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O follow On top of that the character development over just 8 issues worth of comics Was Incredibly Sold And Very Believable Knowing incredibly sold and very believable Knowing little bit of what happens to these characters later on specially Songbird who is my favorite I could really see the ground work laid down hereI also noticed about half way through the read that Mark Bagley did the inking I normally don t pay much attention to who does the art work unless it REALLY stands out and his run on Ultimate Spider man was one of those times Once I realized it was him I could see the beginning of what would stand out so prominently later in his work there My daughter discovered Songbird in Avengers Forever and asked to see of her so I pulled out my Busiak Thunderbolts This first volume is solid if disjointed It s not Busiak s best work by a long chalk but it holds together well Math Basics 6 enough The central metaphor of being careful what you pretend to be because you become what you pretend to be giving space for a redemptive arc for a cluster of Marvel villains is an interesting concept that is pretty wellxecuted Busiak s work on Thunderbolts and later Avengers are really the only good thing to come out of the mid 90 s Marvel Reborn nonsenseBagely s artwork is fine If Too Angular Too too angular too and occasionally too convoluted for my taste This volume doesn t suffer from the problems that my recently reread Black Panther stories had with the massive tonal shifts in artwork inside the story arc Bagely produces reliable content that doesn t uplift the story but doesn t actively hamper it For the mid 90 s that s a blessing Good introduction to the teamSome of the art and panelling was cluttered and difficult to follow I love the Th. Lts a new suad of heroes who promise to pick up the torch dropped by Marvel's varsity her. UnderboltsMoonstone and Songbird are two of my favorite comic book characters Songbird is victim of circumstance Moonstone is batshit crazyZemo is a crazy villain I m book characters Songbird is victim of circumstance Moonstone is batshit crazyZemo is a crazy villain I m big fan of Atlas and Mach They are guys trying to make good They start bad big fan of Atlas and Mach They are guys trying to make good They start bad you can tell arly on the plan was to turn them into good guysJolt is definitely the weakest of the bunch but she s still somewhat fun She has the same problems as Jubilee They really wanted to create the next Kitty Pryde I was aware of this title when it FIRST CAME OUT BUT I WASN came out but I wasn reading a lot of mainstream Marvel stuff at the time so I didn t buy it then And the premise sounded a little corny Well it is a little corny I guess but it s a fun book Kurt Busiek is a really good mainstream superhero writer He also does some ambitious stuff like Astro City and Marvels but this isn t uite like those It s not turning the genre on its head or anything like that It s fun but silly with a lot of big fight scenes There is some interesting character development going on in the background but they don t get too far with that in the first volume Through most of this book we don t get much insight into why these characters are motivated to work together other t 35 This is a combination of a bunch of stuff I don t really care about but it s very well writtendrawn When this book came out there was nothing like it on the market It was a strange idea at the time It s now been copied so many times that people forget that this is the one that started it all The uality of this book is what carries it above it s successors The simple idea of bait and switch is something I m sure other writers wish they could have pulled off as well as this book did. Oes But this group has a sinister secretthey are in disguise the mailicious Masters of Ev. ,

A bit dated by today s standards but really REALLY good for its timeThe characters were pretty strong and some of them like Zemo and Songbird later grew uite a bit from what was stablished hereA fun read An intriguing premise that the villains take on roles of heroes to gain power and the writers began or at least hinted at other interesting character developments but none of them went anywhere in this collection Mostly it was one battle after another The writing was heavy handed almost to the point of saying The First Ghost eg Hey reader don t miss the fact that Spiderman saved that guy s life Essentially inessential like a majority of Marvel s mid to late 90s outputUnless you re a fan of any of the main characters in this book inither Hero or Villian guise or are a DC fan who s curious as to how Marvel handled their version of the 52 concept 10 years before DC tried it out there s really no reason to pick this one up Yes it s a decent Superhero title but decent is as good as it ver gets And considering Marvel went back and rasedretconned most of the devestation left in the wake of Onslaught and that the Tunderbolts as they xist In Current Continuity Are current continuity are different than the ones presented here there s nothing here that really affects the last 10 15 of Marvel Comics In fact it s kind of a pointless readSlowly trying to fill in the 8 10 year gap when I wasn t reading comics But I seem to be mainly sticking to MarvelGo figure I was pleasantly surprised by how good this was I adore the Thunderbolts but until now the few things I d read featuring them from before Civil war had been hard to follow from overly convoluted comic writing But the story in here was very solid very asy Into the chilling void of super heroes left at the climax of Onslaught leap the Thunderbo. ,

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