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I really wanted to like this book than I ultimately did The writing was intelligent and nuanced and the storyline centered as it was around books and reading was a strong draw Unfortunately I found a lot of promise that was never really fulfilled making for a frustrating read in the end I never felt emotionally invested in the characters or their lives for a book with so few personalities none of them were particularly well developed except for Flora and I found her hard to like except for Flora and I found her hard to like limpses of Flora s childhood were the most emotionally compelling portion of the narrative and came too infreuently for my tasteIn the end I found myself unable to make a connection to these characters Though the writing was strong the sense of detachment made it possible to walk away from the book without a ualm to do chores or run errands When I came to the end I was neither Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities glad to be done nor sad to be finished I didn t have a viceral enough reaction to the book to care one way or the other I was excited to read a story that centered around writing loss and a woman who mirrored my age My excitement dwindled with each chapter that felt laborious to read than it should have Maybe because it felt too flat for me for too long in the beginning The main character annoyed me which discouraged me to keep reading who wants to spend time with someone that annoys you Redeeming ualities I enjoyed how the author plays on the themes of thinking we know everything about our parents but there is a world that our parents may not let us into or that we may not care to know Great concept I wavered between a 25 and 3 but I amoing to The Sorcerer's Apprentice give you a few examples of writing that impressed me at the end of this review which prohibited me fromiving it a 2 First the book is difficult to et into but the writing and some of the charactersat least mature by the end of the bookMy favorite characterthe dad unfortunately dies before the first page of the bookMy favorite characterthe dad unfortunately dies before the first page of the I would have liked to et to know him better and und Reading is an act of faith an act of intimacy and an act of understanding A perfect

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could be to be one with the author at least in terms of what was written and what what read Both author and reader see the exact same thingIt s a lofty concept Perhaps an unattainable one Perfect Reader addresses this idea in a very personal way When Flora Dempsey s father dies he leaves her a World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi generous inheritance coupled with a daunting responsibility He is the former President of a school and a famous literary critic and expert in his own right and Flora is named as the literary executor for her father s work including a collection of unpublished poems entrusted to her months before his death Sheets to decide when how and even if the poems ever see publication You re my perfect reader he told her when he ave them to her And now she has to figure out whyWhat follows is an intimate Flora Dempsey is the headstrong only child of Lewis Dempsey a college professor and world famous critic When Lewis passes away Flora returns to her New England hometown to act as his literary executor There she finds herself responsible for a manuscript that he was secretly writi. Perfect Reader

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Ch is doing in the town of Darwin Whatever waves the death of her father made are barely enough to ripple the calm waters of the town The main conflict is to do with Flo being named her father s literary executor and in this role she must decide whether to posthumously publish the poems he left behind or not which is a major thing of contention with her late father s surprise irlfriend And the Who Is Muhammad Ali? goal is presumably for Flo to become a perfect readerof her past of her father and of life Something as a character she seems uite unprepared and possibly uneuipped to do which for me her finalrand esture proved But Either Waythis Was A either waythis was a trying read all the so because of how well written it was It shows promise and potential but the book cannot subsist on language "alone and it seems like that s where this debut went "and it seems like that s where this debut went Exhaustively overwritten often to a soporific effect this is certainly proper literature at its underwhelmingly sleepiest and unexciting That combined with the reat many similarly opinioned reviews mist have contributed to the fact that the author never followed this up with a sopho effort For a solo venture into literary world this was a work of elouent sluggishness or sluggish elouence And as you can imagine uite a slow read The first sentence of the official review states in this delightful debut um there was nothing delightful about this book for me Nothing at all Never connected to ANY of the characters never felt emotionally vested really kept reading it to just see if there was a limmer somewhere of delight Not for this imperfect reader Flora returns to the small college town of Darwin after the sudden death of her father the college s former president and a renowned academic Finding that she s her father s literary executor poses the problem of what to do with the poems he ave her before he died poems she hasn t even readPerfect Reader is d but literary fiction and it s a promising beginning to Maggie Pouncey s career It s a thoughtful slow revealing of layers of the past both Flora s childhood and her father s recent past about aspects of which Flora realizes she knew nothingFlora needs to confront her past in order to move on with her present which has been oing nowhere It s a familiar story arc in many ways right down to the inevitable love affair which moves Flora onwards but doesn t really come to anything in itself But it s well written and nicely structured and will appeal to fans of books that don t rush from one incident to another but linger over a place a time a moodI enjoyed reading this novel and will look out for from this author I can rarely resist the phrase delightful debut we shall seeWell I didn t see a lot of delight uite decently written and there are some ood ideas to think about how well do we know our parents how well do we remember let alone understand the past and how does that compa. Parents’ divorce and her uncertain future   Brimming with energy humor and the elbow patchy wisdom of Flora’s still vivid father this enchanting debut is the uplifting story of a young woman striving to become the “perfect reader” of her father’s life as well as her ow. Ortrait of a life broken as so many lives are broken by divorce by age by distance Flora has seen only parts of her father s life and now she learns about him than she ever knew More perhaps than she wanted to know She abandons her him than she ever knew More perhaps than she wanted to know She abandons her life and re enters his where he left it discovering about him through his words and herself in her reaction to them Her eventual decision is as much about what to do with her own life as it is what to do with her father s legacy Perfect Reader is not action packed or thrilling or titillating It s not a book to stay up all night for or devour in a A Secret Kept greedyulp Sometimes it s slow and not very exciting But it s a sharp observant smart sometimes funny and occasionally heartbreaking look at loss and understanding and the power words have in our lives The I liked the exploration of howchildren never know their parents as well as they think they dotwo enerations remember and un The idea of a professor his daughter poetry invited me into the novel Unfortunately the novel devolved into a view of a female 20 something s angst Expressed Via The F Word via the F word too freuently No offense to 20 somethings but life is too short to read novels about characters whose vocabulary is as bereft of energy creativity and wisdom as the characters themselves I wonder sometimes if authors feel the need to limit a female character s vocabulary to four letter words to ensure that the readers understand that their character is no Jane Eyre Well neither was the novel Maybe a Perfect Reader but certainly not a perfect read And I did have misgivings about trying this book due to a number of discouraging reviews but there was a very strange case of d j vu whenever I read the description and though I was sure I haven t read the book I review every single one for the record the only way to et to the bottom of this d j vu was really just to read this book and so I did And so yeahnow I understand the lukewarmness of reviews but to be fair this is not at all a terrible book and there are enjoyable things about it Mainly the writing the writing is lovely very literary clever elegant In a way it overwhelms the book but only because the plot itself and the characters within it aren t substantial enough to support all this orgeous prose And Flo the main protagonist and the main offender is uiltiest of all for being such awell dud She is a strange combination of profound inner life and almost no outer one a peculiar bland person whose only decisive action comes at the end and is too insanely idiotic in its enerosity to be described as a heroic or character defining action Flo Comes Back To comes back to small liberal academic utopia of Darwin to bury her father a well known local figure and to process his death She ives up her city life and a job for this move and spends the entire novel reminiscing pondering and ambling around She doesn t do much And nothing mu. Ng at the end of his life love poems to a Tricycle (HISTOIRE) girlfriend Flora didn't know he had As Flora is besieged by well wishers and literary vultures alike she tries to figure out how to navigate it all the fate of the poems theirlfriend who wants a place in her life the wounds left by her.