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The Seventh Witch eThis review is for the audio book as sold by Audible Inc Amanda LaGrange and Jacob Caine have knownach other for about two years since the day Jacob started to work for THE PARA AGENCY AND TOOK AN PARA agency and took an dislike to ach other or so they both thought For years Amanda has been trying to come to terms with her ability to see ghosts An ability that she believes is the reason her father left her mother and that has spiraled into a form of self doubt that finally leads Amanda to jumping onto the first reason she has to leave the agency to move in with a perfectly normal man with no paranormal gifts As for Jacob his gift allows him to EMPATHICALLY READ ANYONE HE TOUCHES AND read anyone he touches and s been working his way through numerous one night stands in an ffort to put the betrayal of his fiance behind him That bed hopping action has only added to the tension between himself and AmandaFor her last job their boss teams them up to investigate a possible haunted house and a run in with an nchanted clock forces the two of them to face the buried desires they both share As a whole not a

"Bad Listen The Narrator "
listen the narrator me off a little as she tends to have this slightly monotone aspect to her reading at times The story is well paced and njoyable if what you re looking for is a light readlisten with a decent level of sensuality I love The Pocket Wife each andvery book by Michelle Rowen She is one of my favourite writers but whats uniue about her work is the comedy and romance I found this novel lacking in that aspect It was a plot good sex but thats it I couldn t find that crazy laughter or The Color of Our Sky even her uniuessence anywhere in this novel I never thought I would find myself saying this but I was disappointed As it s been two years since I listened to this book all I can remember is the lack of romance part but strong on the sex part It s not horrible it s just mommy porn I ve heard and read better but again it s not terrible considering the genre This was a fun little book with a good romance Amanda and Jacob are co workers who work for a paranormal firm At their first meeting Jacob called Amanda by her hated childhood nickname so from that moment on she decided to hate him Well 2 years later she is getting ready to leave the firm and they are thrown together for one last. Everybody knows there's no love lost between paranormal investigators Amanda LaGrange and sexy Jacob Caine They can't ven stand being in the same room tog.
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An can she So what If The Strange Curse Made the strange curse made fantasies come true She absolutely refuses to accept there is to that It s just a curseOr is itWhoa I love it when Hh can t keep their hands or anything lse off Obsession each other In this instance they had somextra help in the form of two ghosts and a long In this instance they had some Cabaret: A Roman Riddle extra help in the form of two ghosts and a long witch s clock resulting in some major hotnessven on the hood of a 68 Mustang But this wasn t just a sexapade with a paranormal dge it had uite a good and solid story to back it all upUnfortunately that good and solid story was heavily tied with the heroine who wasn t a great character Too many issues thanks to her screwed up parents and screwed up childhood too
"Stubborn Too Proud Too "
too proud too of verything for me to really like her and actually root for her to get her HEA with that gorgeous hunk of a coworker At times I actually doubted she actually deserved the guyGotta love Jacob Pretty much the only consistent character in this story He was true to himself from beginning to nd and boy was I happy for the dude when he reaped his just rewardThankfully Amanda came around in the nd Yay realizing what the curse was really about curse right moved on from her huge issues all thanks to Jacob the Hottie and in the process helped the two stuck ghosts to move on as wellSo if the heroine weren t such an issue filled bitch at the beginning I d give this one 5 stars because it was a great read once I got used to her and that dash of paranormal merely added an All Roads Lead Home extra level of goodness to the whole pictureGood sexy funky read 4 stars despite the heroinePS I wouldn t mind reading about Amanda and Jacob s boss Patrick That matchmaker of a man deserves to get some of his own medicine In a good sense of course A magical clock and a love spell bring together a ghost hunter with thempath she s lusted for but despised right before she s about to uit the biz and set off to have the normal life she s always dreamt of Nice little steamy uickie doesn t hold up well if you think on it too hard but still fun while it s going on good story for harleuinit s funny to see how Amanda s denial for her interest to Jacoband it takes a moment for Jacob to realize My first Michelle Rowen and I really njoyed it Won t be the last book of hers I try for sur. Droom gets really hot really fast But come morning they still can't keep their hands off ach other Are they cursed forever If so neither one's complaining. Job During this job they ncounter some mystical magic and nd up in bed together For the next few days all they in bed together For the next few days all they do is snipe at The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis each other This is actually the best part of the book and what makes it sonjoyable But in order to get on with her life the curse they find themselves under needs to be broken They have to go back to the house and face this along with all the other things that have been in their heads As this is a harleuin you know they nd up together but how xactly they got there is for you to find out A cute PNR for a boring Saturday a perfect choise for those trying to ignore the countdown to May #18th Spirit Bound Please Make Sure To #Spirit Bound Please make sure to this sweet sweet pill with a huge glass of ice cold waterHappy reading I couldn t feel for this book ven though I generally like Michelle s books Too much of an ordinary thing is definitely not good in a book Frankly it bored me with too much attraction and not nough pace Amanda LaGrange and Jacob Caine met two years ago when he came to work for the PARA agency There was a spark but an unfortunate mention of a hated nickname from her youth destroys all chances Jacob might haveNow Amanda has uit the PARA agency and is about to move to New York with her normal boyfriend who has no idea she can actually talk to ghosts But before she can cut all ties with the paranormal she idea she can actually talk to ghosts But before she can cut all ties with the paranormal she one last job to do Investigate a haunting in an old house Her partner for the mission Jacob Caine the man she s never before worked with The man she s been avoiding for the past two years The man she s been secretly lusting after for the past two years The man who is rud to have had at least fifty one night stands in the last six monthsTwo years have done nothing to diminish the attraction Jacob feels toward Amanda but her icy demeanor always kept him away Well things are about to change as they are trapped truly the door is locked overnight in a bedroom with an old Just Cause enchanted clock that makes them lose all inhibitions Butven in broad daylight the two just can t keep their hands off ach other And she can suddenly hear his thoughts And can respond to his uestions only with truthAmanda is adamant in breaking the curse She can t very well move with her boyfriend while insanely lusting after another EtherWell unless it's an nchanted bedroom And they're trapped there at midnight And the sexual tension suddenly becomes too powerful to resistThen that be. Hot Spell Harleuin Blaze