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AtalaRenéMes can attempt Faulkner s The Sound and the Fury or his Absalom Absalom There Is No There is no outside of history for anyone to want to read this book Unbridled sentimentality estion Can you feel a teardrop on your knee while nder a tree in a hurricane Does northern Florida have a mountain range that scrapes the sky The obvious answers illustrate Chateaubriand s beyond the pale romanticism Both novellas should be avoided this book was bad and chateaubriand should feel bad I got to page 36 of this book and "Decided That I Might "that I might well spend time staring at a wall as reading the restThe name Chateaubriand has a certain ring to it and I find it as it were intoned with a kind of reverence here and there Huysmans one of my favourite writers is said by one critic to be to Chateaubriand as a toad is to a nightingale If this book is anything to judge by I must suppose that critic had cardboard for brainsThis isn t so much in the noble savage genre as the savage savage is civilised by white people genre I would write something about how tiresome by white people genre I would write something about how tiresome indeed reprehensible this is but we re living in an age when people have sed this kind of criticism so much as a form of self promotion that I am afraid I have no appetite for it Suffice it to say it is not this that caused me to lay the book to one sideThere were glimmers of interest for me in the book but sadly they grew dimmer and not brighter as I read on The prose can be vaguely impressive it s what might be called well tooled though I have the suspicion that at times Chateaubriand is simply sitting bored with an encyclopaedia of the flora and fauna of North America and flicking through and writing lists to fill in the descriptions However from his nam. Nking diplomat and an enterprising loverAtala and René are his two best known works reflecting not only his own joys aspirations and despair but the emerging tastes of a new literary era Atala is the passionate and tragic love story of a young Indian couple wandering in the wilderness enthralled by the beauties of nature drawn to a revivified Christianity by its esthetic charm and consoling beneficen. Actual rating would be 2 stars but I had to add one because of the writing styleChateaubriand s pittoresue writing style is filled with a generous dose of sensitivity and is Dance With The Devil ultimately what makes his worksniue However that alone couldn t help me get past my lack of interest in the actual storylines with that interest in the actual storylines With that said I thought that Atala was the stronger contender in this book I am not averse to religious literature or to Christian literature was the stronger contender in this book I am not averse to religious literature or to Christian literature fact I ve read Christian literature for the better part of last year Despite the fact that Chateaubriand was one of the fathers of romanticism however I found his two novellas to be nimpressive The primary reason was that he bathed words with honeyed excess and obstreperous bathos DID THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE IRK YOU IF IT DID the previous sentence irk you If it did we re on the same boat I myself after being berated by my English professor plugged p my verbal diarrhea and developed my ideas in such a way as to rely on verbs than adjectives He argued that it is important to be nderstood than thought of as erudite I agree because that s the reason why writers such as Jane Austen are still popular while authors such as George Meredith are only known to the nerds of classic Victorian literature I think The Ordeal of Richard Feverel is just as full of shit as these two novellasThose who look for good examples of Christian literature can read Graham Greene s The Power and the Glory or Endo Shusaku s Silence Both are also didactic but both are much better novels as well Those who look for good examples of romance have nearly an infinity of options Hemingway s A Farewell to Arms comes to mind Even Austen s Persuasion achieves exhortation than this Those who wish to read about incestuous the. Chateaubriand was the giant of French literature in the early nineteenth century Drawing on eighteenth century English romanticists on explorers in America and on Goethe's Werther he had a profound effect on French writers from Victor Hugo and Lamartine to George Sand and Flaubert A ixotic and paradoxical personality he combined impressive careers as a brilliant prose poet a spiritual guide a high ra.

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E and reputation as a founding figure in the romantic movement I was not expecting something this stilted
Radcliffe is verbose but less Chateaubriand is primly cutting his material by the yard I could well believe this was written 1898 under a deadline for money though Inderstand that Chateaubriand himself thought the two novellas in this volume his passionate twins And beside the language the story too opening portentously The destiny which Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, unitess my dear son is a strange one singularly fails to deliver The melodrama is wanI m at an age now where deliver The melodrama is wanI m at an age now where simply no longer have patience with bad books and I will not finish this I shall move on to Hofmannsthal in the hope I have better luck there Okay so this was definitely a lot easier to read in English I enjoyed and appreciated it a lot Very easy read with beautiful poetic language A rather interesting story on some of the struggles that come with religious beliefs Made me think what I would do if placed in the characters place Atala Ren Notes Atala 2 starsRen 2 starsThe only thing this book has going for it is that it has an amazing writing style Written in the early 19th century these two novels are set in the French colonies of the New World centuries earlier The story Revolves Around A Christian around a Christian woman who falls in love with a Frenchman with disastrous conseuences I liked the rich description of the scenery and characters in the book as well as the window into life in the French colonies at this time Father Sou l s denouncement of Ren s Wertherism was kind of cathartic If you had to choose between reading Ren or Goethe s The Sorrows of Young Werther for your fix of world weariness or sentimentality I d go with the German. Ce and finally succumbing to the cruelty of fate Perhaps even than Werther or Childe Harold René embodies the romantic hero and is not wholly foreign to the disorientation of youth today Solitary mysterious ardent and poetic he is in open revolt against a society whose values he rejects Withough Lay My Burden Down uestion this archetype played a large part in determining the course of French literaturep to the 1850's.