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Not really believable Cut out annoying crap between the 2 and the story is okay Will read others with a rain of salt Really hard jumping into a book that s 15th in the series only one the library had but series only one the library had but could stand the characters This is a series that I simply love I strongly suggest starting with book one to fully enjoy each book Savannah is a wonderful heroine who readers will love As much as I liked this book it reminded me of a review I read when I finished Murder in Her Stocking Granny Reid book Apparently enough years went by that it was forgotten that it was mentioned in this book that there were 9 siblings but Granny s book had 7 No Macon and I don t know who the other extra kid is Since my pocketbook is rather bare I had to check out this book from the library and it s the first Savannah Reid book that I read The library doesn t have half of the Savannah Reid books so I m oing to try to read what I can Other than little things like that I really enjoyed reading about how Savannah turned out when little things like that I really enjoyed reading about how Savannah turned out when rew up I would love to be able to et my hands on the first book When I become flush again AC after covid I will buy the first one Looking forward to my next Savannah book I absolutely loved this book I started with book 15 something i never do but am thrilled I did Savannah and Dirk are a perfect crime solving team This witty duo has to solve the murder case of Maria Dr Wellmen s wife after finding her dead body on the beach at the bottom of a clift And find her missing jewels This mystery will draw you in from page Ail of a shady weight lose therapist who has made a killing treating and cheating his overweight patients. Wicked Craving Savannah Reid Mystery #15
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Ds and family by her side This Is A New Series For Me And a new series for me and liked the main character Savannah Reid and her Gran visiting and she and Dirk investigating a case of a woman who fell off a cliff and died and her husband who was a weight loss doctor All that is debunked and they come to a ood ending Not a lot of violence but some and twists and turns with the mystery of who dun it I will explore this series of books and find some earlier books to read next I have always enjoyed the Savannah Reid adventures The characters are fleshed out and the southern charm is evident the comments about food and diet are often comments about food and diet are often but true In the 15th book of this series Savannah is helping Detective Sergeant Dirk Coulter solved the murder of the wife of a well known wellness doctor Granny is visiting from Georgia Dirk is acting unusual and Savannah is wondering if he has a The Go-Between girlfriend The Doctor has several secrets that will change the direction of the case The ending is terrific My Thanks to the Meridian Library for my copy of the book This book was a lot of fun This time Granny Reid was out visiting Savannah I like the interaction between the characters in this series The mystery kept meuessing and I was happy at who the culprit turned out to be Who killed the weight loss expert and his wife The patient who is disgruntled about his results The patient who is carrying his child The husband of another patient His wife s ex husband This is the first book I have read in the series by mistake so am not overly thrilled with the relationship between Dirk and Savannah And what PD allows private citizens access to crime scenes. Ing one of the most successful private investigators in California Her latest case puts her hot on the tr.

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I committed a dreaded reading sin when I started this book I have never read any of the other books in the series asp Luckily it wasn t hard to figure out what was oing on Savannah is a detective who solves crimes Duh It was an easy book to read with witty dialogue and memorable characters Savannah was fun and feisty Dirk was uite appealing as well I was surprised by whodunit at the end always a sign of a ood mysteryAlso Savannah is a plump heroine which was always something I was always looking for in my chubbier days It was always better to read about sassy ladies who looked like me than yet another waif I will warn you do not read this book or any others in will warn you do not read this book or any others in series
you are dieting Some of food descriptions are drool worthyI enjoyed this book so much I went back and started the series from the beginning I m on book 4 and have enjoyed every story Savannah Reid RocksShe is everything I want to be when I am all rown upI am so The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy glad that Granny Reid has the time and energy to visit Savannah so often Granny is such areat characterI know that it may be unlikely but I hope that Gus decides to Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) give Savannah a reward for solving his ex wife s murder and ensuring that justice prevailedI hope that Lydia manages to break the cycle of violence in her life and that she manages to stay in touch with Savannah even if it is only a card at ChristmasRyan and John are such a fantastic couple I hope I find that kind of relationship eventually Tammy is a modern Nancy Drew she should never changeI can t wait to read all about Savannah s next adventure I know that whatever the case she will solve it with her frien. Savannah Reid may have a few extra curves on her full figured body but that hasn't stopped her from becom.