[E–pub] Ode to a banker Marcus Didius Falco #12

The Wedding Redux pIn another mystery relating to the art world Falco explores the trade in scrolls andlaysExpect less Rolling Thunder plot twists that usual though Felix get emotional as it s hisoetry on the line We get a behind the scenes look at the sweatshops of scribes copying scrolls gruesome murders naturally and a ground level but critical look at the stratified Roman society Since the Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? publisher was also a financier we get a look at Rome s banking industryBe aware that while it s not necessary to read the books in order it certainly helps certainly so far into the series Assaph Mehr author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas Daggers and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome Murder Mysteries and Urban Fantasy What I want to know is where s the wedding Falco spent 9 books trying to elevate himself to the middle social rank specifically so that he could marry the senator s daughter Now he s wearing his gold ring and Helena Justina is expecting again but there s not the first mention of a wedding HumphAnyway this is another entertaining Falco book This time he s investigating the murder of a bookublisherbanker which means the reader gets to hear a little about the Ancient Roman incarnations of those industries I imagine the author had little about the Ancient Roman incarnations of those industries I imagine the author had fun with this there s a s Another good read from this author Marcus Didius Falco an informerdetective of ancient Rome has tricky case Who killed the scroll seller He was so hated that nearly everyone was a suspectimage The reviewer gets Falco s name wrongThe wrong label he gave me in his introduction was about to stick So much for fame Your name becomes well known in some incorrect version It only happens to some of us Don t tell me you ve ever bought a copy of Julius Castor s Gallician Wars Negoitating a book deal So I assume you are interested I could see Helena who was standing behind him shaking her head assionately with bared teeth I m interested I smiled blithely Helena had closed her eyes I would like to see of what you do I think Where she might have looked relieved at my caution Helena now acted out manic despair she knew what I would be like if I was let loose at a scroll seller s She read as avidly as I did though when came to buying she did not share my taste As my Taste Had Until Recently had recently upon what I could lay hands on in a limited corner of the second or third hand market she was robably right to be sceptical For most of my life I only ever had Bootie and the Beast parts of scroll sets unboxed and I had to swap them once they were read Well you can come down and see us Euschemon conceded grumpily I will I said Helena mimed throwing a large skillet at my head It was an excellent mime I could smell the dumplings in the imaginary hot broth and feel the sharp edged handle rivets dinging my skull Pa s auction houseA double storeyed edifice set around an open area where you could buy any kind of junk jewellery and bric a brac or be fleeced over furniture and so called art by masters of the auctioneering fraternity like Pa Unless you were desperate to acuire a fifth hand general s fold up throne with one leg missing you le. In the long hot Roman Summer of AD74 Marcus Didius Falcorivate informer and spare time oet gives a reading for his family and friends Things get out of hand as usual The event is take. ,

Ode to a banker Marcus Didius Falco #12
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Ter than your own home As usual it is hard to spot the killer in this delightful murder mysteryEnjoy Falco s on form in this outing grappling with financiers atrons of the arts and writers the first two being the same chap Davis reminds me that contempt for banker redates the collapse of 2008 as she brings her sharp wit to bear on an at times decidedly anachronistic tale of a wise cracking hard boiled loner Falco a little bit V I Warshawski than a little Sam Spade and for this outing a dash of Poirot is dragooned by his old friend and now vigile aka olice Petronius Longus to take on an investigation of the aka The Art of Mary Beth Edelson police Petronius Longus to take on an investigation of the of the arts Aurelius Chrysippus bankerublisher and ompous ass In doing so he is drawn into the murky world of banking and the murkier world of ublishing all the while grappling with the close to impossible to see through world of his family with their tensions Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain pretentions and yearnings To top it off there is than one murder a couple of fairly ferocious beatings and arime role of an adventure story in the Greek styleThere is lenty of cap doffing to other ractitioners of the genre a good dose of knowledge of Roman history and society and None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) plenty of opportunity for sardonic chuckles Falco continues to entertain There were things I liked about this number in the series Petronius getting on with it theuppy the scriptorium and details around the Puta publishing and writing world were great but the unrelenting hatred for Anacrites seems forced after so much has happened Also the court room drama really wasn t my thing But in all very good Another good entry into the Marcus Didius Falco series In this entry Falco investigates the death of a bookublisher as well as some bankers The lovely Helena continues to act as his second in command and helps resolve the case This series is a lot of fun highly recommended Originally 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 published on my blog here in August 2001Recent novels in Davis Falco series have tended to select aarticular area of Roman life on which to concentrate One Virgin Too Many for example has several lot #strands concerned with religious ritual In this novel it is the #concerned with religious ritual In this novel it is the establishment which she satirises This makes for one of the funniest novels in the series as Davis works jokes about the clich s of today s ublishing world critics and writers into her first century settingIt has already been established that Falco has aspirations as a oet and at the start of the novel he has been ersuaded to join a friend in a ublic reading T One of Davis best offerings in the Falco series One To A Banker combines all elements that mystery fans would definitely love a sensational murder numerous suspects that all seem A Banker combines all elements that mystery fans would definitely love a sensational murder numerous suspects that all seem be involved in some manner or another and a snarky world weary detective who reveals the true culprit of the murder in a manner not unlike Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot An exciting mystery that offers the usual fascinating wealth of information about the Roman world woven subtly into the lot in a way that would not distract readers new to Roman history Dead men wait Favorite line from this on. Chrysippusscriptorium implicates him in a gruesome literary murder so when Petronius Longus the over worked vigiles enuiry chief commissions him to investigate Falco is forced to accept. Ft your arm urse at home On the other HAND IF YOU HANKERED FOR A CHEAP REPRODUCTION VENUS if you hankered for a cheap reproduction Venus Cos with her nose glued on crookedly this was the Porto Bello Gold place to come They would even wrap it up for you and not laugh at your gullibility until you had almost left the shop House cleaning tips to remove the victim s blood from a mosaic floor Can they take away the body Once I hear what the householdeople say Then they can clear the mess Mind you the grout in the lovely mosaic is going to hold those stains Regrouting with a wash is the answer said Fusculus matching my reflective tone Clean the marble ieces thoroughly then new cement sluiced all over the lot in a thin mixture and sponged down Expensive Oh but worth it They ll be looking at the fellow s gore for ever otherwise The book trade So how were sales I asked lightlyEuschemon replied in a dry tone As usual if you listen to eople who commission material they have a lively stable of writers and are expecting shortly to ruin their competitors The competitors however will accuse them of teetering on the brink of bankruptcy If you ask the scroll shops life is a long struggle manuscripts are hard to come by at reasonable The Three Lives of Sonata James prices and customers don t want to know If you look aroundeople are nonetheless reading although Mein Erster Mörder probably not reading what the critics areraising image TantrumsLittle Marcus Baebius was growing frustrated Junia wanted to berate me so she had stopped aying attention to him Gaius tried taking him from Junia but this roduced only Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah paroxysms of fury In the end the anguished tot hurled himself face down beating his head on the floorboards while he yelled and wept in a spectacular fashionJulia Junilla our daughter sat on Helena s lap behavingerfectly for a change She was staring at her cousin obviously taking tantrum lessons I could see she was impressed How to make a minor criminal confessWhen I arrived he and Sergius the Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopotamia punishment man were teasing a statement out of a recalcitrant victim by the subtle techniue of bawling fast uestions while flicking him insistently with the end of a hard whip I winced and sat out on a bench in the warm evening sun until they tired and shoved their victim into the holding cell What s he done He doesn t want to tell us That had been obvious What do you think he s done Run a tunic stealing racket at the Baths of Calliope Surely that s too routine to justify the heavy hand And heoisoned the dog Calliope had brought in to stand guard over the clothes egs in the changing room Killed a doggie Now that s wicked She bought the dog from my sister Sergius broke in angrily My sister took a lot of back chat for supplying a sick animal He went back inside to shout insults through the cell door I told Petro I still thought they were being too rough on the suspect No he s lucky Petronius assured me Being beaten by Sergius isnothing The alternative was letting Sergius sister get to him She is twice as big that must be uite a size I thought and she s horrible image Lindsey Davis describes the city of Rome in such detail that you feel you know the lace bet. N over by Aurelius Chrysippus a wealthy Greek banker and atron to a group of struggling writers who offers to ublish Falco's work a golden opportunity that rapidly Bear Boy palls A visit to the.