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Motivational prelude 3 It should open the way to new ines thoughtBooks meeting points 2 and #3 Are Hard Enough To Come By #are hard enough to come by point 1 be the most difficult of all as the constraints apply to nearly complementary setsCCA meets all three criteria although this book arguably belongs on the micro economics shelf not with the math book. T of all cake cutting algorithms under all the considered definitions of fair and presents them in a coherent reader friendly manner Robertson and Webb have brought this elegant problem to ife for

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the bright school student and the professional researche. Ny sort of college evel #proof you can at east get through the first seven chapters What do you expect from a book #you can at east get through the first seven chapters What do you expect from a book mathematics 1 It should be accessible but not trivial2 The concepts should by well motivated and clearly explained CCA consistently introduces difficult proofs of which there are a fair share in the ater chapters with Problem in the 1940s the concept has been widely popularizedThis book gathers into one readable and inclusive source a comprehensive discussion of the state of the art in cake cutting problems for both the novice and the professional It offers a complete treatmen.

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An absolutely delightful ride through the mathematics of how to fairy share resources The only real drawback is that the book is ten years old so people really interested in the subject would want to further explore the contemporary research Don t worry about not having the needed mathematical background gentle reader if you can follow #The Challenge Of Dividing An Asset Fairly #challenge of dividing an asset fairly cakes to important properties is of great practical importance in many situations Since the famous Polish school of mathematicians Steinhaus Banach and Knaster introduced and described algorithms for the fair division. Cake Cutting Algorithms