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Exhaustive A lot of the book is just lists of things some birds do And since birds are so diverse those lists get LONG do And since birds are so diverse those lists get LONG not necessarily organized by any particular principle While I usually like this sort of infodump I just couldn t get into it ere There needs to be some narrative structure or ROMANCE hook that keeps you awake Sadly I didn t find one before Izzzzzzzzzzz The writer tries to do much in 400 plus pages besides just covering the naturalistory of birds Tudge Chosen for Greatness has chapters on the mind of the birds bird conservation and theistory of extinct species and even a chapter on prehistoric birds and bird classification I got lost in the detail in some of this book but I Eyes off the Prize The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights 19441955 have studied birds enough that I found much ofis esoteric details on species I know fascinating Because Tudge is British many birds of the UK are covered and although Rescued by Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, he uses metric measurements pounds ounces and feet are always provided in Definitely not recommended for the casual reader but if you are seriously into birds and naturalistory you should find some gems ere This book is packed with fun facts like the 100 minute copulation of Vasa Parrots and the 25000 mile annual migration of the Arctic Tern but all of those facts without a central purpose weigh down the text I am an avid birdwatcher but this book was too much purpose weigh down the text I am an avid birdwatcher but this book was too much a good thing The narrative often rambles so it isn t at all clear why the author wrote this book The rambling and the long long lists of factoids made it feel like I was trudging through Tudge s book I skipped 96 page chapter four All the Birds in the World An Annotated Cast List entirely Great book The first eight chapters I loved is style is easy and conversational and yet e still provides a wealth of ard The Adventurers hitting science The 9th chapter about the mind of birds asks some interesting uestions but for a biology student theseave already been made and discussed and so nothing was really added in this chapter Particularly after reading the book by Nathan Emrery But this is not a fault of the book Eminently readable by a non specialist non scientist like myself account of birds and what makes them tick. N Scotsman Books of the Year'An author whose own deep relish for the extraordinary lives of birds seems only marginally less pleasurable to Mommy on Board Unspoken Confessions Bride Overboard the Suire's Daughter him than sharing that wonder with others'    BBC Wildlife MagazineWhen Colin Tudge was a small boye could recognize only five kinds of birds After studying zoology at Cambridge Colin wrote for the New Scientist and was a documentary maker for BBC radio His other books also published by Penguin include The Secret Life of Trees and So Shall We Reap What's Gone Wrong with the World's Food and How to Fix This is a book that took me longer to read than any other book of 2016 And I stuck to the read diligently But I think it is only going TO BE APPRECIATED BY THOSE WITH be appreciated by those with classification onus and supreme interest and patient love of BIRDS There are many species and this is no short cut to their placements shapes locales and Commodity Conversations habits Far far than most people would want to know IMHO And posed in bird study language prose at that MANY terms to learn if you are a novice More than in any Biology course or Aves genus surveyThere were some aspects that I never knew or realized and that absolutely intrigued and would allow for further knowledge of the language needed to describe and observe birds atand or birds during travel or birds as pets Words like cline The best chapter was upon Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay howuman cognition or people think can or cannot translate to bird think or cognition that is uite apart from a Skinner response or stat behavioral reaction There were excellent philosophical theory points but for me ruined by preaching Especially when some Charmed Particles huge characterizations foruman behaviors involved within the philosophy old intrinsic flaws As if All Wars Are Only The wars are only the of materialism They are not But what e knows about birds and their natures abits is than you d ever be able to forget I m going to look at my Wood Ducks differently let me tell you As a birder I enjoyed all the parts of the book with details about birds lives and ancestry which a birder I enjoyed all the parts of the book with details about birds lives and ancestry which comprised most of the book I learned a lot that I didn t already know My rating is not igher uit Drinking Easy Ways To uit Drinking For A Healthier Happier and More Motivated Life Without Alcohol Book 1 however because the sections discussing economics philosophy psychology and politics that came up were boring andard to get through and Duty had me ready to get back to the birds Wow it took me ages to finish this book 18 months or so The firstalf was a long trudge through a survey of every bird family Exhaustive but lots of interesting things in there to keep me going The second alf was a fascinating look at ow different birds feed breed think and behave Don t waste your time This author seems to Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep have an inflated opinion ofimself and never passes up a chance. In The Secret Life of Birds lifelong bird enthusiast Colin Tudge explores the extraordinary variety secret The Food Explorer The True Adventures of the Globe Trotting Botanist Who Transformed the American Dinner Table history andidden importance of birds around the world Birds are beautiful intriguing and life enhancing They can do everything mammals can and even besides Collected The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow here are birds who navigate using the stars tool making crows territorial robins cooperative penguins and swans who mate for life amongundreds of othersRevealing everything from why birds sing to Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart how they fly think bond and survive fromow they evolved and whether it rea. To stick it to Americans the military man is a natural born killer All I wanted to do was learn about birds but the author ruined that experience by Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle his warped political views scattered into the chapters Wish Iad my money and time back This is a rather wonderful summation of current knowledge regarding birds beautifully written with some rather lovely line drawings for those of you expecting some nice colour photos bve warned there are none and covering just about anything a lay person might want to know about the current state of knowledge regarding those amazing creatures we know as birdsAdmittedly there is the occasional feeling that the book is providing one with too much information but it appears to me that the biological definitions cannot be dealt with otherwise The science is provided as it is understood to be at the beginning fo the 21st century yet the author is never insistent that only one view is permissible e presents alternative views without rancour and is most gentle about it allIt is obvious from this work that the study of birds is comparatively in its infancy but that does not say that we are completely ignorant Birds are far fascinating and interesting the we learn from them Indeed the author suggests that as we learn about them the we actually learn to understand ourselves essentially because it forces us to re evaluate our preconceptions and those preconceptions are indicative of our definitions of ourselves as different The final chapters of and those preconceptions are indicative of our definitions of ourselves as different The final chapters of

book talks about 
talks about responsibility to the world and ow our actions influence for better or for worse often mostly the latter our relationships not only to birds but to all life forms on earth More and adeuate funding is reuired by responsible governments to examine study marvel at and untimately protect this valuable resource As Tudge tells us at the endIn short birds are wonderful to behold They can bring us pleasure wherever they are But also the we look at them the they tell us about ourselves and the way the world really is I didn t finish this book The author gets points for being exhaustive but The Power of the Internet in China he loses points for being. Lly is from dinosaurs to why in so many ways they are very much like us this rich evocative book will make you love and admire the birds that are all around you'Enjoyable entertaining masterful'  Stephen Moss Guardian'Simply fizzing with ideasis eart is with the birds'    Literary Review'Inspired Tudge's writing is always clear and freuently embellished with wry umour'   Richard Fortey Sunday Telegraph'Only when we read this scintillating study do we see ow little we've known about the creatures we see around us'   Michael Kerriga.
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Consider the Birds Who They Are and What They Do