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Ilable RegencyGood readIsabelle is hanging on by a thin thread and *could really use some help but she is alone in the world In thin thread and *could really use some help but she is alone in the world In moment of distraction her last means of *really use some help but she is alone in the world In a moment of distraction her last means of is almost stolen from her but luckily William Stanton saves her not only from the theif but days later when he offers her a job as governess to his ward Finally she has a slim ray of hope To bad she doesn t confess all her worries to the Earl but in truth the feelings he inspires scare her almost as much as her blackmailer does She knows it would be impossible for a marriage between them She is way below him on the social ladder But working for him and living in the same household soon becomes to much temptation She must leave but William has different plans He isn t about to give the delectable Miss Thomas up specially not after their scorching hot first kiss He must have her one way or another Just when he thinks he will win her Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health everything changes She discovers she isn t as safe as she thought and he discovers that she is worth to him than he couldver imagine I just love when I read a book by a new author and their writing clicks with me That is how I felt about The Earl and the Governess I have had this book on my shelf for a few months since I get all the Harleuin Historicals I loved the cover so I knew I d probably read it sooner But the storyline didn t really call out to me that much I m not a fan of the titled hero chasing a woman who is in dire straits and manipulating that situation for his own prurient gains unless an author can do it well I needed an E for my monthly challenge and it shouted Read Me So I selected it and I am glad I didAs I read this story I said to myself this is good writing Not reinventing the wheel but telling a story of two people who meet and fall in love and doing it very well I found myself liking both characters very much It s not always a given that I like the titled handsome monied hero I find that it s a coin flip for me I don t like people who have a huge sense of ntitlement I don t like heroes who think they can have any woman they want and who will resort to underhanded methods to get her unless the author can show me a man with those undesirable traits and reveal to me that he has some good traits to balance it outI must say that William and I got off on the right foot from the beginning He sees a woman in distress not particularly well dressed passably pretty but not a stunner and he goes to help her He s not just trying to get

into bed He s genuinely about her That really softened me towards William He s rich and important nough to ignore people that are beneath him but he doesn t Surprisingly Cause Of Fear even though William was working the angle of having Isabelle under his thumb as the governess to his ward and heventually wants to persuade her to be his mistress he shows some ualms about it Although they share a couple of passionate kisses he doesn t automatically resort to hanky panky with his ward in the same house That would have felt very wrong to me When her reputation gets ruined he offers marriage when he could have just paid her off He shows respect and a love for this woman a love that is Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows eual to his desire That made me love himI really liked Isabelle too She had a good head on her shoulders but she also had a heart andmotions The war between those aspects of her personality was well written She felt a connection to William from the beginning but she was no fool She was in dire straits and she knew that her reputation was important She knew that nothing lasting could come of her association with William Her love and attraction to him slowly but surely wore away at her doubts and it was an organic processI m pretty iffy about the wallpaper type historicals I like to read historical romances that are written with the morals and the atmosphere that represent the times and makeup of people who lived back then I get pretty frustrated when I read one that has modern people who are merely dressed up like historical people and carry their modern ideas and s into the story This is not one of those fortunately Although Ms Elliott doesn t hit the reader over the head with the Regency setting it s very natural and obvious in this story I found myself reading this book very fast and njoying it a lot Seeing William and Isabelle s courtship play out was a lovely thing When they consummate their relationship it felt natural although I wondered how things would work out for them long term But I knew their love was real and that was important for meI would have given this book five stars but the nding seemed a little drawn out to me leaving me with an uncertain feelings as for how things would resolve But Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition eventually things get to where I wanted them to and I was happy with the resolution in thend Otherwise I had no issues with this story The Earl and the Governess was a very good book and I d recommend it to fans of Regency romanceOverall rating 4550 stars. Han she xpectedWhen the attraction between them culminates in a bone melting kiss Isabelle knows she must leave Only the arl has other plans for his innocent governes.

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Isabelle Thomas and William Stanton Earl of Lennox Will rescues Isabelle the street from a man who is blackmailing her for money Her father had from a man who is blackmailing her for money Her father had him fake statues for very high prices and has died so he is collecting the money back from her Will hires her to be his governess for his ward but doesn t know about the blackmail til the nd of the book I liked this book but it didn t uite grip or click with me I The Lady in Pink enjoyed reading it but something seemed a little off and I wasn t totally into it I liked the characters andmotions There were two good scenes that stood out that I really liked and those were the pilogue and the last park scene with the girls I loved Mary and liked watching her *innocence as well as her perceptiveness this would *as well as her perceptiveness This would good for passing the time and nothing lse interesting to read but not really a go to for me Seemed a littleeh but I still liked it To start off let me just say that I consider myself a pretty cynical historical romance reader I have read hundreds possibly thousands of books in this genre and I xpect a lot from these books ven if many consider them fluff I adored this story very much and loved both characters At some moments I felt Isabelle maybe have been too stubborn and a stickler to the rules for her own good but in the Sinner's Heart end I think itnded up paying off and made the story ndearing because William is a wonderfully dreamy man who knows whatwho he wants I would highly recommend this book and look forward to Sarah Elliott s next one There are lements common to many romance novels but what makes this one different is that it doesn t focus on the vents of the season although William does attend a ball or two Isabelle is not a person of title nor is she related to someone she is part of the merchant class her father was an Antiues Dealer I liked the fact that William and Isabelle had similar lements of life and character that allowed them to relate to A Vineyard Christmas each other on a level they might not have otherwise It also allowed Mary to feel she had a confidante and someone who cared because Isabelle was willing to listen Due to several twists of fate or coincidences the three main characters are able to find happiness and peace Like Sarah Elliot sarlier books this one is a must read and a page turner My copy of this book is an ARC 35 starsThis is a Mills Boon Harleuin Historical from 2009 that has been sitting on the PPB Pile of Paperbacks by the Bed for a while and which seemed a good choice for this month s TBR Challenge which is to read a short story novella or category romanceI ve got a bit of a soft spot for that whole Cinderella thing and with a title like that I knew Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose exactly what I d be getting But in spite of the predictability of the story the book is lifted into the above average range by writing the way the relationship develops between theponymous characters and the fact that Ms Elliott puts a slightly different spin on the heroine s storyTravelling home from somewhere William Stanton Earl of Lennox is annoyed when his carriage is held up by an overturned vegetable cart somewhere in a less salubrious area of London Annoyance turns to irritation and disbelief when he sees a shabbily dressed passably pretty young woman walking unaccompanied through the streets and knowing how vulnerable she must be he immediately offers her his assistance On her way to visit a pawnbroker s Isabelle Thomas is mortified at the prospect of such a handsome and obviously wealthy gentleman finding out where she s going but he s persistent and insists on carrying her bag She s not too happy about that ither but he offers a trade he gives her his gold watch and tells her she can carry that while he carries her bag as that way she ll know he s not going to make off with her possessionsWhen Will returns briefly to his still stuck carriage Isabelle spies the shady character she believes has been following her all day and runs off only realising later that she still has the watchIsabelle s recently deceased father had been a well known scholar and collector of antiuities He was one of those absent minded selfishly obssesed types who rarely remembered the xistence of his offspring and failed to nsure that she s given the ducation befitting a gentleman s daughter That isn t necessarily a bad thing as instead of learning needlework and deportment she learned useful things like languages and history but the lack of the ladylike accomplishments are going to make it difficult for Isabelle to make her living as a governess or companion And she has to make her own living now specially considering that his activities buying and selling antiuities have turned out to have been fraudulent and he has left her un provided for and prey to anyone who has discovered that many of the artefacts he has sold in the past have been fakesBut one of those buyers has already discovered the truth and he s determined to get his pound of flesh Isabelle has already sold her home in order. Innocent Governess Forbidden LiaisonImpoverished alone and on the run Isabelle Thomas needs help So when William Stanton Earl of Lennox offers her a job as governess to. To reimburse him but that only provided half the sum he s pressurising her for Isabelle knows she has no hope of paying back the total and if of the men her father duped find out about the deception she ll be sent to debtor s prison or be forced into making amends on her backWilliam is naturally displeased when he discovers the theft of his watch which belonged to his grandfather But he has pressing concerns His best friend has recently died and left his twelve year old daughter Mary to Will s guardianship Mary is away at school but has been sent away because of her behaviour so now Will is faced with providing a home for her until he can find *another school willing to take herThe watch weighs on Isabelle s conscience and *school willing to take herThe watch weighs on Isabelle s conscience and wants to
it but while she knows s name she doesn t know where he lives It takes her a couple of weeks to find out and then she turns up on the very day he is interviewing governesses for MaryShe xplains why she s there returns the watch and then Will offers her the post of governess She s sceptical after all the only thing she really has of value is her reputation but she doesn t have any other options so she accepts agreeing to remain until Mary returns to school Yet while Will genuinely wants to help Isabelle his motives are not completely altruistic He wants to bed her but realises he s rather stymied himself on that front because his gentlemanly scruples won t allow him to sleep with a woman in his Math Basics 6 employ and certainly not with his ward under the same roofDespite his slightly nefarious manoeuvring however Will is a very likeable hero He s titled and rich but doesn t stand on ceremony or treat those of lower standing as though they re something the cat dragged in Heven puts up with his nagging cousin Henrietta whose fforts to fix him up with a blandly suitable bride are dedidedly unwelcome with fairly good grace although he ll only let her push so far before he tells her where to get offIsabelle starts to work with Mary who is rather withdrawn but obviously far from stupid and soon the three of them have settled into something like a routine There s a pleasant domesticity to the interactions between Will and Isabelle and then between the couple and Mary as he finds he actually cares about the girl and wants to help herThe central relationship is well developed and there s a strong chemistry between the leads Isabelle is not always the most deferential of mployees but Will so likes her impertinence that he can t always bring himself to correct her which leads to some The First Ghost enjoyable banter between them Will and Isabelle arengaging characters and their relationship volves in a natural unhurried way which makes it all the convincing All in all The Earl and the Governess is a uick njoyable and Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential entertaining read It might not win any prizes for the originality of its storyline but it treads a well worn path confidently and with a lot of charm Injoyed reading Will and Isabelle s story She was just so ndearing and he was the most absolute darling I just adored seeing him trying to resist her and then giving up and going for broke Mary was a delightful character too I just found the whole plot well constructed and well written A good read Pretty Isabelle was alone in the world without money and facing blackmail Inexperienced at being a governess she nevertheless accepts said position to care for Mary William s ward As the couple fight their natural attraction for ach other actually Isabelle so than William a jealous matchmaking mamma spreads rumors of their alleged affair From there scandal breaks out and Isabelle tries to deal with the fallout and shameful secrets on her own With richly developed characters and Humanism entertaining plot this is one of those warm and fuzzy feel good romances that will make you sigh and smile as you read the last page Three stars Hmmm where to begin with William and Isabelle To be honest I almost didn t pick it up because of the hero s name sore spot The story started much like you would come toxpect He sees her on the street and decides that he can be of use to the beautiful and helpless creature standing in the middle of such a dangerous neighborhoodI didn t love that she was so unable to do anything for herself and found myself thinking that Smokin' Hot everything bad that happened to her was for a reason Words Isabelle tells William at thend of the book I laughed out loud at that Overall it wasn t a bad read I found myself really Placing Memory enjoying it towards thend when they went to the cottage in the country I find I grow tired of stories that center around London and the ridiculousness that was society at that time But at the same time I love it and find myself drawn over and over again to stories that center around a debutantes debut in London I picked up The Earl and the Governess because it was different I would recommend it as a light snack Nothing to really sink your teeth into but good Lasombra enough when something appetizing isn t ava. His ward she can't refuseBut Isabelle soon discovers that working for tall broad shouldered William with his disheveled hair and intense greenyes is of a challenge .

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