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Looks at her childhood and her mother s intoxicating beauty and suffocating need in the hopes of trying to nderstand the past and not duplicate the same nhealthy relationship with her own daughter Some stop you dead in your tracks writing Unbelievable My Old Sweetheart was written in 1982 it feels so fresh with in 1982 it feels so fresh with contemporary sensibility But having said that it does remind me in tone of another book I recently written about that time Margaret Atwood s marvellous Surfacing Moore s novel is set in lush tropical Hawaii and is centred on a young ncertain teenage girl Lily Lily s mother is beautiful but prey to bouts of mania and depression Lily s father Sheridan is a doctor at the local hospital and a wealthy plantation owner While he is well read interested in art etc he is remote mannered and fairly inscrutable Of course Lily and her sister and brother always take their dreamy wilful imaginative mother s side against their fatherWe see her parents through Lily s eyes and the lens is coloured She is nsure of their relationship and while she loves her mother she is wary of her For want of any companionship she becomes close to *a Japanese boy Tosi whom Sheridan has informally adopted but who acts as a servant for the family especially for Anna *Japanese boy Tosi whom Sheridan has informally adopted but who acts as a servant for the family especially for Anna there is trouble in paradise Anna is nstable and Sheridan appears Banana Fish, Tome 14 : unable ornwilling to help her and the beauty of the house and the lush environment its sights smells and sounds is heightened by Lily s Cirsova (Issue unease The danger and thrill surrounding Anna is potently suggested in an early. Rning sugar cane and the heady atmosphere of her mother's madness For if Anna Shields is an islandnto herself fragile glamorous and fearfully needy Lily is the bridge that connects her to reality But now Lily is a young woman and a mother herself se.

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Scene where the family sans father swims out to an Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú underwater cave Only Lily divesnder the water following her mother through the small entrance into the black cave and it is Lily who has to tell her mother that they should return before the tide is too high and they are cut off Ultimately Lily is nwittingly implicated in a tragedy and is too high and they are cut off Ultimately Lily is nwittingly implicated in a tragedy and future becomes a life of exile flitting from place to place island to island with her young daughter and the faithful Tosi in tow If you are wondering my old sweetheart is her mother s term of affection for LilyThere is an languor and sadness about Susanna Moore s novel perhaps there is a suggestion of colonial guilt there is certainly a sense of personal guilt but this is all played out in a dreamy sort of way that reminded me of those other wonderful tropical novels Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and Richard Hughes s High Wind in Jamaica There are no neat solutions just small victories small moves forward and always a redolence of regret I hadn t heard of Susanna Moore before but a friend gifted me some of her books "I Was Pleasantly Surprised " was pleasantly surprised story was one of *those complicated tales of a family nravelled taking place over decades with lots of jumps between remembered and *complicated tales of a family nravelled taking place over decades with lots of jumps between remembered and contexts but avoided the dreariness common to this kind of family epic Touching real an Moore is a good story teller but the story here was too scattered to be meaningful Mother is drug addict who commits suicide Father is indifferent Daughter searches for meaning of life Another dysfunctional family Meh. Lf exiled from Hawaii but still attached to Anna's tragedy And as she tries to ntangle those threads of love and loyalty Moore gives s a novel of shimmering beauty and sadness My Old Sweetheart is a small classic perfectly formed and mysteriously wi. My Old SweetheartAlthough I read this many years ago it s evocative descriptions Hawaii and growing up there stay with me and it one of my all time favorites As there stay with me and it remains one of my all time favorites As so perfectly described it in her 1272011 reviewI always think as I read a book like My Old Sweetheart that I want to read many books like this Spell binding and measured books with a store of Twisted (LOST, uietly held revelations kept in reserve that make me gasp a little novels that countenance no interruption and make you lookp to think and then feel For the Love of Texas (The West Texans uite surprised to find that the world is still there happening around you This felt like a book of blessedietness it has a ality of stillness and fragrance *About It Created In Part By The *it created in part by the langour of the heat with its power to oppress and stifle but also to radiate and infiltrate There is a certain light that shimmers here and a moment when Anna and Lily swim to an nderwater cave that actually transported me thereyes holding my breath to dive and everything and feeling that slight sense of panic about getting out again even if I was sitting here in my thermals I liked this better than Sleeping Beauties Very sad about both mother and father Hawaii setting interesting It was an interesting story of love and loss After the first few pages I really really really wanted to live in Hawaii By the end of the book I wasn t so sure I am so glad that I gave this book a chance because I hated In the Cut This book is a marvelous novel set in Hawaii about a twisted co dependent motherdaughter relationship A young woman. In this mesmerizing novel Susanna Moore displays a naturalist's eye for the landscape of her native Hawaii and an A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing uncanny sensitivity to the despairing love between mothers and daughters Lily Shields growsp amid the fragrance of night jasmine and bu.