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The third book in the Lady Julia series was a ittle gothic than her previous two stories I thought it worked well though I felt creeped out the entire time I was reading this book Deanna Raybourn is such a wonderful storyteller I m amazed with every book I read by her I v What the heck I want to say something else but I m trying to contain myselfThis installment was my Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old least favorite so far and really for one main reason Brisbane He pushed Julia away for the most ridiculously stupid reason throughout the entire book view spoiler He simply refused to marry a woman with money which he had mentioned before but honestlywould someone really give up theove of their Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs life for really give up theove their Gray Bishop life for stupid of a reason hide spoiler I picked this edition because the cover on the other oneooks ike a reprehensible prom dress Love this book wraps things up very well uite interesting torment Although I could see the ending coming the characters are so good that the trip was worth it Less of a mystery than the ast two installments very evocative of Wuthering Heights or Rebecca Still Loved it hope the series continues What is with the new cover This series is so much than romance In
what drew me to this was the independent spirit of the heroine Lady Juliathink Austen meets Mary Russell the Laurie King books I will keep reading because I m already hooked but I must wonder whether I would have picked up this series with this current designI know we shouldn t judge books by their cover but this one makes me think it is a traditional bodice ripper which I completely detest I am ooking forward to reading this atest installment but I may have to remove the cover when it arrives from HAPPY DANCEThis one is my favorite in the series so farfor SO many reasons1 Although I have never been to the Moors I FEEL as though I have thanks to the Bronte sisters so everything surrounding this Liar locale is always magically enhanced to me and usually depressing2 Julia grabs the bull by the horns and goes after the Brisbane That s what I m talking about 3 Portia is in itend ofThe story wasn t very novel or surprising I felt annoyed that the main characters didn t seem to consider the. This is a wickedly witty Lady Julia Grey mystery 'There are things that walk abroad on the moor that should not But the dead do not alwaysie uietly do they Noir lady' It is England 1888 Grimsgrave Manor is an unhappy house isolated on the Yorkshire moors silent and secretive But secrets cannot beong. Silent on the MoorEss and tells her to go back to London and forget all about him The aristocratic but indigent family that Brisb It s difficult for me and forget all about him The aristocratic but indigent family that Brisb It s difficult for me describe exactly how excited I was for this book to come out Silent on the Moor was easily at the top of my most anxiously awaited books of 2009 I discovered Deanna Raybourn ast year and after blowing through the first two Jul Since I barely got beyond two chapters I don t think it d be fair to rate it and thus I won t But can I stomach of Julia essentially throwing herself at Brisbane when he has made it uite clear repeatedly that he doesn t want he has made it uite clear repeatedly that he doesn t want see her doesn t want her around and she is m I had to order this book through interlibrary oan but I "am glad that I did I read all 465 pages in "glad that I did I read all 465 pages in day I really didn t want to set the book down Raybourn writes a really good Gothic murder mysteryromance Lady Julia Grey is part of that movement that I sense in fiction right now to feminize the story of Victorian times The role of women was definitely undergoing change during this time period what with Margaret Sanger s championing of women s rights and birth control plus the Rational Dress and the women s suffrage movements Upper class women s desires to be able to move to not be subject to restrictive social s and to control their own bodies What must it have been Gaffer like to have all your choices subject to parents or brothers Julia is a very sympathetic character to the modern female reader We identify with her desire to pursue what she wants Brisbane without having to answer to her stuffy eldest brother She is fortunate to have a father who is willing to aid and abet I was also glad to see that Raybourn spreads the restrictions around writing Julia s brother Valerius as a frustrated medical doctor Gentlemen aren t allowed to practice trade preventing Valerius from becoming what he is meant to be and showing that even men were hemmed in by the social contract of the timeI m disappointed that I will once again have to specially reuest the next volume of this series through interlibraryoan Plus I am unsure where Raybourn will be able to take it after the conclusion of this installment but I am willing to give it a tr. Ner seems to be falling into ruin along with the house Confronted with gypsy warnings and Brisbane's elusive behaviour Lady Julia scents a mystery It's not Circumstantial Evidence long before her desire for answerseads her into danger unlike any other that she has experienced and from which this time there may be no esca. Most obvious thing staring them in THE FACEBUT ITS THE CHARACTER INTERACTIONS facebut its the character interactions makes these novels for me Everyone is coming around to Julia s new strong willed nature which I find so delightfulMy next complaint makes me feel ike a sex crazed personbut the romance is all fade to black I mean COME ON This series is obviously geared to adults with all the subject matterits VERY adultbut constant FADING TO BLACKeven the kissing isn t described Why have we been flirting for 3 books will continue with the series because I am emotionally invested at this point The mystery in this one is really pathetic I guessed it all correctly from the get go I was hoping that it would change into something far ess obvious but it didn t So sad This book definitely felt ike a placeholder Or relationship filler Once again I have issues with how Julia is portrayed Here she s just so desperate I don t know how else to view her stalking of Brisbane Seriously It s stalking So a dude tells you he doesn t want anything to do with you He ignores you for months Showing up at his house with a packed bag is not ok There s only one way that ends Fine There might be two ways that ends restraining order or a bunny boiling on the stovetop I did enjoy the setting and the bleakness of the entire story It was nice to have a darker story I really hope that Brisbane doesn t completely change and become a cuddly bear for the rest of the series 35 stars Silent on the Moor is the third book in this LADY JULIA GREY series and Julia and Nicholas Brisbane are still trying to figure out what their relationship is and if they even have a relationship But A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping luckily there are mysteries to solve and murderous people to distract them and us from their relationship woesJulia disregarding all the normal rules of British Victoian society decides that Brisbane needs her and over needs to admit heoves her So she travels uninvited with her brother Valerius and sister Portia to stay at Brisbane s new manor in the onely moors of Yorkshire called Grimsgrave Hall There s a name guaranteed to sell real estate Astoundingly something is amiss and it s not just that Brisbane alternately kisses Julia sensel. Kept in the face of Lady Julia Grey's incurable curiosity In the teeth of protests from her conventional stuffy brother Lady Julia decides to pay a visit to the enigmatic detective Nicholas Brisbane to bring a woman's touch to his new estate Grimsgrave is haunted by the ghosts of its past and its ow.