stuff and it s pretty cold hearted even for a satire Especially for a middle grade satire The bottom line though is GOUE is entertaining And even if it s not believable you ll still expend some mental energy trying to figure out how someone in Oliver s position
with all those resources could pull off some of this stuff My sister has been begging me to read this book Every few minutes she told me that she felt sorry for me because I ve deprived myself from reading the amazingness that is I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President And she was right so right I ve been deprived actually deprived of the comedy deprived of the hidden depth hidden in each character I actually regret not tearing this book out of her hands the moment she offered it to me Oliver is without a doubt a genius I profiled him as a narcissistic sociopath two chapters into the book I thought every chapter would have him belittling others and controlling them through nbelievable ways In a way i was kind of right As well as completely wrong Oliver was not what I thought he d turn out to be In the 303 pages of this book i fell in love with the character I loved that he was the farthest thing from a typical character I loved that he had to be figured out and not read so easily I adored the fact that whenever you realize something new about him that he may not have wanted to let slip you get excited and start fidgeting in your seat Anxious to find I adored this book and i can tell you the first thing i did was check if there was any Sadly there is not But if there was i would buy it Maybe even buy two copies of it so that i wouldn t have to fight my siblings over who would get to read it first Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018 A book about a villain or antihero 640 I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s like politics meets Dexter s Laboratory Ollie is simply hilarious and the other characters are entertaining caricatures of their respective human ar. 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Skit the concept is stretched a bit too far and it *ends p being less compelling funny and entertaining as the novel comes down the home stretch The one thread that rescues *up being less compelling funny and entertaining as the novel comes down the home stretch The one thread that rescues final third of the novel is once his mother becomes his campaign manager and finds she has in common with junior high girls than she does her adult contemporaries Can t believe people don t know about this book It s hilarious and has a main character with a secret life that every kid wishes they could have The ending was a bit contrived though Not sure ite how to rate this one so I won t I thought most of it was hilarious inventive and fun to read but I was confused by the ending and what young readers are suppose to come away with Is it pure fun or is there a moral within all that dark irony At first I thought it would be most appreciated by younger adults Daily Show fans who would remember well the horrors of middle school and get a kick out of how Oliver manages to pass by and over them It is completely over the top and veryvery funny I figured that the Raymond Carver reference and the irritated stuff about public television fund raisers might mean to those who knew and had experienced them But as I read on I did think kids would get it and enjoy it too Anyone who has ever been bullied or experienced anything even minor of the sorts of stuff Lieb accurately described about middle school is bound to eat this book p That the class loser be it what you think you are or were or one you knew there has to be on Oliver sometime in everyone s life is secretly an evil genius who does have world domination is something everyone can get And Lieb presents Oliver s life and world absolutely brilliantly everyone s dream realized from invisible bodyguards to take care of every slight in school world domination cause a coup to get a toy to bribe a school official and so forth This part of the book Oliver s secret world is mostly total wish fulfillment and terrific All those wonderful Rube Goldbergish secret things and places I think my favorite may be the water fountain with the two secret buttons disguised as discarded gum that provide chocolate milk or root beer or both although the cigarette messages are pretty fun too while being on the adult side again how to pronounce Nabokov Gravity s Rainbow etcWhere it didn t ite work as well for me was the nderlying theme about Oliver wanting daddy s approval I mean he is so scathing about daddy that the reunion at the end rang false for me The man seems like a complete idiot as of *course channeled through oliver that seeing him at * channeled through Oliver that seeing him at end as decent again through Oliver didn t fly for me just puzzled me Maybe I didn t get it but it seemed to be sincere and with all the rest being so over the top ironic and mean this seemed off to me I guess it is just irony of the opposite sort but I just didn t ite get those last few pages I must admit I also wasn t sure about Oliver s feelings behaviors and relationships with the other kids and even teachers At first he clearly hated them all and that was fine and worked in a two d comic book sense but that ending again very confusing to me Was Randy okay in his eyes by the end or not What about Verna Titania That teacher with the cigarettes Much of the humor was of the Arrested Development sort and very funny but the nicer side of things that seems to also be in this book didn t fly for me It fell pretty flat or maybe it didn t exist and I just got taken by Oliver at the end for it I guess because Oliver is truly mean for most of the book about everyone dorks good teachers bad teachers mother father everyone The evident change at the end didn t seem believable to me All that said I do recommend it because it is A Letter To Pakistan uniue has some hysterically funny bits and is a highly entertaining read Let s fix Jon Stewart s cover blurb Here s what he said If War and Peace had a baby with The Breakfast Club and then left the baby to be raised by wolves this book would be the result Here s what he should have said If Artemis Fowl had a baby with Diary of a Wimpy Kid and then left the baby to be raised by the Dursleys this book would be the resultFive stars of funny One of my favorite bits when Oliver defines Machiavelli as An Italian who wrote an early self help boo. 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