[EBOOK / KINDLE] 90% of the Game Is Half Mental

HisThe book was interesting if meandering While the trail from one thought to the next could get most people lost it was an interesting journey I liked the comedic look and the baseball tidbits but could have done with SO much less Yankees More about and the baseball tidbits but could have done with SO much less Yankees More about a fan than about baseball itself which definitely worked for me Some of the commentary on modern sportswriting old school newsmen vs blogs etc was enjoyably dated very fun to relive some of those debates for a moment Great work from one of my favorite Twitter follows I got this book for my brother who loves baseball and #Thought I D Read It #I d read it I gave it to him The reason I didn t rate this book is because about the only thing I now about baseball is that the Yankees come from New Yo It was really cool to read about baseball from the point of view of a woman my age even if she is a Yankee fan. Er passion for the sport will fade Highly unlikely Baseball helped Span forge a lasting bond with her father connect with total strangers and endure even the toughest times With a fresh voice a devastating wit and An Alarmingly Encyclopedic Knowledge Of alarmingly encyclopedic nowledge of game Span offers a new perspective on America’s favorite pasttime as a journalist a baseball nerd a daughter and a fervent stay until the last out fan. 90% of the Game Is Half Mental

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Anyone who makes fun of Yadier Molina Is Going To Molina is going to points You don t have to be a fan Of Baseball To Enjoy This One There Were Several Moments baseball to enjoy this one There were several moments had me chuckling out loud as the author relays the ups and downs of being both a sports fan and a sportswriter Reminded me of Hornby s Fever Pitch in ways Enjoyable read Let us be up front about this You now I m going to love any book where the acknowledgement section ends with I d like to close by thanking Mariano Rivera Not Because He Not because he with this book or anything just for existing The book is a series of autobiographical essays by Span some about her experiences as a sports writer covering the Yankees and the Mets but most are generally focused around being a baseball fan Span is a Yankees fan who is Mets sympathetic and the book actually spends time on the MetsI loved this book for a bunch. Yogi Berra once said “If you come to a fork in the road take it” But for lifelong baseball aficionado Emma Span it hasn’t always been that simple Now in this winning collection of essays Span chronicles her love of the sport from childhood hobby to full blown obsession from big break becoming The Village Voice’s first staff sports reporter in years to heartbreak getting a pink slip within a year She. Of reasons the first of which is that I giggled Aloud Almost The Whole Time I Was Reading It And almost the whole time I was reading it and stopping to read sections to my sister The anecdotes are delightful trying to interview Pedro Martinez but wa Highly entertaining personal and dare I say it feminine perspective on baseball I got a real ick out of it Emma Span is a fine and imaginative writer and she writes about the process of writing about baseball and thinking about baseball and caring about baseball with energy and delight She s a bit too self deprecating in these pages perhaps but she is definitely someone I would have a Guinness with and we can talk Donnie Baseball Among Others Donnie Baseball among others dislike the Yankees much as the next person Maybe My husband says I need to let go of some REALLY old prejudices against certain teams Not gonna happen but then Emma Span would understand Recounts elbowing her way to get a uote from Yankees captain Derek Jeter and waiting for Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez to put some pants on for an interview She literally gives her lifeblood to see the Mets and hops a plane to Taiwan home to perhaps the largest concentration of Yankees fans outside of the five boroughs But after getting laid off and being forced to leave her press pass behind Span wonders if