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E inspirational feel to it As AN ASIDE I WAS IMPRESSED RECENTLY aside I was impressed recently an article I read that said according to the American Geriatric Association there is 60 percent less dementia among people over to the American Geriatric Association there is 60 percent less dementia among people over 65 who knit Pretty cool I found this to be similar to The Knitting Way but succinct weighing in at only 136 pages Tara Jon Manning xplores how knitting can help one practice the buddhist meditative approach known as mindfulness This makes perfect sense considering the uiet contemplative nature of the activity This books sheds light on why so many knitters describe knitting as a soothing comforting pastime More discussion on how a state of mindfulness relates to creativity would be interesting I thought this would have I like the meditationmindfulness tips I get why there are patterns in the book but I had no interest in them so I just kind of skimmed the book I will give mindful knitting a try in practice because I know I could benefit from it I m such an anxious person Lovely idea Has mediation practices and knitting patterns I got this as a freebie from my yarn store Although the parts about Shambhala meditation were similar to those I ve read of Pema Chodron and indeed the author cites Chodron as a reference and the knitting patterns look PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition enticingnough for me to try to knit I just wasn t fully convinced of melding the two together after reading this book Certainly knitting has the possibilities of being contemplative and meditative if you re able to stay in the moment but I didn t find this book to say anything new or Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography enlightening I found Zen and the Art of Knitting to be inspirationalI m going to keep this book to try some of the patterns though Simple no stress projects to keep the hands moving and may your thoughts follow As I m not part of this culture the whole mindful lingo feels forced to myars or The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eyes rather Okay my being I thoroughly agree that the peaceful repetition of stitches invites meditation and all good things so I don t know what Ixpected in the reading. Ties Ten original and njoyable knitting projects ach complemented by a meditation xercis. Easy suggestions for meditative practice while knitting Good projects that build skills as you progress through the book Plan to buy this one for my library This was a very helpful book Work is currently very very hectic busy disorganized and hard to keep up with how do you really feel you might ask One scape that helps me scape is knitting and this very simple step By Step Book Has Really Helped Written In 2 Parts step book has really helped Written in 2 parts first of which captures the ssence of the practice of mindful knitting Chapter 1 describes basic steps to mindfulness meditation Chapter 2 discusses knitting as medication then basic steps to mindfulness meditation Chapter 2 discusses knitting as medication then subseuent chapters Exile and Pilgrim expand from simply knitting to simple pleasures connecting to the world and onward and upward as one starts with the simplest of knitting projects a garter stitch scarf to a set of wash clothes of a variety of stitches and textures to blankets and baby garments I ve gone beyond applying the techniues to knitting and am now being mindful while I m running andven when I m participating in teleconferences at workA most helpful book There are better books on the technical aspects of knitting but this book does a nice job of matching projects to a particular aspect of mindfulness meditation This book combined two things that I ve been practicing for yearshand knitting and mindfulness meditation Both have been important practices for me and this was the first knitting book I ve found that xplores the meditative uality of handwork with the kind of depth this one does I loved all the patterns included too for their simple legance and usefulness I m looking forward to Hannah Montana: The Movie enjoying this lovely volume further as I make up some of these projects myself NotesCommonalities between practicing mindfulness and actions of knitting both reuire light attention to thenvironment both allow the mind to rest both have a natural object of focus that contributes a rhythmic uality to the xperienceMindfulness simply means ngaging in what is happening from moment to moment allowing ourselve. Author Tara Jon Manning a noted knitwear designer and practicing Buddhist xplores the spir. ,

S to be aware of what is occurring in our minds and in our surroundings without judgement or interpretation simply as an onlooker Mindful activities provide the circumstances for our minds to rest in the present avoid thinkinginstinctively use the sounds around you the feeling of the yarn the way the chair you are sitting in feels to bring you back to what is literally at hand the warrior s gentle heartheart of generosity is to bring you back to what is literally at hand the warrior s gentle heartheart of generosity is the warriors heart at odds with western notions of warriorshear that opens and xpands connects us with joy and suffering these lements combine to allow us to feel true compassionnatural tendency may be to close up this kind of heart challenge is working directly with that which our minds might deem undesirable or painful the warrior finds bravery in his or her direct relationship with what is happening As one who njoys needlework as well as the philosophy of mindful meditation I felt I was a natural for this book and I found it visually pleasing as well as Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts enjoyable and practical Author Tara Jon Manning grew up in Boulder Colorado as a student of the dharma the teachings of the Buddha and she is also a lifelong knitter She begins with some simple instructions on basic meditation then shares some thoughts about how knitting can be a meditative act simply by the knitter becoming aware of the process Being in the moment is related to process Knitting provides its practitioners with a uniue vehicle forngaging in process to focus on what is happening now stitch by stitch without being dgy about getting it done 19 Among her thoughts on meditation and knitting Manning provides several uncomplicated projects most of which are asy A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli enough for beginners pot holders scarves an afghan sweater a baby layette She urges readersknitters to keep adding to their tool boxes sophisticated tools and skills or simply to make wee little hats for new babies at the hospital if that is all one wishes for the rest of one s knitting career In any case this book has a gentl. Itual rewards of Kitting Bring inner serenity to your knitting practice andveryday activi.

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Mindful Knitting Inviting Contemplative Practice to the Craft