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Now it might feel a little bit dated and does have a slight feminist twist to it I liked Celia s principles and how she handles Evan s tactics with grace Evan was not the asiest person to warm up to at first but he grew on me as the story progressed Overall this is a dependable contemporary romance and is an njoyable read 35 rounded to 4 Maya Banks grabbed my interest with The Darkest Hour the first book in the KGI series and it left me willing to grab of the author s work When I stumbled upon a collection containing Billionaire S Contract Engagement I Decided To Dive In And See Contract Engagement I decided to dive in and see happensAlthough this is the third book in the Kings of the Boardroom series it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel There were characters I was interested in finding out about and it s nice to know they have their own stories but you do not need to read any of the other books to understand this oneAs much as I love a good fake relationship storyline this one failed to wow me in the way I had hoped There were some three star moments but as a whole I found it to be underwhelming I was xpecting I thought there would be a stronger connection but a I always seem to want than I get with Maya Banks Silhouette books It was njoyable and I m glad I read it but it does not get close to the keeper shelf Looks like it s going to be a seriesthe book not get close to the keeper shelf Looks like it s going to be a seriesthe book with some unresolved issues and the set up for 2 or maybe 3 books. Iancée There he’ll wine dine and seduce the stunning ad xecutivefor he knows she desires him too Yet what happens when this counterfeit ngagement becomes than just an actOriginally published in 2010 as Billionaire’s Contract Engageme.

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This Billionaire s got a Crush40 Explosive Evan Reese owns his own "sportswear He s in the market for a new advertisement company and "line He s in the market for a new advertisement company and the competitors are fighting to get his accountEvan Reese Celia Taylor is determined to get the Reese account She just has to resist his charms She would never want to be accused of winning his account by sleeping with Evan But his looks smolder and her resolve is weakeningCelia Taylor I totally njoyed these two Evan pursued Celia like a bull in heat and he was insatiable This was an adorable story with very little angst It s book 2 in the series but it makes a great standalone read There was only one thing that bothered me Celia was betrayed by some one that she worked with Her boss was determined to find the culprit but that never happened We never found out who the bad guy was that was I m not sure if the author forgot to reveal that info but I hate it when a mystery goes unsolved So many underdeveloped tropes in this one Trope 1The central conflict is that the heroine was falsely named in her boss s is that the heroine was falsely named in her boss s suit and arned a reputation for sleeping her way to success She fled NYC for the west coast and has continued to work in advertising The problem is that she is attracted to a potential client hero and feels she must resist temptation Hero is having none of that and manages to seduce the heroine within a week He is also unfazed by her reputatio. In this reader favorite story by #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Maya Banks a fake ngagement leads to very real passionHe’s wanted her for six long months And now the opportunity has finally arrived to make Celia Taylo. N and subseuent tabloid reports He is only angry when the heroine is worried about her reputation than their relationshipTrope 2 Hero s jealous brother seduced hero s fianc away and hero keeps breathing a sigh of relief Hero had zero angst about this womanTrope 3Nevertheless hero pretends heroine is his new fianc at his brother s wedding in order to make his mother happy Heroine is angry about being used but then gets over it in a secondTrope 4 Heroine delivers the best ad campaign and the best spokesperson but delivers the best ad campaign and the best spokesperson but best spokesperson is her baseball star brother so is she really that talented or is she well connectedI don t know There were a lot of sex scenes to distract the reader from flimsy motional payoffs the characters were likable and no one whined so two stars it is This is a classic contemporary romance by Maya Banks Celia is working round the clock to land a big advertising contract with Maddox communications which means that despite her attraction to Evan Reese a feeling that is reciprocated in
spades celia must 
Celia must a romantic ntanglement to avoid having her reputation tarnished It s important for Celia to prove she won the account by hard work not by having an affair with Evan She is also fighting the old fashioned values of over protective father and brothers who do not understand why she wants to have an career instead of a traditional marriage and family life If you read this book. R his at least temporarily Billionaire businessman Evan Reese knows she’s desperate to get him to sign with Maddox Communications Maybe he will But first Celia needs to accompany him to beautiful Catalina for a family weddingas his fake Billionaire's Contract Engagement