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Look I read a lot of science fiction Enough that I would mention it So I have a pretty high tolerance for silliness This book overwhelmed my tolerance and left me staggered by the sheer nonsense of it allWelcome to A Post Apocalyptic Future Where Isolated Communities post apocalyptic future where isolated communities about in moral turpitude waiting for an oddly naive young woman to come straighten them out with good sense and her trusty snakes You see snakes are used as drug dispensers in the future and the woman who s also named Snake is a healer so she carries around a dispensers in the future and the woman who s also named Snake is a healer so she carries around a and a rattler for medicinal purposes She s been entrusted by her teachers to walk the earth like that Caine dude They trained her in medicine and herpetology but somehow neglected to mention that other people might have odd customs like not respecting other people s property drug addiction or killing snakes Each of these come as a profound shock when she encounters themAnyway off goes our intrepid heroine She meets a series of people whose incredible obliviousness creates problems that she handily solves The fact that the problems are sometimes horrible is pretty well negated by their ridiculousness In one instance I imagine the mayor of a town who was shocked and outraged by Snake s discovery of a rape victim saying to his trusted adviser after she leaves Say whose idea was it anyway to have a brutal and overbearing unmarried man become the guardian for a disfigured girl on the verge of puberty In retrospect that wasn t an obvious choiceSo okay this is an empowerment fantasy and I can respect that but it s so contrived that it becomes tedious There are numerous loose ends and holes in the book but the book doesn t suffer for them because it seems perfectly obvious how they would all play out If anything I m glad the author didn t bother to explain A very odd book by modern standards but one that is strikingly of its era Manages to do some things very badly dialogue most of the characterisation the central character is solid and likeable but a Mary Sue and not all that distinctive while the supporting cast are mostly twoor fewer dimensional and also somewhat MSish a lot of the plot details yet do others very well descriptive prose setting and its exploration some of the emotional stuff Sort of like a less good Ursula Le Guin novel really Slow meandering social science fictionProbably not selling it well It is really interesting in its setting and in the way it gradually reveals the nature of the setting and also in its overarching plot it doesn t have much of one so what it does have is very free and hence surprising Special mention should be made of the idea of a society that is in some ways backward than ours but in other ways developed normally primitive or post apocalyptic societies are ust that but McIntyre takes the interesting and probably realistic approach that some skills and technologies are able to survive even a general deterioriation in economic conditions and maybe even may continue to progressI think in the end I probably came away valuing it as an interesting demonstration of what can be done in SF than as a novel in its own right which I guess is both a compliment and a criticismMy fuller review as usual is over here on my blog Dreamsnake is a standalone novel set in Earth s distant future at some point after a nuclear war featuring a young woman named Snake Snake is a healer and healers use snakes to heal illnesses such as tumors and infections The titular Dreamsnake is a special and rare snake used to help a patient have pleasant dreams or if there s nothing that can be done to save that patient to help them die without painI have a few complaints but this was an interesting and fast read I enjoyed the characters and I enjoyed. They summon and she travels Snake the healer Through the blasted landscape of a post holocaust world she carries her three serpents From the venom of two she distills her medicines; but it

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DreamsnakeTe of 1978 it s not dated in the slightest Though I enjoyed the characters and story very much I was a bit unsatisfied with some of the elements particularly the lost plot threads of aliens and the underground city I would have loved to explore both in much depth but I suppose they weren t terribly important to the central narrative There were also a few parts which dragged but nothing which took away from my overall pleasure of existing in McIntyre s world for a few days Too bad there isn t a seuel While this book gets docked a point or two for the cheesy 70s cover and the title it deserves a place among the classics of the genre I first read the Nebula winning novella Of Mist And Grass And Sand in middle school but I never realized that McIntyre had expanded it to novel length It s a thoughtful adventure a uest led by a mature and confident heroine Snake I love her as a character she knows who she is she is good at what she does and she is comfortable in her own skin I also love that this book is not your typical post apocalyptic nightmare It takes place so long after a nuclear catastrophe that society has rebuilt itself albeit in a very different form This lets McIntyre present us with a familiar but somewhat alien landscape advanced and regressive technology humans acting human but according to slightly different societal rules all with lots of room to explore This is a wonderfully patient subtle and intimate novel unusually so in the SFF canon My mother was a nurse which led me to being was especially drawn in with the healer Snake as she made her way through her travels Some of the pacing in the latter third was a little off and there were aspects of the story of the major antagonist that didn t uite make sense but overall I m very glad to have spent time with this multi award winning My second reading time as an audiobook Strangely I had little to no recollection of the plot after the first chapter the original short story and that only the main event So it was like reading it for the first time again I love the intimate nature of the book and the glimpses of a post apocalyptic world influenced by off worlders and some high tech It was an interesting approach The main plot which was not always clear lose a Dreamsnake work to get a approach The main plot which was not always clear lose a Dreamsnake work to get a one and figure out how to get took the Healer Snake on horseback from small isolated community to small isolated community The way each community had developed was interesting and we are shown her and others growth among strangers in a very compelling way I really enjoyed revisiting this book and have no doubt in an This is a SF post apoc novel which reads at times like fantasy It won Nebula Locus and Hugo Award In 1979 I Read As A in 1979 I read as a read November 2019 in SciFi and Fantasy Book Club groupThis is a classic SF adventureuest across the world unknown to the reader with hints misunderstood by the narrator which ought to end up with finding the Grail The protagonist is a woman healer called Snake She wonders across the world helping people with her three serpents an albino cobra Mist a rattlesnake Sand and extraterrestrial Dreamsnake that works as opiateether This is maybe the early example of biopunk but without prominent punkish elements the serpents a bio engineered to produce a broad range of serums and antibodiesThe first chapter of the book is actually a Nebula winning novelette by the author entitled Of Mist And Grass And Sand and is considerably denser than the rest of the story Some elements of the story are pure 70s with free sex even with minors feminism a lot of persons in power are women drugs the uest maybe a bit simplistic by today s standards but there is a beauty in this esp if the reader knows a lot of 60 70s SF. All but lost Her only hope now lies in the treacherous ourney to far off Center City where Snake will be pursued by two implacable followers one driven mad by love the other by fear and ne. The story I particularly liked Melissa I liked Snake too with the brief exception of one very suicky thing she said to a 12 year old girl which I guess was supposed to fit within to a 12 year old girl which I guess was supposed to fit within cultural setting but that setting wasn t developed anywhere near well enough for me to accept her suggestion as appropriate even in the context of the fictional settingThat leads to one of my other complaints the world building The setting was really interesting and hinted at all sorts of cool elements but I was left wanting I wanted to know of the world s history and especially about the city and the offworlders who visited it and the source of the alien creatures and plants I couldn t tell if the author had a detailed backstory in mind as she wrote the novel and ust didn t want to risk too much exposition or if she 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, just tossed in random elements she thought sounded appealing and that would help drive her plot where she wanted it to goOn the complaint side I also could have really done without the whole side plot in which a shared snake wrestling event leads to the kind of instalove that could drive a man to travel across a desert and beyond in search of a girl he d known for like a day or two That whole thing wasust ridiculous to me and the story would have worked better without itI m probably making this book sound really bad because like I ve said before it s a lot easier for me to explain the things I dislike than it is to explain the things I liked but I really did enjoy it a lot The instalove side plot was only a small portion of the story and the world building helped add interest to the story even though I was left a little unsatisfied due to its lack of depth The main thing is I stayed interested a little unsatisfied due to its lack of depth The main thing is that I stayed interested story throughout and was satisfied with how it was wrapped up I was really pleasantly surprised by this 70s scifi and I have a rather antagonistic relationship so I was hoping to read the late great McIntyre pay my respects and retreat to safer grounds But this was delightful I mean yes it was still 70s tastic but in a fun way not in a stabby wayCONTENT WARNING no actual spoilers Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı just a list of topics view spoiler animal cruelty snakes obvs rape pedophilia child abuse medical procedures mental illness a sort of uestionably consensual sex scene torture able ism drug addiction death of a loved one hide spoiler The publisher saysThey called the healer Snake and she bore the name proudly for the medicine she distilled from the venom of the viper she carried with her was a potent cure and the soothing power of her other companion the alien dreamsnake banished fear But the primitive ignorance of those she served killed her dreamsnake and wrecked her career for dreamsnakes were dreadfully rare and Center would not grant her another Snake s only hope was to find a new dreamsnake and 4 starsI was drawn in immediately to McIntyre s muted intimate portrayal of characters inhabiting a far flung post apocalyptic world The story is of Snake a healer who has lost one of her prized serpents which she uses to help people and herourney to continue to help anyone she can McIntyre s compassion for her characters is evidently mirrored in Snake Arevin Melissa and the world she has created even if the world and its inhabitants are far from perfect I found myself truly caring for many characters within pages of their respective introductionsWhat strikes me most about this world is how strangely progressive it is in a lot of ways particularly with regard to sexual education and relationships but has created new ways in which to torment those who don t fit the mold McIntyre may be an optimist but she also has a finger on the negative impulses of humanity Honestly I was kind of surprised at the publishing da. S the third the alien dreamsnake whose bite can ease the fear and pain of death that is the most valued When the dreamsnake is killed by those she has come to help her powers as a healer are.