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Expecting there to be a few sentences and "blank space i practically growled at the book "space I practically growled at the book simultaneously can t wait to see and dread what Hollywood is at the book simultaneously can t wait to see and dread what Hollywood is to do to the end of this when it gets filmed And for the record no one but Brian Dennehy can possibly play Nick Wyatt Given everything I ve said above I get the feeling I missed something along the way in that last chapter but there s a part of me that thinks Finder tried the classic ambiguous ending another literary risk and it just didn t go as smoothly as the other highbrow tricks that make this novel so incredible As it stands the novel doesn t have loose ends it s got an Oriental rug that comes unraveled all at once Expect to spend a good deal of time mulling over the ending You probably won t get anywhere but you ll do it anywayAs with all good thrillers Finder packs a whole lot of twists turns red herrings blue herrings mysterious gurus father figures and a whole plethora of wonderful minor characters Antwoine deserves his own book to be sure into these pages Don t let the ending stop you Read this Hey budding authors Do you want to read a book *that has pages of cliches popular names products chilling and scintillating narrative such as He *has pages of cliches popular names products chilling and scintillating narrative such as He like he d just found a turd in his Cracker Jack box K 7865 or She was wearing a Fred Perry shirt and she hadbodacious ta tas K 2550Ok this tops it the single worst book I have read in over 25 years How a publisher let this book through is a complete and total disgrace to the writer s community I wanted to give it 0 stars but was forced to give it 1 star just so I could write this review I thought it was written by a 15 year old but alas noYet oh yet this author has books published How is this possible Please if you have any money or time sue the publisher and get these books off the shelfHmmmmwonder why gave this book away for free on the Kindle If you are an author I would strongly suggest you read this book to see how NOT to write a novel it would be a great educationI m starting to wonder about my anti book burning beliefs except I don t want to burn my Kindle 2 hey look a delete button Tightly constructed plot but little else going for it I ll admit that halfway through the book hooked me and I couldn t put it down but it reads like a cheap Hollywood thriller no character development half realized characters and stilted dialogue The ending in particular is easy to see coming and then the book just stops allowing little resolution What resolution is there is undercut by the main character acting out of what little character you ve managed to divine A fine summer read but little else A fantastic read by the master of suspense The story follows a coasting through life Adam Cassidy who pulls a stunt at his work and expects to get fired for it Instead he gets pulled into a world of corporate espionage and is forced to become a puppet In all of Finder s books that I ve read he always puts his characters in situations where they ver. All he has to do to eep it that way is betray everyone he cares about and everything he believes in But when he tries to break off from his controllers he finds he's in way over his head trapped in a world in which nothing is as it seems and no one can really be trusted And then the real nightmare begins. When everything s coming your way maybe you *Re Driving In The Wrong *driving in the wrong Joseph Finder ParanoiaWonderful I adored this tight corporate thriller In fact not since Disclosure have I enjoyed a book like this so muchThis book is so well written It s long but extremely well paced #and everything flows perfectly It is hard not to like the main character who absolutely has his issues # everything flows perfectly It is hard not to like the main character who absolutely has his issues really is at heart a decent guy And the fact that the book is soo long and does not have as much dialogue as one might expect and still manages to be terrif says alotSPOILERSI was a bit confused by the endingwas not sure what the final outcome was though I do not think I am alone on that The corporate executives are sleezy as anything and chillingly creepy because they are so realistic I mean I have no problem thinking something like this has happened or even is happening even as I write thisWould love to see a seuel although I doubt that will happen Side note this book was turned into a film but no way did the film do the book justice although it is still a decent movie I read this book last year but I never gave it a mention on GR although it well deserves itI hope the reader has enough energy to match what the author put into his writing The pace never lets up and even though you find yourself exhausted drained burning out you still have to turn the pageFinder also does a good job of getting into the head of a young cocky smart ass who finds himself over his head I ve read a couple of this author s books and this one s my favorite Reader reviews of this work tend to emphasize the twist ending and the suspense I wish there were a rating lower than one star This is the tale of a pathetic amoral loser who finds himself blackmailed by his company s CEO after embezzling from the company to pay for a friend s retirement party It is poorly written filled with unbelievable happenstance wooden characters and the ending is predictable ten pages after the protagonist goes to work for his employer s main competitor where he is to carry out industrial espionage What a waste of time Great read that Design Research: Methods and Perspectives kept me interested and guessing until the final page My only complaint is I would have liked a bit in the conclusion but overall very entertaining This book got me in the beginning BUT WHY is the F word used so often in the Dialogue it turns me right off There is no need for it a 1 had been wanting to read this author for a while disappointed Clich ridden potboiler full of dated technical jargon and Iid you not babe magnets If you are old enough to remember the days when LexisNexis was the cutting edge search engine or were any part of the twentieth century internet bubble with its ludicrous How To Succeed business books you might find yourself twentieth century internet bubble with its ludicrous How To Succeed business books you might find yourself by waves of nostalgia or nausea According to his biography on Goodreads the author graduated summa cum laude from Yale College and later taught on the Harvard faculty So I can only assume he s taking the mickey Joseph Fin. Adam Cassidy is twenty six and a low level employee at a high tech corporation who hates his job When he manipulates the system to do something nice for a friend he finds himself charged with a crime Corporate Security gives him a choice prison or become a spy in the headuarters of their chief competitor

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Der Paranoia St Martin s 2004Joseph Finder High Crimes recently made into a movie s fifth novel is something different Something new From the looks of things Finder wanted to take aspects of literature and I m not talking your basic modern 20th century literary novel here I m talking lit rat chaw and apply it to the technothriller Certainly as risky as anything his protagonist Adam Cassidy comes up with during the novel And how does he succeed Very well thank you for the most partFinder does for the technothriller what Hammett did for the mystery novel though he s still something of a neophyte in places Paranoia is a shining example of the Idea That Literate Subtlety Will that literate subtlety will beat straight genre writing no matter what the genreAdam Cassidy is your basic punk He spends his free time drinking and doing drugs and his work hours trying to find ways to do as little as possible He feels comfortable hanging out with the loading dock crew than he does in his cubicle at Wyatt Industries being a low level marketing goon Because of that when the loading dock foreman gets ready to retire Cassidy decides to screw his company and give the guy the best possible send off so he pulls a couple of the appropriate numbers and gets the affair catered Problem is he s not uite aware of the scope of the catering and when the bill hits the desk Cassidy s head is about to roll Nick Wyatt the almost cartoonishly evil chairman of the company gives Cassidy a choice either go to jail for embezzlement or go to work for their main competitor Trion Systems and get the dirt on a top secret Trion project Needless to say Cassidy chooses the latter or we wouldn t have a novelParanoia grabs you from the beginning and refuses to let go As with any competent thriller techno or otherwise the plot and the pacing are strong but that s not where the true strength of Finder s book lies He uses subtle tricks to give insight into the characters couches his moral lessons in dialogue they do scrape close to the surface at times but nothing hits you in the face with a dead haddock and generally turns the whole thing into the Your Everyday Art World kind of technothriller that Frederick Exley or Barry Hannah might have written had they the inclinationI was struck at first with the idea that the book s use of profanity was gratuitous but once I figured out what Finder was doing I took a second look and realized he was working with the precision of a jeweler Every time you think *the prose seems a little offilter profane or not take another look There s under the surface *prose seems a little off Why Photography Matters kilter profane or not take another look There s under the surface there seems to be What this results in is characters drawn strongly here than in almost any modern fiction if Stephen King is the undisputed master of drawing characters in a few lines Finder has uickly become the main understudySo why am I not hailing this the most brilliant novel to come down the pike since Kathe Koja last released something Because I m still not sure about the ending I got to the bottom of page 423 turned it over fully. Rion Systems They train him They feed him inside information Now at Trion he's a star skyrocketing to the top He finds he has talents he nevernew he possessed He's rich drives a Porsche lives in a fabulous apartment and works directly for the CEO He's dating the girl of his dreams His life is perfect And. .