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Ld have been concise Stanton Peele being the father of the psychosocial approach gives some solide evidence that addiction is not a disease but rather a position in time on a continuum from addicted to healthy resulting from diverses factors Although I do think that twelves steps are an effective in recovery for some but not my experience and I woul nt recomend anybody that they should uit AA NA or any other anoymous fellowship but the steps have many flaws that Peel points out with common sense and logic You know the thing I like about Stanton s writings are they are filled with truth Here is a man who has gotten negative criticism for the facts that is a man who has gotten negative criticism for the facts that continues to write about I appreciate Stanton for this He could have easily went along with the addiction model we have in place in the US but instead he continues to make the public aware of the dangers and the reason it does not work I commend him for tha. E self help and treatment through coping with stress and achieving one’s goals As helpful as it is controversial The Truth About Addiction and Recovery will forever change the we view and treat addiction “A classic” John Norcross PhD ABPP Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Scranton author of Changing for Good. I find it illuminating to read books That Pretty Much Alcoholics Anonymous I pretty much slam Alcoholics Anonymous I i can t understand is why slam something that works Of course it doesn t work for everyone it can t and shouldn t The world is too big But it does work for some so why not let it be and let it The thing is if you re looking for some help get it Who cares what it is Refreshing and necessary elaboration on experience based approaches over the traditional alcoholism is a disease approach of AA For those looking for alternatives to the AA belief that among other things there is #Something Inherently Wrong With Us # inherently wrong with us is a constructive and useful realization here that perhaps given some behavioral advice and practice toward sobriety we might learn to rely on ourselves for better choices and and outcomes The first few chapters are a well thought out concise tour through the psychology of recovery focused on evidence based common sense aspec. A radical new approach to recovery using methods proven effective than medical treatment or twelve step programsDrawing on the latest research and detailed case studies the authors expose the best kept secrets in the recovery field· Addictions whether to food cigarettes sex alcohol or drugs are not diseases and they’re not necessarily lifelong. Truth About Addiction and RecoveryTs of our behavior Very valuable to the beginner For those in recovery for some time its later detail and methodical nature might be of particular value to those in cbt or dbt approaches to recovery It s VERY detailed once over that you ll find it very readable as a second or third text on the subject Very valuable Seek it out I got a LOT out of it I found useful And good luck If you ever wondered why 12 steps ust doesn t seem to work for you What did I think of this book Well living out of the disease model for so many years as an addict I thought this Book Was Good Because It was good because it up A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR THE PSYCHOSOCIAL solid foundation for the psychosocial model of addiction Is it true that addiction is not a disease Yes it is and this book tells you why One thing it s a longgggggg book But if you want to learn that there s is another way out of addiction this book is worth the time I gave it a three star because if found it repetitive and it cou. Problems · Many people give up addictions on their own than are helped by medical treatment or twelve step programs · Developing values skills and life resources enables people to uit addictions and to shed twelve step programs · Developing values skills and life resources enables people to uit addictions and to shed addict identity altogether In their revolutionary “Life Process Program” for overcoming all kinds of addictions the authors emphasiz.