Iceman InheritancePrehistoric Sources of Western Man's Racism Sexism and Aggression (KINDLE)

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To some degree people of European decent act the way they act in regards to aggressive behavior over the centuries Plan to re read this summer An excellent source for explaining where they came from and what informed their manners Time is the enemy of the iceman Mechanical time was invented out of the syllabus of European culture depend on a linear or secular conceptEuropean time is absolute and becomes oppressive and dominates over human life The European ideal of mechanical time and progress is not a universal statement of meaning Anyone outside of the culture could not progress using European linear time outside of the culture could not progress using European linear time where they would begin at but very clear where they would endThe mechanical culture ultimate goal technology wise is the control of time therefore time is the enemy of European progress Completely fantasizing and constantly waging a future in which Europeans concept rulesthe past the present and the future in context of mechanical time These abstract goal do not literally exist You must be trick into abstract future planning on a linear line of timeTo Mass the fact mechanical time is a construct of the mind And holds no bearing on human life but is anti human. Thors of these books do not take into consideration is that in spite of the contributions that benefit the worldeuropeans in their
"Attempt At World Domination Created "
at world domination created disastrous climate for the world's peopl.

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Tempt to dominate the world through racism a system of oppression used to eep a race below another In this book the author focuses on how Caucasian white people brought forth the concept of racism Michael Bradley explains the contrast in how society views the race explains how although the race supposedly brought some order technology and other benefits of society But well as their improvements to society their pursuit to dominate the world created a difficult environment for other racesThis book isn t a fictional book with characters and a plot nor is it a biography I enjoyed the book I really liked this book because the author a white male was not bias in his explanations and documentation of his own race instead of filtering the information about his race which made them like pure savages he didn t suagr coat anything Also as a African American citizen in America were racism is very obvious and who is very curious about white supremacy and its creators Michael Bradley answered many uestions I had about the topic After reading this book I adopted a new perspective on a topic of discussion were I was uite ignorant in A really great book that breaks down why. Ect by inferring that in spite of the atrocities and the brought to this world by the caucasian racethey have given the world some Ordersome Technology And Arts technology and letters of lasting benefitwhat the au. OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE I never got to read the book at all as your site had me site my read date and finish read date on the day I ordered the book and it never opened I am sorely disappointed in your practices I believe the book s overall premise is worthy of further investigation though I believe that the aggressive behavior of Western man may have to do with the climate in which he developed in note that one can see the same Aggression In Many East in many East Native North and South Americans Middle Eastern people and even Africans rather than residual Neanderthal DNA After all Neanderthals were not expansionist by nature Homo Sapiens was and is More work has to be done to determine just what in the hell is wrong with our species particularly that highly destructive and deranged Eurasian variety All political correct institutions and media despise this book Well than it will get my encouraging attention Is it also published in German We need this book in the Fatherland They say its not real anthropology but I liked it and give it some credence This book helps to examine the roots of scientific racism The iceman inheritance gives the reader a clear entry into Europeans at. The iceaan inheritance is the most glaring admission about the european's attempt to dominate the world through racismthere are a large number of books on this subject but the writers tend to hedge on the subj. Iceman InheritancePrehistoric Sources of Western Man's Racism Sexism and Aggression