E–pub [Essential Avengers Vol 7] By Jim Shooter

Essential Avengers Vol 7Z draws several issues in this book Although his later work is polished there is some great energy to the stories he draws here there is some great energy to the stories he draws here Steve Engelhart s run ends with a whimper His explanation as to Why Thor Leaves The Group Thor leaves the group particularly weak That said the Avengers adventure in the parallel Earth where they ight the Suadron Supreme a Marvel superhero team The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War featuring analogues to several Justice League members isun as is Hawkeye s and Thor s time traveling adventures The team luctuates a bit but the return of Wonder Man ugly costume notwithstanding and Beast recently joining are both welcome additions to the team Most of the stories are entertaining but none of them are particularly noteworthy This book is Mostly For Completists Only. D HereCollects for completists only. D hereCollects 1963 #141 163 ANNUAL #6 and SUPER VILLAIN TEAM UP ,

Ton Ultron and Jocasta Henry Pym
goes crackers loads loads angst with Vision And Scarlet Witch and Scarlet Witch stuffArt wise Perez gets better and John Buscema us how it s done Sal Buscema nipped in also and I ound myself uite admiring the style Byrne is in next volume rather excitedDefinitely one of the better Essentials Jim Shooter sostituisce Steve Englehart e le sotrie diventano ancora pi coinvolgenti Inoltre l esordio come disegnatore di George Perez sulla serie Un Perez gi ai vertici delle classifiche dei migliori disegnatori di sempre E Shooter migliorer ancora Some un stories This volume is a transitionary book as it eatures the end of Steve Engelhart s run with the remaining stories written by other writers Master penciller George Pere. On They all join the Avengers during one of the team's busier eras presente.  ,

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Very good in the genre of superhero stuff A lot of big mult issue arcs where it looks like Avengers might lose and some characters even get mortally wounded Steve Englehart Jim Shooter and Gerry Conway are very good big action writers The Beast joins the Avengers and and Gerry Conway are very good big action writers The Beast joins the Avengers and Vision still has issues about his humanity It s becoming a better comic over time and concentrates on character than on ights unlike earlier volumes The plot lines are becoming unpredictable too 163 eaturing The Champions 141 163 Beast appearances This volume definitely got stronger as it went along The earlier Kang story with the bizarre wild west time travel angle dragged and Wild West time travel angle dragged and Serpent Crown didn t really work or meYet then we hit some classics Wonder Man Returns Gravi. What Do A Golden Age Man returns Gravi. What do a Golden Age a Western hero and a romance heroine have in comm. ,