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I ve actually been chipping away at these for too long but I finally concluded them and feel like I ve essentially ead the Disney catalog in original form Evil stepmothers slash I finally concluded them and feel like I ve essentially ead the Disney catalog in original form Evil stepmothers slash hating wives beat to shit daughters kind fathers good intentions Eveeeel and original form Evil stepmothers slash hating wives beat to shit daughters kind fathers good intentions Eveeeel and abound because we are dealing with fairy tales The good people are treated like bad people then discovered to be magical lotus flowers of awesome sunbeam zen while the bad peoples heels bleed and they get punched in the face by all the monkeys and abbits and kind hearts Because they are dickheads They learn lessonsMore people should ead fairy tales Not sure whether it was the translation or something else the stories seemed to have a lot of western influence One thing for sure though some things are common in fairy tales from all over the world Step mother is evil old women are often bad never break an oath there s a kingdom underwater such traits seem to be common in all the fairy tales I listened to these tales while working out and they were eally entertaining I guess what this book gave me was kind of an awakening into Japanese culture somewhat I say somewhat because many aspects of these stories do not Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey reflect anything about the way modern Japan is but many other aspects explain the anime the manga the hello kitty peace ambassadors the still sexist image of women and many other thingsThe fairy tales Iead the I see in common between different nations and cultures fairy tales seem to all stem from the same oot and most of the time they are unfair to women and to some animalsHere are some of my findings1 The Dragon King is a pretty nice guy for what he is but do not cross
him2 all step 
all step are evil3 all neighbors are evil4 women who are smart and don t wanna be servants are evil5 good women are docile and servant like6 white means pretty7 if you have no children you e miserable and have nothing to live for8 creepy old men who seem to like your children are not creepy at all they just want to get your kids to serve the emperor9 the original people of the land who demand their independence from the Empire are evil demons who should be killedFairy tales are not Buying the Night Flight: The Autobiography of a Woman Foreign Correspondent (Updated Edition) really fair But that s just how they are Started off slow but the way the stories echoed each other made them interesting and gave them a certainhythm I enjoyed Some of the later tales The Goblin of Adachigahara The Ogre of Rashomon and How an. English translation of 22 tales include ghouls goblins and ogres; sea serpents and sea kings; kindly animals and Apan and the est of her life in all place in between Her marriage story is interesting She kept on getting some other guy s mail in Japan who had the same last name as her they eventually met and married CuteI m not a fan of the bracket translations of common Japanese words not only are they unhelpful maybe to a 21st century adult eader though I mean Samurai But they are also strangely inconsistent In The Happy Hunter and the Skillful Fisher we have Mikoto translated as Augustness yea a kid would totally that almost every time So the first few times she writes the term almost every time So the first few times she writes the term then translates it in brackets then a few times alone then goes back to translation I think we got it the first timeBut all in all entertaining It s neat to see folk stories from the other side of the world and see how different yet how similar they all are Definitely getting dated but aren t all fairy tales supposed to be dated There is something delightful something childish something absolutely necessary about fairy tales The further I travel into adulthood the I Feel I Need The I need the delights of warriors and princesses fighting monsters in the mountains Fairy tales often also bring much needed moral clarity That s why I think that stories that feature "Adults Or Children And "or children and them travel to fantastical worlds that have parallels to their own work so well Wizard of Oz Labyrinth Alice in Wonderland Spirited Away or even comics like Joe the Barbarian Fairy tales work Adam und Eva im Paradies. Für die fröhlichen Nachkommen aufgezeichnet really well when their simple structure makes clear the moral dynamics of the world we live in For all the simple fun of the stories in this collection I didn t always feel that the moral message was clear in the stories I often felt like they were just stories told to pass the time and that the action and violence were theeal draws for the eader not unlike modern day comic books Some of them perhaps did have messages that I just couldn t tease out of them For me the best story was The Bamboo Cutter If you ead it now you might find some similarities with Superman and Cinderella I didn t hate this book On the contrary the collection had a vast array of interesting tales but they are just fairy tales There is only so much you can obtain from themReview Continued Here This was a pretty interesting collection of Japanese fairy tales and my favorite story in the collection was My Lord bag of Rice though they all were good to Three Wishes read Check it out. Monkey The Mirror of Matsuyama The Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Child The Stones of Five Colors and the Empress Jokw.