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Really interesting to read about St Petersburg in the 20 s Good story The Roaring 20 s Mobsters Bootleggers Tommy Guns Flappers Rich Socialites Romance Sociopaths If you re a history buff and you love the Roaring 20 s you ll enjoy reading 7000 CLAMS written by LEE IRBY Al Capone and Babe Ruth are prominent secondary characters They both have a lot in common full of themselves and practically indestructible The main characters Frank Irene and Ginger are well developed and always seem to be right in the mix Irene and Ginger won t take no for an answer but Frank is always there ready to help if he can despite the many obstacles thrown in his way IRBY a history professor picked an exciting time to write about even if much of it is fiction Imagine the hustle and bustle of Chicago during the 20 s with those new fangled Model T s shoot outs be. Frank Hearn is a down on his luck bootlegger and bruiser looking for the big score in the heart of the Roaring Twenties When he loses in the heart of the Roaring Twenties When he loses shipment of top uality booze to a double crossing government thief Frank hunts him down roughs him up and finds something that catches his eye What at first appears to be a scrap of paper is actually a handwritten and unmistakably authentic IOU for 7000 signed by Babe Ruth Seven thousand clams is a lot of actually a handwritten and unmistakably authentic

iou for 7000 
for 7000 by Babe Ruth Seven thousand clams is a lot of and when Frank gets a tip that the Yankees are about to begin spring training in St Petersburg Florida.

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7000 ClamsMe across the book in our library what a find i see that irby has written find I see that Irby has written other books and I d sure like to read them Good for reading on trip to st PetersburgEvokes 1920s sports gangsters bootlegger and land speculation Could have used an editor who knows difference between compliment and complement An excellent time piece and very fun read The dialogue reflects the era uite well and demonstrates uality researchLee Irby has potent literary range and a keen everyman sense of humor George Herman Ruth as a fictional character glowsI think written scenes on trains are vastly underrated and this novel is no differentNice to see Boston referenced 327 in a Work Published Just Months Before published ust months before 2004 the Red Sox finally broke The Curse of the Bambino Perhaps it added ust that little bit of karma into the universe needed to tip the scale. O mention a team of gangsters sent by a prominent Chicago mobster named Al Capone who’s instructed his boys to scour the town for a curvy dame by the name of Ginger DeMoreIn this taut Roaring Twenties crime novel filled with colorful characters both real and imagined Lee Irby takes readers straight into the authentic heart of the era bringing to life all the sizzling style from the slang and the fashions to the smell of bathtub gin Worthy of a place at El Leonard’s table 7000 CLAMS is an enormously entertaining tale and a superb fiction debu. Tween the coppers and the mob Prohibition vs bootleggers and rum runners #The action shifts to Florida during the land boom of the 20 s with hustlers and shysters #action shifts to Florida during the land boom of the 20 s with hustlers and shysters every corner eagerly waiting to take the next passer by s dough in exchange for a fake deed or a useless bit of swamp land Bullets are whizzing thru the air and innocent people are dropping like flies while the Chicago mob is out to get the stoolie come Hell of high water The editing could have been better but it was uite good I have yet to read a book with zero errors I Did Have Trouble Believing One Small did have trouble believing one small Vecchio an older hit man gets shot at close range by a younger off the handle mobster while parked across the street from a crime scene loaded with coppers and no one hears the shot This was a real enjoyable fast paced read I read it in a few days while camping I ca. He wastes no time leaving New Jersey to track down the Babe Frank thinks he's covered his bases Along for the ride is a dangerous and curvy blonde named Ginger DeMore She’s smart she packs a snub nose pistol in her purse and she’s the perfect accomplice to help convince the Babe to cough up the dough It seems like the perfect plan but Frank and Ginger aren’t the only ones seeking their fortunes in Florida 1920’s St Pete is a veritable nest of vipers Hustlers gamblers Yankee fans and even a sociopath are lurking in the booming burg not