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I ve read other books by the author and was expecting of a Here S What Happened s what happened me type of book instead of the factual and historical account It s interesting but pretty dry at times when the author explains how X or Y chapter came to be and who was involved A ot of names and a bit ess action than I would have wanted Still a good reference in the genre An explosive and tragic opening which reads ike crime fiction than fact yet tragic

"Opening Which Reads Like Crime "
which reads Thank You God For Everything like crime than fact yet very real sets the theme for this true account ofife inside the bloody underbelly of a criminal organisationAs is evident by the opening Dirla tutta sul mercato globale. Idee per un'economia mondiale assennata line this book is the bloody truth of biker gangsJamie Flanz was scared but he didn t stop scraping his broom back and forth across the blood stained barn floorAuthor Alex Cain worked as an undercover operative who managed to infiltrate the Bandidos motorcycle club in North America His intimate knowledge of the bikerife is splashed across the pages of the book in honest and brutally clear ualityUsing sources public access material and accounts from various court proceedings Cain is able to craft a scarily insightful Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing look into the murder and mayhem that takes place within the inner sanctum of criminal bikie gangsUsing a fiction writers adept skills to polish these horrendous facts makes for enjoyable if not cringe inducing reading The topical nature if this book wont suit all readers but is nonetheless hard to put downWhat starts with a mass murder ends in similar fashioninked to the Canadian massacre of the Toronto Bandidos chapter making for a continuous thread of related stories throughout the book This was a clever way of formatting the fact into an easily readable book akin to crime fictionhttpjustaguythatlikes2readblogspo An investigators account of the rise of Bandidos within the world Great book if you are into crime violence jail and other nefarious biker activities I don t have much to say about it because there are spoilers Great book for non fiction crime overs and people who want insight into biker culture A must read for the curious reader The fat Mexico is an interesting read for someone interested in the topic And although infor. From the #1 national bestselling author of Befriend and Betray an intimate exposé of a criminal empire and the massacre that nearly started a global biker warHaving once infiltrated the Bandidos for three years in a andmark police operation Alex Caine is.

Alex Caine ☆ 8 Read

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The Fat Mexican The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club Befriend and Betray #2Ir only interestAlex Caine was contract agent who successfully infiltrated into Bandidos MC However this book doesn t tell His own story It s rather a journal about foundation and Bandidos MC However this book doesn t tell His own story It s rather A Journal About Foundation And Of Bandidos Into Other Countries journal about foundation and of Bandidos into other countries part of book consists novelisation of Shedden Massacre Canada Jamie Flanz along with other 7 bikers was killed by his so called brothers from Winnipeg chapter Wyne Kalestine and associates Both parties were Bandidos but it was Jamie Flanz s badluck when he found cocaine worth millions dollars which eventually belonged to Hells AngelsBandidos MC is certainly fast growing club Their open raceethnicity policy is clearly playing its part This is the reason that they have than one chapters in Bangkok Thailand They are notorious and violent However their competitors Hells Angels are different class Unlike Bandidos they don t just have muscle and guns They have brains too A ot of their senior members have ties with Hollywood celebrities They even have sensible and diplomats Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution like George Christie Hells Angels have many ofegitimate businesses which clearly tell us that they have moved to next evel I know several of Caine s stories in this book are not true and the rest is nothing that could not be gained from reading articles on the internet I get the impression this book was originally meant to be about a specific incident in Shedden Ontario Canada where several bikers were murdered Then the scope of the book got expanded and the title played on that for an attempt at broader appealThere is a general history of motorcycle gangs with detail about the Bandidos However most of the book is about the Shedden incident For me being Canadian it was interesting to have the book focus mostly on details within CanadaIt was an interesting read overall but not as good as Alex Caine s previous book Befriend and Betray about his work undercover with bike gangs First person testimony is just that much interesting Pretty interesting story about the rise of the Bandidos gang A ittle boring and over done in parts Mostly forgettable but sure reminds you how vicious those gangs can become under the right circumstance. Nt criminal history of the Bandidos motorcycle club the Hells Angels’ fiercest competition their violent beginnings the terror their aggressive expansion caused rivals and innocents alike and the internal politics and rivalries that drive them to this da. Mative some information and accounts are based on biased terms which is expected due to the author being a cop So take everything with a grain of salt a ot of it is facts but being able to destiny between fact and oppinion is helpful when reading The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos The Fat Mexican refers to the club ogo a chubby cartoon character who wears a sombrero and is armed with both a knife and a gun In his first book Befriend and Betray Mr Caine relates how in the early 80 s working undercover he infiltrated the Bandidos MC and gained their trust The author has a first hand knowledge on how gangs are organized and maintain their power In this his second book he analyses maintain their power In this his second book he analyses events that ed to and triggered the massacre that took place April 2006 on a farm in the town of Shedden Ont Evidences eventually With Krishna's Eyes led to a conviction of six members and associates for the slaughter of eight bikers four have sinceaunched appeals The war started when a junior member of the Bandidos hijacked a truck that caught his eye Things uickly turned ugly when senior members of his gang realized the truc I really had a hard time getting thru this book The author supposedly was an undercover cop within the organization so why doesnt he have any inside information The book was dry Like Sahara dry It read ike a police report I kept waiting for him to set the stage and get on with the good stuff Never happened Often the author references stuff that sounds interesting but gives no detail I found myself constantly googling for information If I am reading a book on a subject I shouldnt need to continually googleJust reading a book on a subject I shouldnt need to continually googleJust overall A deep ook at foundation and functional history of Bandidos MC Many people don t know that in early years of it s excellence it was an official Bandidos MG Motorcycle Gang rather than MC Motorcycle ClubThis transition states that it isn t an organisation Yoga in the Workplace like other outlaw MCs which were primarily about bikerifestyle and enthusiasm which gradually drifted towards crime and drug dealing In fact Bandidos MC founded by Don Chambers a hardcore biker was of a group of individuals of whom motorcycles weren t the. Uniuely positioned to reveal the untold story of the Hells Angels’ fiercest rivalsGrounded in the crucible of the L'ORTHOGRAPHE FACILE - ORTHOGRAPHE D'USAGE, REGLES GRAMMATICALES, HOMONYMES, DICTIONNAIRE ORTHOGRAPHIQUE little understood Shedden massacre of 2006 and one unlikely prospect’s descent into the bikerifestyle The Fat Mexican exposes the viole.